What vibes do you give out?

  • Thankyou Captain, now I just need to tie hubby down for a while.....

  • Hi Captain, I was just thinking about you and your on point readings you've done for me in the past. I'm back for another . . .

  • Hi Captain, Please can you tell me what vibes i give?


  • Lola6862, you feel very lonely and almost desperate for love but I think you are being unrealistic about relationships. You want to find the perfect one, where there are no problems or issues between you and the other person and life is always beautiful. But relationships are always hard work, even the most compatible ones. If you want companionship, you are going to have to put up with the bad as well as the good. No human is perfect but we can still all get on if we try hard enough. The amount of effort you put into life and love is what you will get back.

  • Scully, I feel you are a passionate and dynamic person but that your passions can flare and fade with startling speed. You can jump from one lover or job or project or situation to another without taking the time to dig deeply enough to find the gold, and you can end up very frustrated and aimless as a consequence. Your large amount of energy needs grounding, direction and constancy if you want to achieve anything. Taking time to step down, back up, and think long term will prove to be your biggest advantage, as will aiming at more realistic and achievable goals.

  • Dear Captain, Thank you you have hit the nail on the head there, totally is me. Especially on starting new projects or job interest, hence job id like to do something else, but im not rushing into until im sure what it is what i want to do.

  • Hi Captain, I'm new at this although I did summit a question earlier today. Please, what vibes are you picking up from me? You seem to be very gifted , I'm looking forward to your help. Thanks.

  • Can you read my vibes please, if you get a chance?

  • Pompanofish, I get the impression from you that your life has been a big struggle between reality and fantasy. Idealistic and devoted, you still have this deep sense of being unworthy. You need to develop greater confidence and discrimination so as to know which parts of your nature require more growth and which are best discarded. Any failure to ground yourself in useful activities can be a real problem, since you can get so lost in your sense of the 'big picture' - it being tinged with so much spirituality and romanticism - that you may refuse to develop your higher potential in more ordinary ways and helping others. You must cultivate more practicality and live a bit less in the realms of the theoretical, if you want to enjoy real success on this life journey of yours. It's not about what 'could be' for you, but what IS.

  • PerfecTess, you are a highly intuitive person but you are a little hazy on how to use it. Practise is what you need. You can't be afraid of negative feedback - it's really the only way you learn about the ability. You feel a little timid or indecisive about taking chances in life and love but this may mean you also miss out on some good opportunities. It's better to try and fail than to never try at all. At least you can learn from your mistakes and do better next time. Just make sure your goals have some realism and practicaltiy to them and are not completely airy-fairy. Is there an issue or problem with a sister of yours or someone who is like a sister to you?

  • "RedPetals, i feel that you are much physically stronger but you still feel very fragile emotionally and that is where your illness started. It's your emotional defences that need strengthening now so that other people don't drain you of energy you need to completely heal. You have to learn to say 'no' more and keep some energy back for your own life. When we give too much of our energy - even to those we love - we leave ourselves with little strength to stay well or do the things we want to do. You have to become a little more selfish"

    Captain, thank you so much for your insight. Yes, I am doing much better physically, after my two surgeries and getting the medication right has been the hardest part. You are right, it is the emotional issues that I need to work on, yes, I do have to learn to say no more things and the funny thing is I need to say no to myself. For example, no to intrusive thoughts, no to guilt and anxiety and fear. I have learned quite a bit about that lately but of course a work in progress but am feeling better. I do feel a bit more clarity of mind and heart. Thank you again for your advice, I do take it to heart. I do need to do better for my own heart and soul before I can freely give to others.


    Many, Many Many Blessings to you and I hope you are surrounded by your angels like a loving, soft blanket! Love and light to you Captain 🙂

  • Hi Captain...

    How are you again...just touching base with you.....Im really at my last end with my 14year relationship with my boyfriend...Im ready to step out in FAITH...and END our relationship...its been weighing on me for months...Im born 6/20/69 and he's 9/27/53...no typo 1953...can you tell me if I will be okay when I make this decision because Im going TO DO IT....IM MISERABLE.

    Thank you


  • Hi again Captain...

    Its been 5months can you also give me a reading of my son David Tyrell E---- born 12/5/90...thank you .


  • MissTonya, of course you will be a bit upset and lonely after parting from someone whom you have been with for so long. But when it's time, it's time. This relationship was not meant to be forever, just until you could make it on your own. You two were very prone to worry and tension so you need to break away to get some relaxation and to look at the world in a more humorous light-hearted way. Your boyfriend was just too critical, impatient, and demanding for you, being the more sensitive. Go out now and make new more compatible friends, and don't look back.

    David has not changed very much - in fact he is happy if there is no change in his situation as he feels safe and cared for. He does not wish to go back to the 'real' world and feels depressed when he thinks about it. He has retreated into the world of his mind.

  • Hi Captain,

    Am posting from a much calmer space today, and was wondering if you could do another vibe reading for me?

  • Danceur, I feel you are like a young person flipping through a picture book - there are so many lovely images that you cannot choose between them. I feel that you are waiting for something to begin moving forward - a sign, message or advice from someone else. But life is about making choices so you need to focus on what you really want to achieve in your life and not be distracted by pretty dreams or fantasies of both people and situations. You cannot wait for a guide or mentor to help you sort out your affairs - that is your job because you know yourself better than anyone else can. When you really know yourself and what you want, your path becomes obvious. And if you don't know yourself well, you must do some self-discovery work. That is your main priority at the moment, nothing external matters until you are certain internally.

  • Thanks Captain - I really appreciate this:)

    Have made some poor choices in life (altho I do think things happen for a reason). Been lost for a very long time, but thankfully I've been making strides in self-discovery.

    I already know some of what i want to achieve and I'm slowing moving forward emotionally and maybe spiritually, but these seem inconsequential to anyone but me - the larger, more practical pieces of the puzzle remain elusive. I can't hurry this process and I don't want to - but it won't do that I'm stuck like this either.

  • Hi Captain-I was wondering if you could do another vibe reading for me. I feel I radiate positive and exciting energy-Im alot happier, confident and independent than ever-more and more people seem to recognize my glow and really love and appreciate it. Has any of my vibes changed?

  • Hi Captain, I would like to know what vibes I give out, Thank you

  • Asia, you are moving back to what you were originally (what we all were) - happy, beautiful, powerful and free-spirited. There's nothing you need to learn, you only need to remember what you used to be like as pure spirit.

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