What vibes do you give out?

  • I'm going to be one of those crazy, cantankerous, bad tempered, stubborn old biddies who outlives everybody just to drive them bonkers!! :-))

  • Wenchie, it's most likely symbolic, this tiny tiny hole I was seeing at the bottom of your heart.

  • I'm sure it is. Thanks Captain. Probably due to my non-existent love life!!!!!

  • BTW, the reading on my vibes was spot on, as always. Thank you.

  • That's funny Wenchie! I think I'll be right there with you -- but I'll be a hoarder with piles of junk throughout the house -- and I'll have about 25 cats... heehee!!! 😉

  • how do you get a reading,i think this feed is interesting!

  • Hmm.. we should form a club. The non existant love life club. It's been too long since meeting someone. Where are all those wonderful single guys anyway?

  • GooseMama,

    LOL!!!!!! I know that type! I am far too much of a neatfreak to have hoarded piles throughout the house I can't stand the mess at home, but then again, maybe I forget that I'm a neatfreak and have my piles anyway! The cats, as much as I like them, I've never had one. I'm really sensitive to smells and a lot of cat people have homes that stink of cats and kitty litter and I could not bear that smell x 25!

    But I'm sure I'll find other ways of driving people mad still. :-))

  • Gemeila, I feel there is something weighing on your mind. Your head feels very heavy to me, like there are many thoughts and possibilities crowding in there. If you need help, you should ask.

  • Stonyeye,

    I wish I could tell you that! I left my ex-husband 2.5 years ago (he still thinks I'm going to come back and tries to break me into coming back), briefly dated a guy who was so wrong on so many levels and then "seeing" this other guy on/off for just over a year who's currently off and not offering what I am looking for. We've just got to keep faith that there is the right guy out there for us and when we are ready the Universe will send him along. Hang in there!

  • Goosemama, did you see my interpretation of your dream about your mother? What did you think? I am feeling some urgency there.

  • thanks captain,I would'nt know were to start!

  • gemeila, start with what's worrying you the most.

  • captain, no we are not alike. we have good laughs, but she was not really a good mother to me or the other 5 children she had. nurturing no. me yes, with my daughter, very much so.

    thank you!!!!

  • Interesting. I'll have my vibes read, and thanks in advance Captain!


  • Captain, thanks for that Vibe reading...spot on...on the face of it...usually strength and power...yet vulnerable ...what a balancing...working on trusting the dance...between the inner male/inner female...some of that masculine energy from being on my own/fending for self alone for so long you think?

  • Wickedmoon - no, not alike now but when she was the age when she had you. I feel she has lost so much of her happiness and beauty that she had then. I feel it is like a warning to you not to let life beat you down..

  • Hi Everyone!

    Wenchie & Stonyeye, Hello there Ladies:-) I can relate to what you were saying about finding our men. WHERE ARE THEY??? When I was reading your comments, I felt that you girls are a cut above and not just any old bum off the street will do. Hence, having to wait for a cycle of events to complete, before just the right man will cross your paths. I'm sure it's nothing you don't already know.

    May I ask for a vibe reading too please Captain? Admittedly, I'm a little aprehensive; I'm not really sure why.

    Thank you for starting this thread and taking the time to respond to everyone. It's been very interesting to compare what I 'made up' to what you have had to say.


  • Hi Captain,

    I would like a vives reading. LAtely, my business is not going well. M group mates are not talking. I don't understand why they aren't buying successful plan.

  • oh yes!! she was beautiful at the time in her life when she had me. beautiful long black hair, good figure, soft complexion, big green eyes. and yeah, been going through a transition in my life so I will keep this message in mind! Thank you!

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