What vibes do you give out?

  • Anitapillai, yeah they are often just computer generated reports and not very specific to individuals.

  • Captain,

    Yesterday was transformative for me... I felt that awakening. I'm feeling that awakening. I am part of it 🙂

    Can you feel the difference through this post? I don't need the reassurance, but I've come back to you on here prior and thought it would be good to update you.



  • AngelaVictoria, it feels like a definite spiritual awakening and maturation.

  • Yes, it does! Now to get through the physical side effects 😛

    Thank you, again 🙂

  • Hi Captain,

    I would be really interested in seeing what vibes you get from me.

    Thank you.


  • SmilerE, you give off very powerful vibes, but you need to direct those energies outward rather than inward. You have tremendous talent, generosity, and creativity, so put those inspirational abilities to use in service to others, to nurture and support them. I feel you can be a little too self-protective and closed off at times. You have to speak out when you feel someone is trying to attack or belittle you, not retreat into hurt silence. Focus on other people, not your own self-doubts and fears. Don't just emerge from your protective shell - you CAN control your emotions and sometimes chaotic impulses, so burst right out of it into the lovely light of day! I think that once you get past these fears of being hurt or taken advantage of, you will find that one profound connection of a lifetime. As you allow your inner light to shine forth and you open yourself to the world, your life will beome filled with warm and loving relationships. It is truly better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

  • Thanks Captain. That was really inspiring for me! 🙂

    Thanks for all your readings too, you are very generous with your time.

  • Hello captain,

    Regarding what Anitapillai just said is that the reading we got was not supposed to be computer generated. I got it from this online website where the medium/psychic explained how she had the ability to read akashic records and how she could help with past life problems in the subconcious, n many more things. It was an Akashic records reading. Apparently we got the same reading just with a few differences as Anita explained so it makes m wonder if this was just a scam.

    Could u tell us what kind of vibes do u get from this Captain?

  • What's my vibe, Miss Captain?

  • SunCappyGirl, not really a scam but definitely a lot of computer complilation at work.

  • LeoLover, it's good to be optimistic but I feel you are being rather too over-confident, naive, or unrealistic in a particular situation. There is more work to be done than you realize and, if you don't do it soon, things may deteriorate to the point of no return.

  • Thanks a lot Captain 😄

    Hope you're having an Amazing week!!!

  • Hey Captain! Could you read my vibes? Thanks so much.

  • Sunnybyash, whether you feel it or not, you give off vibrant, strong vibes. I feel people can underestimate you, until you show your 'true colours' in a situation and then they are quite surprised by how effective you can be. I feel you also underestimate yourself too to a certain extent and may try for less than you deserve or are capable of. You should dare to dream more or aim higher. Your goals are not unreachable - you just have to understand exactly what you are capable of. Don't be afraid of your power.

  • Wow! You are amazing...thanks so much!!

  • Hmm! Could this be in relation to my relationship or my career? Thanks so much!

  • LeoLover, I am feeling it's relationship related.

  • THANKS! 🙂 It's always good to have a heads-up! And just on the side, XxHUGSxX miss Captain!

  • I would like a vibe reading, please. Thank you.

  • GeminiChick, I am getting a lot of impatient vibes from you, like you are restless for the good things in life and love to happen to you. But the important things in life must be planned for and cannot be rushed (especially in romantic matters). You need to adopt a slow and steady approach - otherwise you may miss out on a vital step or two. You really do need to make solid workable plans for the future, not just act by impulse so much - a lot of dramas can occur in your life and love if you don't slow down and pay more attention to the people and take care of the details in any given situation. Stopping to think before you act or speak/email/text (especially) will pay big rewards for you. Communication can be your asset or a liability, your success or your downfall, depending on how you use it. Hasty action may mean you put your foot in your mouth before you have properly sussed out the situation. Use your intuition, your gut feelings, more often to assess things. Often you rush into something before you really know what you want. Don't make a decision until you have given an issue or situation much more thought. Slow down!

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