What vibes do you give out?

  • Phoenixlyhenry, you give off very futuristic vibes - like someone who is way ahead of his time. Unfortunately the people of the present don't always appreciate or understand your vision and your message. You have an 'old' mind (as in very ancient).

  • 4selah, I see red flames and feel a lot of passion in you. But also frustration at not getting what you want.

  • woah

  • I am afraid to ask . I know mine change daily depending on what planet I am on. But have a go. Give me the hard truth. May you be blessed with the light of a double star!!!

  • Turtledust, i get a lot of wariness and hesitancy from you regarding life and people. Like you're expecting people to lash out at you any second or for life to hand you a plate of trouble.

  • Thanks captain! Today you are right on. Its been nuttin but trubel. I'll think about it tomorrow.

  • well, im guessing that u picked up the other peoples vibes that i live with. i live with 7 other ppl! so i guess that is kinda like a party. see if u can try now bcuz everyone has left.....

  • Mimi71, yes the 'party' around you seems to be gone now. But why are you crying inside?

  • i myself try to pick up on other people's vibes sometimes. the vibes that i get from you thecaptain tell me that you are a funloving and outgoing person and you make alot of people laugh and smile and many people are drawn to you because of that. if that sounded right would you please read my vibes?

  • Kageroninja, my friends tell me you are quite correct about me. 😉

    Wow, you really give off a very mystical vibe - very deep. I feel you have had many lives as a seer and fortune-teller and prophet. I also see one life where you were burnt as a witch. I feel the memory of this makes you very wary about telling people what impressions you pick up as I see you pulling a hood over your head and moving into the shadows.

  • i do come from a family of gypsies so that would make sense and the part about me "moving into the shadows"sounds somewhat true i do feel that way sometimes. thanks(:

  • Yes Kageroninja, I feel you could be very successful but you keep hiding yourself 'in the shadows.' What are you ashamed or frightened of? I feel you fear the sort of attack you suffered whenever you revealed your talents in other lives. There has been a lot of persecution for you in the past times and it still makes you scared now.

  • Hi again Captain! Im crying on the inside bcuz i feel terrible for what im going to leave behind..... for once in my life i feel scared about my future. i just dont know what to do and i dont want other people to see that im weak...

  • Mimi71, are you ok? You sound like you're crying out for help? Or are you moving away? I hope you are ok. Sending you some hugs, don't be scared, you're never on your own. People will help you if you reach out to them. People like to help. Thinking of you. 🙂

  • any changes in my vibes?

    i tried to do some tarot readings today but the cards told me my intuition wasn't up to it. thought that was strange.

  • Captain You have already read my vibe on this thread so I don't know if I should be asking another question?!But can you read any of my past lives in my vibe right now?!

    have a good day and thanks!

  • Thank you very much! I really needed that. And yes im going to move out (sigh).... And i hope that everything goes well in your life!

  • Mimi71, don't go it alone - ask for help!

  • Lightningshaman, I feel your awareness is turned inward at the moment as you try and find out more about yourself. You won't be able to read for anyone else or do anything of an outward nature until you finish your inner work.

  • Thank you also as well captain! u have a wonderful gift =]

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