What vibes do you give out?

  • Marsc135, I feel you are waiting for someone to come along and change your life for you and make you happy, when you have the power to do it yourself. But nobody can do for you what you can do for yourself. Nobody knows better than you what you want and need. You must learn to rely on (or should I say, trust more) on your own power and intuition. There is love waiting for you down the track but only after you have stood on your own feet and managed your life.

  • Thank you Captain 🙂 I don't really think I lost that motherly side of mebut I learning how to control it better so it won't be overpowering to me and others. Thank you for your time and guidance Captain 🙂

  • Thanks Captain, I was afraid you were going to say that. I have been trying for the last 2 years to stand on my own 2 feet, since my husband left. I thought I was doing a pretty good job. So many obsticles, kids, work. Your right I am waiting for prince charming to come and rescue me. Just how far down the road is my love coming?

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  • What vibes do you get from me?

  • Marsc135, your lover will only appear when you are ready for him. Work through any issues you may have about going into a new relationship as I feel you have a lot of fear there.

  • Roxanne084, I feel you tend to be anxious far too much and have to learn to 'let go and let God' more often. Worrying about things does not make them happen, it just makes you feel bad. There are some things you can control - like your own reactions to situations and your own development and dealing with your issues - and some things you cannot, so accept that you have to trust that everything will work out fine. If you have done as much as you can in a situation, you have to learn to relax and let the Universe take care iof the rest of it. Life should be enjoyed and your anxiety is taking away your pleasue.

  • Hi Captain, it's been a while since you last read my vibes and I'm interested to know what you see now. Thank you, chefjessie

  • Hi TheCaptain, can I have my vibes read please? Thanks!!!

  • Chefjessie, unfortunately I feel a tight band of steel is wrapped around your heart and it seems to be getting tighter. What is it you fear so much that you keep this tight vice grip on your emotions? It must cause you pain.

  • Mizgator, to me you feel like a flower opening up to let the sun shine on your face, a face that has been hidden from the light for a long time. There is a sense of wanting to leave behind all problems and difficulties and have the freedom to just be yourself. Sometimes you just want to let go and not be dragged down by other people, to live a natural and carefree life, to dance in the sunlight without anyone criticizing or judging your behaviour. So why don't you remove everything from your life that is stopping you from being free, including your own attitudes?

  • First off - welcome back Captain 🙂

    Just wondering what vibes I give off with regards to love/relationships.

  • Danceur, in regard to love and relationships, I feel you give away much more than you receive back. Like many people, you assume that if you give as much as you have to someone, they will return that love in equal amounts. But there is the issue of over-giving. You are like a lighthouse beaming your love and your need to be needed and appreciated out to the world without any care for whom might see it and follow it back to you. This attracts a lot of people who want to take from you but not give to you. You have to learn to reserve your light for those who truly deserve it and who will share back with you. This means you have to become more discriminating about people you let into your life, more aware of who is worthy and who is just an abusive user. You are like an undammed river and you let anyone drink from your life source. Because you need to be needed, you make the mistake of attracting those who are weak and want to lean on you. It's fine to want to help your fellow man as part of your working mission, but don't bring them into your personal life too. In love, you need a strong loving equal partner, and not a 'charity case'.

  • Wow! Thank you Captain, I've been feeling that way for quite some time now. If I removed everything in my life that stopped me from being free I'd be removing my bills, job and friends and family. lol So, maybe I should start first by removing the attitude that these things have the ability to stop my freedom! This was awesome! Thanks!

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks! Couldn't agree more.

    I did settle for being needed in the past - because I didn't think I had anything more to give. Because I felt one-dimensional and lonely.

    But now I realise that while one of my strengths is indeed to support and care for others, I am interesting enough as a person to contribute towards a meaningful partnership. And I'm trying to be discerning about whom I let into my inner circle.

    I want to be wanted. To give and receive. And while I've been very lucky with forming great friendships, I've not had luck with relationships. I've been alone for awhile and it's been a valuable few years of self-discovery. Just wondering if he is out there? Close by?

  • You're absolutely right Captain. I realise now that, yes, for the past four years I have been closing down more and more, due to it being a time of nothing but loss and endings. It seems that I get knocked back down emotionally everytime I'm just getting back on my feet. I think the word is worn down really, and I don't know any other way of handling my f eelings of loss and disappointment. I know that things always change, but I am just so tired now, and wonder just how long this will go on. Thank you for your insight and caring. chefjessie

  • Chefjessie, you might need to examine your expectations regarding your love relationships. Are you asking too much of or being unrealistic about a potential partner? What is it you think ssomeone else can give you that you cannot give yourself? What is it that emotionally throws you into chaos just when you are getting back on your feet? If you are relying on outside influences like a partner, a job, a home etc. to keep you stable and happy, you will always be disappointed because exterior circumstances and people are always changing. When you achieve an even keel by building a secure inner foundation of strength, wisdom, self-love and confidence, nothing that happens outside will affect your happiness.

  • Danceur, how much of you wanting to find a partner is for your sake and how much to appease society which urges everyone to marry/hook up or else be looked on as the odd-one-out or lacking in some respect? What is it you think someone else can give you that you can't give yourself?

  • Dear The Captain,

    It's been awhile I never been to this site and I really appreciate to hear some insight or vibes the captain what's will be my next or up coming vibes. I would love to hear your vibes and an advice for you that, I honestly everything you said to me is totally right and it's ashamed that I still push to thingthat I persistanly doing before now I learnt but still wonderingthan

  • Annielan, you project a deep neediness to be loved and appreciated and cared for. In your desperation to be respected and acknowledged, you give yourself to people in your vicinity without being discriminating enough or pausing to decide if they are compatible with your wants and needs. You feel a weakness of spirit in yourself and a lack of trust in your own strength, which is there inside you but you don't feel it. I sense there is buried in you a long tradition of believing the woman is weaker than the man that you must overcome so that your powerful spirit can break through all the nonsense about the inequality of the female. You do have wisdom and toughness inside you - you just have to believe it and draw on these aspects of your soul.

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