What vibes do you give out?

  • Gjay, I do have a special connection with the water - I always have to live near it or I feel, well, wrong. My nickname actually comes from the fact that I love sci-fi TV and one day I said to my friends that my fav. job would be to be a starship captain exploring the universe and having adventures. They then started calling me "The Captain" and the name stuck.

    Thanks for thinking of me.

  • Hi Captain again, I'd like you to read my vibres too, please. 🙂

  • Moonalisa, you give off feelings of helplessness, like a little girl wringing her hands and crying out for someone to take care of her.

  • these are not very positive vibes I'm afraid 🙂 but I know what you mean, to have someone around to lean on, that's what I need. Is this how I'm perceived theCaptain?

    thanks a lot

  • Hi Captain, if you are still reading vibes I'd love one. Thanks.

  • Helenek, you give off the vibes of someone sitting at a table, gorging on all the mountains of food that are there, like a glutton. Are you trying to take on/acquire too much or more than you need? There is a feeling of a fear of being left with nothing unless you take what you can get now when much is on offer. Try trusting the Universe to provide for you and sharing what you have.

  • Captain thanks for the feedback. And thanks for helping guide us through the Universe Captain.

  • Hi, TheCaptain. Would love to know what do you get from me. Thank you.

  • hi the Captain. I'd love to know what you get for me too. Thank you

  • Feelinglove, with you I see a huge red heart meaning you are big-hearted, and you are standing protectively in front of a man who is in shadow. You are fiercely standing up for him but I feel he doesn't deserve your love or protection. He feels very deceptive to me.

  • Ah, Redgemini, a huge armoured warrior jumps out at me when I focus on you. He is very fierce-looking and proud, ready for a fight. But he has honour and integrity too.

  • omg i must say i was quite scared of what you are going to write . I was thinking that it will be something dark coz i'm not in a great place at the moment. But that really surprised me and confused me ...never thought for a minute that's what i;d give out. I hope my warrior is from the good ones 🙂

  • TheCaptain, You are so good. You got so deep inside of me, where I don't like to look. It's almost scary. Thank you. You're such a blessing to all of us!

  • Hm... Can you tell me what vibes you get from me captain?

  • LgoHumble, I see you standing at the door of a house, hesitating to knock for fear of being turned away or treated badly. I feel this represents your approach to life - and to an offer or opportuntiy in particular - and that if you could just peer through the window, you would see that inside it is cheerful and cosy with a cheery fire burning and a food set for dinner and nice people living there. Always on the outside looking in? Knock and enter...

  • Fear of being turned away or treated badly. Those words were perfect. I have been living in fear of that for a while now, heh

  • Hi Captain, yes you could say I am stuck. I just lost my fiancee 4 months ago to Lung Cancer and his passing has completely devoured me. My heart thumps as well as aches for him on a daily basis. Can't seem to get past the sadness. I miss him so much. Just longing for the day when I can speak his name and smile instead of weep.

  • Captain,

    I would love to know what vibes I give off.

    Thank you!


  • Cap'n, I would love you to read my vibes.

    Thank you.

  • Hi TheCaptain,I would love to know what vibes I give out please ? I'm single and been looking forward to meet someone for a while ... Thanks.

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