What vibes do you give out?

  • Male relative - alive.

  • Hi Captain,how are you tonight?sleeping probably as I am up late!

    Is it true always, if you dont ever dream,you said in an earlier comment that you do but you dont remember because you don't like them,I as a child had the same weird,reacurring dream over and over for a short period that i remember but,stopped totally for about 25 years and then had one single dream that came true,no more since then,whats up with that ?I know I give off vibes that are not true to my heart or nature,I have been trying to be a more open loving compassionate person,I think i self protect or something,I am not a good sharer,just started to come out of my shell,I like being alone for some reason.working hard on being an authentic person.Oh yeah,I don't know what i want to know!

  • Captain I forgot to say thank you for the consideration.Thank you so much.

  • Yes Gemeila, everyone dreams - it's just you don't always remember. Keep a pad and pencil by your bed to write things down when you wake. You see things in your dreams because you are afraid to do so while awake.

  • Hey Captain! Thank you! I had to take some time to think about what you said before I responded with a reply. I totally didn't think that that was what you were going to say! But, I feel that you are right on!!! I absolutely believe that I have no practical clue as to how to get 'happily ever after'. What I am unsure of is whether you are talking about my current situation or my potential situation. Can you elaborate on this? If you can't, that's ok. Thanks!!!!

  • Hello Captain,

    I appreciate your comment, thank you. I'm working on having more faith in myself. I'm lucky, people do seem to like me. I try just to be myself honest and true. I do like to have a good old chuckle! but that's besides the point. Anyway.... I love the advice you've been giving people, particularly QuenKath. I love this post about vibes. So interesting. Great thread you started it. Captain, can I ask you a question? Are you male or female?? Take care Captain, may the waves be with you!


  • Hi Captain,

    This is fascinating. I'm wondering how are my vibes coming out? Many thanks for a super interesting read 🙂

  • Gotnotyme4play, you are going to have to make some hard decisions now. I am talking about your whole approach to life. You try to find a solution that suits everyone but that is just not realistic or how life works. You need to sit down and have a good think when it comes to problem solving. Make a list of all possible answers you can think of, plus the people involved - just free-think and write down any crazy notion. This is to get your intuition flowing. When you have several possibilitites, start to weed them out. First off, you need to confront the fact that there is no way everyone can come out with a 'happily-ever-after' solution, so cross off any ideas that seem to do that. Decide who most needs help or to come first (include yourself) and eliminate the rest. Then find a real life workable solution out of what remains.

  • Intrigued, I am female but I think I give off male vibes.

  • You're right Stclaire, none of us can change other people. We can be good examples but only one person can bring about change in yourself - you. Anyone who wants to change the world has to start with themselves.

  • Best wishes to you and your family, Soapmaker. You have a very strong spirit that will get you through anything.

  • Andherson, you should be a politician with all your diplomacy. 😉

  • Matjezreg, I am getting a dog aura around you (don't know if that's your vibes or that of an actual dog) - loyalty, courage, unconditional love, and an enduring spirit.

  • Hello Captain!

    How are you doing?

    I would love to get my vibes 😄

    It sounds like fun!


  • SunCappyGirl, do the words 'Dragon heart' mean anything to you?

  • Also SunCappyGirl, you give off vibes of trying too hard and wanting to please. You need to relax and trust more. Instead of giving out all your energy, keep some back for yourself. It also puts people off employing you in positions of responsibility because they don't feel enough determination or strength of will coming from you.

  • captain: thanks for your reply and perception of your vision of my vibes. funny because i have always been told that i have a brilliant aura of many colors and light... so i'm wondering what i am doing to send out a different impression.. of course i'm concerned as i wish to be open and send only positive vibes. i think that sometimes maybe i can be closed off in some ways -- maybe during challenging times, yet usually i am fairly open, time permiting of course!

    what does that blackness mean? as you describe it sounds scary to me. if you have time please let me know as i certainly don't want to be surrounded by a black shroud of any sort. 🙂



  • TendrOPs, what I pick up is you at the time of posting. I feel like the blackness is a cloak of self-protection that you are choosing to wear but you need to be aware that while it keeps pain out, it also cuts you off from good things too. You need to find the balance between being too open and being too closed off.

  • The Captain,

    how do you se my marriage like?? I have a long time with my husband, but only lately I think it can work, because he changed for better, while for so long I hasn't been settled in mind, and was desperate to ended. I never thought I loved him. But I do care for him, and I am confused how much I fear now to change any thing. I am afraid this is not gone last any way. What do you see??

    thank you!


  • Art10, I feel you and your husband will soon separate, but remain married.

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