What vibes do you give out?

  • Skybunny, then maybe the message is to spend a little more and have more fun with money?

  • WitchWoman, I felt that you use the clothes and makeup as protection to hide your real self from everyone. You wear a mask.

  • WitchWoman, I felt that you use the clothes and makeup as protection to hide your real self from everyone. You wear a mask. Take it off and you will attract more authentic people and situations.

  • Gotnotyme4play, I see you sitting reading a fairytale book wearing rose-coloured glasses. I feel you tend to idealise or romanticise situations and people. You see them as you want them to be, not as they are. You believe in 'happily ever after' but have no practical clue as how how to get there. But people are not fairytale princes and princesses and they will take advantage of your 'blind' state.

  • Intrigued, there is where your writing ability lies - when you write things down, things become clearerer to you. You are good at giving advice. That is where you put your heart - so of course there are good vibes here. Keep it up and have more faith in yourself!

  • Andherson, you could try sending out some tender or more vulnerable vibes from time to time, just to soften that implacable facade which makes people think you don't need them..

  • Pixied0rk, what a fabuous person you are! Everything is fabulous with you. Why am I getting the word 'fabulous' around you so much? 🙂 It makes me think of someone from the fifties or sixties.

    Seriously, I feel you are a very nice person who projects good but very un-selfconfident vibes. Everyone likes and trusts you - why don't you?

  • Lovingsilverwings, I feel like you cannot let this past thing go because your murderer went unpunished. He is in your life now.

  • Quenkath, I am getting 'mother hen' vibes from you and seeing a chicken scrabbling around in the dirt. You give off vibes of more concern for others (esp. family) then you do for yourself. Remember to include yourself in caring for others.

  • Jesau, you don't give off many vibes to me. Are you holding yourself back for fear of revealing your true self or of what I will see? There is some fear there, whatever it is. And a great deal of guilt.

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  • Quenkath, I feel that some of your protection is really fear and controlling - you want to keep others from getting hurt so that you are not hurt by their being hurt. Learn to loosen the reins a bit - you want your hand to be a gentle caress, not a choking grip.

  • hmm...? that is interesting right now but no i honestly have nothing to do with healthcare type anything. i have no idea what that could mean. are these vibes constant or do they change with mood or the day??

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  • Quenkath, it has worked for you so far. but I feel your son will rebel if you try to control him as he gets older.

  • Souldier1, the vibes I pick up are whatever you are giving off at the time you post. I feel you have a deep intuitive healing gift. I feel you can look at someone and know what ails them and that you can bring them the healing they need. Which is why i wondered if you'd ever been attracted to healthcare. I see your hands are glowing with healing energy. You also have a psychic ability that you really should exercise more.

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  • Quenkath, he does need your protection now but he will see it as smothering as he gets older if you don't pull back a bit and let him learn the lessons he needs to learn. There is love and protection, and then there is wrapping someone in so much cotton wool that they can't breathe and may miss out on many experiences that they need to have. You can only teach him how to survive - you can't do it for him.

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  • Yes I feel you need more causes and things to look after because you have such a large energy ball of caring in you. You only focus a lot of your attention on a few things - you have the capacity to do so much more on a larger scale. I can see you at the head of a charitable organisation or project. There is something in your area that needs help. But you must be able to release your hold on and trust your loved ones and then you can reach out to others.

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