What vibes do you give out?

  • Surlemare, I am getting insecurity from you rather than ordinary shyness (fear of strangers). To me, you don't feel like you are 'worthy' as other people of happiness or good fortune or love. That you don't feel equal to other people so they make you feel lesser and make you afraid of 'bothering' them with your 'inferior' presence. That you must always put others first and accommodate their wishes rather than your own. All wrong thinking - did something or someone when you were young make you feel you were less deserving of good things? Everyone on this planet is the same and you are as good as anyone else. Don't put yourself in second place or you will always get second-place fortunes and second-place friends and lovers. Tell yourself that you are a good person and a winner. Self-confidence comes from believing in yourself and valuing your personality and talents. You need to deal with any old issues that are making you feel bad about yourself or fearful.

  • Thank you so much for the confirmation that I really am moving from the dark to the light. There are still times of concern and sadness but for the most part they pass fairly quickly. I was afraid I was just blocking the pain and not working through it. I am happy to hear that I am making progress. Sending you all the blessings of light and love Truely from "a better place"

  • Thank you very much Captain, that's very interesting. Much appreciated.

  • Whoops, looks like my earlier post didn't go thru ^^ Belated thanks, Captain.. your words mean a lot to me! Please let me know if I can do anything for you in return. Take care!!

  • can you give me my vibes thank you please 😄

  • I'm curious how do you read vibes? This is so fasinating!!!

  • Thanks Captain, that was much appreciated and so spot on.

    I feel super anxious when meeting new people, because I AM so insecure. My ex (of 7 years) brought me down a lot, which could have a lot to do with it. He was terrible to me. Then I ended up finding I really nice guy (or so I thought) and then he ditched me when his ex wanted him back. Things like that are what made me insecure. I am really going to take what you said and really think about.

    Thanks so much!

  • ...I welcome all the help I can get, for even if it is negative, one can still learn from that and turn it to positive!

  • Librao, when I read your post, it seemed to me like you were whispering. An image of you crouching down curling yourself into a ball so as not to attract too much attention came to my mind. Like you were a little mouse afraid of getting spotted by a hungry cat. There is a lot of fear around you that prevents you from living fully. Your vibes are rife with your fear and human predators would be able to smell it and come after you to abuse and manipulate you. Your fear in fact attracts the very negative attention and people you are trying to avoid. Rather than hide or blend into the background, you need to confront these fears head-on and work through them before they ruin your life. Or else you will never have the things you want or be truly happy and free of misery. You cannot avoid stress and problematic situations and people - life, in short - but you can learn how to deal successfuly with them. But first you must work through your issues which may go right back to childhood. Become the warrior I sense is inside you.

  • EsotericPhilosopher, I don't know your gender but you give off very masculine vibes. Very aggressive and forthright vibes...but I don't feel you were always this way. It can be a bit intimidating to others so, instead of male aggression and dominance, you might want to focus on the more positive male aspects of assertion, protection, and an action-orientation. Assertion doesn't have to mean aggression. Because this stance is relatively 'new' to you, I don't feel you have gotten it quite right - although it is a vast improvement on your old self. Rather than sticking with masculine cliches, explore all the various male qualities as well as retaining the gentle, nurturing female qualities - until you have found the perfect balance for you.

  • Shadowmist, I just close my eyes and focus on the person I am reading through their post. I search their heart for their true nature.

  • Captain, I really found your words above quite beautiful, for it is in the heart that everyone's true nature exists. I find it amazing that you literally get straight to the 'heart' of the matter and to people's characters. On several different posts, covering a huge span of time you've noted that I need to be beside the water, for example the sea, it is just what I need, it helps me. I have recently realised something. I went to a pshycic many years ago and she said that I needed to be beside the water, anything - streams, rivers the sea etc for me to feel calm and refreshed again. Amazing that you've both touched on this. I am astounded that you 'get' so many people right. Incredible. You obviously have such a good heart to reach out to us all. I hope you do realised how much myself and others really do appreciate your answers and that comes from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

  • Hi Captain

    I came across something by chance (or maybe not) which may be of interest to you and other members of the forum. On Wednesday, April 27, 2011 19:43 PDT, a post was made by SunCappyGirl (http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=5329&page=189) regarding an akashic record reading report that was performed by an online source. I too had an akashic record reading done recently and received the report today, however the report and the information that it contained didn't seem to resonate with me at all. In fact, I felt as though it was having a negative impact on me, so I decided to do some research on and somehow ended up on this forum and read the post that I mentioned. The really interesting thing is that the report I received was almost identical, word for word, with only very minor details changed. Now unless SunCappyGirl and myself are the same person, there is no way that I can accept this report to contain any real essence. It also seems as though we may have received a reading from the same source.

    Two comments which really stood out in my report for me were....

    "You might also want to simplify your life - don’t try to make yourself “special” by being a loaner or seeking certain qualities or possessions that you value as special. This includes what you might call your “spiritual” practices. Often, these are disguises to avoid facing the real you."


    "Basically, I will do your clearing, with your permission, of course."

    Your comment to that original post was "do not pay for anyone to cleanse you or whatever - that is a scam."

    Is this person that is offering the akashic record reading a scammer or malevolent in nature? Was there any harm in engaging this person to perform a reading?

    I, like others I guess, am just trying to find myself and grow spiritually. I thought that I should bring this to everyone's attention to stop others from potentially being scammed in the future.

    Much love and thank you.

    PS. If you have time to offer a vibe reading, that would be great 🙂

  • thank you captain i will be a warrior RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGRRARARARAGLGLGGLGAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Captain,

    This is truly fascinating. Would you please tell me what vibes I'm sending out? I'm very curious to know. Thank you!

  • Can I please have a vibes reading on this man.

  • Geeoo, two reports that are the same are not necessarily wrong since you both may have the same personality type that would generate a similar reading. Those online things are not really meant to be super-personal or specific, rather like just getting a general sun sign reading. Whenever you pay for a service - be it a psychic reading or a plumber - make sure you don't overpay for it. Be suspicious if someone, for instance, offers to rid or cleanse you of the bad luck or curse that has been plaguing you for a very hefty price. That's a scam because we create our own so-called good and bad luck and can change it ourselves. I do agree howver with the part about not getting so caught up in spiritual rituals and practices that you forget to learn from and apply them to yourself.

    As to your vibe reading, Geeoo, you give off very curious and youthful energy. You feel rather uncertain about what to believe but life is the process by which we discover what works for us as individuals. I also sense some fear in you of being misled or conned but if you stay in touch with your very good intuition, you will never go wrong with other people or situations. You have a purity of spirit that you must strive to retain and not grow cyncial or embittered if life doesn't always give you what you want. We always get what we need, even if it isn't exactly what we want. I am sensing a young man's influence around you - he is trying to get closer to you and make you feel his presence because he really likes you. It's hard to tell if he is in spirit or body because his nature is so very vague.

  • Thank you, Intrigued. 🙂

  • Ill try this again it is the man with the beard and red jacket

  • Torione13, you give off passionate, rather intense vibes, yet there is also a lot of frustration and depression there. I feel stubbornness and a big resistance to change that is holding you back in life. If you don't want to become stuck in a rut forever, you must use the determination and willpower I sense in you to push through any self-created barriers to get what you want. You cannot allow your fears of trying something different to block your progress. You are never too old to try something new. When we feel like our way is blocked, we must find a detour or a new road altogether. This deep passion I sense in you must be released and followed. Do the things in the world you are dying to do inside. Don't get so fixed in your routines, traditions and thinking that you never take a chance or break out of your niche. A life without adventure and challenge and novelty is no life at all. I can feel that inside you have everything you need to succeed - now you just have to lift yourself out of your old familiar rut and make a new path for yourself.

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