What vibes do you give out?

  • Captain,

    Thank you for your reply. Your words have really opened my eyes to alot of things. Instead of looking for love I am going to love myself more. I am going to find things that make me happy.

    You were also correct when you mentioned wanting to get him back. I wanted him to feel the same way he had made me feel all of those years, wondering what I had done wrong. I think now I can slowly begin to let go of all the hurt and anger that I have kept inside me for so long.

    You are amazing at reading people without even knowing them. I wish I had your vision.

    Thank you again!

    Thank you again.

  • You're very welcome. 🙂

  • Dear Captain,

    I'd like to know what vibes i give off.

    many thanks 🙂

  • Tangerine7, I feel like you tend to back away from others and to isolate yourself when you become impatient, disappointed or frustrated by the more humdrum aspects of life. I feel you get very stressed at times but you must not cut yourself off from the human race, rather learn how to deal with problems and difficulties by confronting them. Instead of focusing on the ugliness that is in this world, try and see the beauty instead and you will be much happier. You can come across to others as selfish, opinionated or hypercritical at times so that by focusing on the positive rather than the negative, you can improve your relationships with others.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Majesstic11, you give off some 'ugly duckling' vibes, feelings of low self-worth. I can tell you are a practical person but you may have trouble defining your sense of identity, of knowing who you really are and what you want from life. You are never sure people 'get' you. When you start to believe in and understand yourself more, you will find your travels on this life journey become much easier because you will be your own best friend and supporter. Try not to obsess over the smaller details so much and release the chains that bind you to the mundane. It's good to be grounded but you also need to be able to look up and see the stars. Dare to dream.

  • I would enjoy a vibe reading, dear Captain 🙂 Thanks sweetie

  • LeoLover, I feel you had a very hard childhood and growing up, that you were exposed very early to the elements of survival on the most primitive of levels. But you must learn how to separate your identity from your family or parents, or those who act as parents to you. You need to establish boundaries for the people in your life in order to break these old bonds - otherwise the power struggles will continue. I feel you want to find mutual empowerment and total, permanent commitment with the person you love. But seeking your self-worth through others doesn't work - it is not the by-product of a relationship, even with a soulmate. You have to find your own worth inside without needing the support and validation of others to do so. Living according to the standards you know are right for you (regardless of what anyone else thinks) will help you develop this sense of self-worth and self-love that you need so badly. You cannot let any fear of being alone stop you from finding your self. And you cannot hide when things get tough in life - by learning how to detach emotionally from troubling situations, you can deal with them calmly and surely. Deep down you are a very tough person with the strength and endurance to cope with anything. Your early life made you into a survivor. But don't get too caught up in negative emotional patterns, a refusal to change, or identifying too much with your own sense of suffering. By surrounding yourself with beauty and serenity, you will balance out your feelings and find emotional stability.

  • Hey! i was told by you through a friend and i just wanted to do a reading with you i just wanted to know what vibes i would get from you and i just started talking to a guy i really like we met online and he's in the military currently serving for the country (right now he's in Afghanistan) i live in Pittsburgh, PA while he lives in Virginia but he's stationed in Alaska we've never met yet but thinking about meeting each other hopefully soon while i know we're both pretty busy as he's being deployed for this month and next month and i go to school (college) we also have a very big age gap (he was born November 7th 1982 and me March 14th 1992) so we are at a 10 year difference and i am young but i believe anything is possible and age is just a number we just started talking about a week ago but i really like him and we connect on a very deep level!

    what do ya think?? and i allow any criticism if there is any lol

  • oh yea! and if i'm in the wrong forum as far as the couple reading since i know this is for vibe readings do let me know since i'm new to all of this lol

  • MickeyLove1992, post here for compatibility readings -


  • Oops! Thanks captain! may i still know what vibes i give out from you?

  • MickeyLove1992, you give off a need to be taken care of. I feel you can become very dependent on others and can suffer from indecision and hypersensitivity. I do sense a lot of creativity in you but feel you may get bogged down by emotional melodramas or not applying yourself enough to produce the fine work that you are capable of . However, I am sure you will undergo the required metamorphosis from emotional vulnerability to personal strength as you move through life. It's important that you make the right choice in a partner, although I feel there will be a lot of trial and error before you find the right one. When you trust yourself to seek what's best for you and apply practicality to matters of the heart, you will find true love and happiness. You must be sure to develop the necessary self-discipline that will see you engage in large-scale achievements.

  • Wow that sounds pretty accurate! thank you so much for your response as well. I will make sure to take advantage of your advice in the long run! Thanks again 😃

  • what are my vibes .

  • Plutoniansun, I feel that you can come across to other people as rather arrogant or superior because you tend to hold yourself in and don't give out much of yourself to others. It's not arrogance though, (maybe a little) more of a self-containment of your energy. But you do come across to others as if you think you are better than them, because you withhold yourself almost as if you fear others will 'contaminate' you with their energies and flaws. My advice is to let go of control and relax more. You can be very sociable and commanding when you want to.

  • seems i loved your photo reading im back for more 🙂

    what vibes do you get from me?

  • Crazyhmm, I feel you can be rather cantankerous and difficult at times, until you develop the self-confidence to become the mover and shaker you so want to be. You also have to believe you can take charge of your own destiny, rather than grow too pessimistic by thinking your life is in the hands of some random act of fate. You have an outrageous side as well that you only allow those closest to you to see. But you have to feel safe to express this eccentric side too because therein lies your creativity and edge. You have passionate energies that desire and must have expression in some way, and other people are attracted to these powerful energies. If you can direct your talents toward broad goals and trends, you can manifest your visions in satisfying and tangible ways through solid effort and grounded ambition. You can have a truly brilliant life - you don't need to seek any form of escape from it. If you are careful to avoid becoming too emotionally repressed, authoritarian, or a flat-out tyrant, everything you want can be yours for the asking.

  • Hi Captain,

    Can you please give me some insight on my vibes. what do you see for me happening ?

    thank you so much for your unconditional help !


  • Undio1, you give off rather shy vibes - well, not shy exactly but I feel it is difficult for you to relate socially to people. It can come across to others as if you are really self-absorbed or self-centred, but they don't know how hard it is for you to sit on your hands when all your instincts tell you to get up and show them how it's done. You really want to help people. You're actually a born performer. That's a great thing, a gift to be able to get up in front of people and act, entertain, or speak. But deep down it's just an expression of how much you want people to love you. There's a hole in your heart that is tough to fill and your quest for validation might become your life's work unless you learn to validate yourself and not seek your worth through others. By living an authentic life, doing what you really want to do, unafraid to be your true self, you will gain the self-respect and validation you crave. Maybe your childhood taught you to shut up and sit down. There also may be some self-loathing or embarrassment about your looks or how you feel, but you must rise about it and love yourself. No one else can give you the sense of self-satisfaction and fulfillment that will come from overcoming shame or rejection to become a powerful and happy member of society. You must be confident about who you are, spending time with like-minded people and openly expressing your unorthodox ideas and visions of the future.

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