What vibes do you give out?

  • Mymissymoo, but do you actually take it or do you just go ahead doing what you want and think is right?

  • mmm maybe i do what i want to do. i do believe i keep making bad decisions for myself, at the time they seemed like the right thing to do.

  • Mymissymoo, it's not that you don't know what to do - you have a deep source of inner wisdom like we all do. It's just that you really go more by your feelings and impulses at the time, instead of consulting your intuition. Try sitting quietly before taking action or making a decision. An interesting visualization technique is to imagine sitting across from someone you think highly of as an advisor or wise person - it could be a friend, family member or even a famous person alive or dead. Try asking this person what you should do and listen carefully to their answer..

  • Hi Captain,

    I see you are as active an responsive as ever! I think I can speak for us all that we are grateful to that.

    Just wanted a follow up reading on my vibes. I feel I have changed, curious to see what vibes I am giving out now. Thanks so much!

    As always, many blessings to you


  • RedPetals, i feel that you are much physically stronger but you still feel very fragile emotionally and that is where your illness started. It's your emotional defences that need strengthening now so that other people don't drain you of energy you need to completely heal. You have to learn to say 'no' more and keep some energy back for your own life. When we give too much of our energy - even to those we love - we leave ourselves with little strength to stay well or do the things we want to do. You have to become a little more selfish.

  • I guess thats where am going wrong, i always thought that my feelings was my intuition. I didn't know that they were seperate, i've always considered it the same thing. i will try the method you suggested, sounds good.

  • think I've been read before but I think my frequency must've changed because I don't seem to set ma-in-law off being nasty to me as much, but hubby is now the prickly one especially at night, well suppose he would be really he's had cancer nearly five years back and is a postie and union rep too which must be tiring especially as he's doing online courses as well, for his union work so probably has earned the right to be prickly, especially since our son will hopefully be going to Uni in September too with all that entails expense wise...and he might be worrying about how things might be with me now having osteoarthritis, which I refuse to give in to and fossilise....

  • Chrissicat, your husband is taking too much on, probably to satisfy a need to feel needed and useful. But it would be best for him to cut back on his responsiblities and focus on improving just a few things rather than scattering his energy over many projects and activities. You yourself won't ever feel at peace until everyone around you is at peace because you pick up their energies. You get emotionally involved and thus drawn in to their problems. You need to step back more and become more emotionally objective, and then solutions will come easier and be more clear. You also need to become more flexible in what you allow the Universe to bring you. When you trust enough to open to all the experiences and gifts that the Universe has for you, you will find your arthritis and stress easing as you release your control on how you want you life to be. Trust that the Universe knows better than you what you need.

  • Mymissymoo, our feelings/emotions are about what we want but what might not be the best thing for us, whereas our intuition tells us what we really need.

  • Hi Captain,

    A bit perplexed cos I'm generally rather calm and yet the vibes suggested otherwise.

    Or was it at the time I posted, cos i was kinda dancing 😛

  • Thanks, i can see where decisions needed to be made but i felt uncomfortable with making them so always took the easy way out. It feels like i'm paying for the many bad decisions i've made.

  • Danceur, I read your vibes as you were when you posted. It felt like you were excited about someone or something that maybe you needed to take another more cautious look at.

  • HIya all n tip to hat salute the captain 4 a great topic.

    pardon it took me too long to get here lol

    aint the vibes colored by the mood we´re in? doesnt the vibe change with moodswings? juss wondering.

    anyhews im curious about what vibes that from me tends to tick certain individuals into being nasty mean n condesending. if i know i could mayb uhm change lol

    i say mayb bc it could show that those vibes r what makes me strong n who i am. N i ask myself if thats the case why change it.

    ok i babble. LOL


  • CWB, there are 'present moment' vibes and there are deeper more 'you' vibes that stay the same - your basic innate nature vibes. Sometimes I pick up on one, sometimes the other, depending on what needs the attention most.

    You have a forceful, outgoing and enthusiastic personality and, though it is natural for you to express yourself in that way, other less extroverted more sensitive people may feel you are trying to 'bulldozer' them around your point of view. None of us will be liked or accepted by all people because there are so many differing personalities out there.

  • Thank u so much captain!


  • Hi again, Captain,

    I guess we are all coming back to you it seems...:) Just wondering when you have a chance can you ask your guides to see what they are picking up from me...

    Thank you again for your time, gifts and patience...

    Namaste Captain

    love and light


  • MyJourney, I see you focused on a long road at the end of which stands your big longterm goals of total healing and happiness. Yet you are so focused on these goals that you don't see the smaller roads leading off the big one to the right and left of you. I feel you need to relax your efforts at the longterm goals a little in order to enjoy the accomplishment of shorter term, smaller, more quickly achievable goals that can be little victories which can boost your strength and self-esteem for the long haul.

  • Can you read mine please

  • Thanks again Captain for your time and energy,i think i was afraid to veer off, but now i'm understanding its not about that...

    Love and Light


  • Brookenicole84, I have a vision of you as a dancer on a stage, whirling faster and faster and wearing yourself down to please your audience. When are you going to stop dancing to other people's tunes and dance to your own drum? When are you going to do what pleases just you and not to what pleases others?

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