What vibes do you give out?

  • Thank you very much for this response, Captain.

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  • hi mr. captain 🙂 just pokin around the site...

  • What a fun thread - I'm game! 🙂

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  • Did you want a vibe reading, MELinSC?

  • Hi Captain....just curious...what sort of vibe do I generate!!!

  • sure, why not. i also posted on your photo website so you don't really have to do both 🙂 hadn't been on the site in a while, just seeing what ya'll were up to

  • SunshineDay65, I get the impression that you are more concerned about everyone in your life more than you are about yourself (though you do worry). Take care you don't get written off as a busybody or interfering person. I do feel people can easily get the wrong impression of you when you are only trying to be helpful. If you are not working as a caregiver, you certainly should think about it. You have a very generous and nurturing nature. But you need to get more excited about your own life too. Have you accomplished everything you dreamed of? Don't be afraid to stretch yourself and take a risk by trying something new. It's easy to get stuck in a rut if you stop taking chances or learning things.

  • Mystikleo, you give off a deep desperation to be loved and needed. Be careful as it will attract people who sense your desperation and will try to deceive you or use you for their own egotistical agenda. Before you throw yourself at someone, take time to ask yoursefl if it's really the person you think you are in love with or some lovely ideal or dream in your head of the perfect lover and the perfect life. If you really want to be happy in love and life, you will take the time to look for and learn to recognise quality rather than just being with anyone who tells you what you want to hear and then abuses you when you are 'hooked'. And no one else can make you feel loved if you first don't love and like yourself. If you don't know what real love is for yourself, how can you possibly recognise it in anyone else?

  • Dear Captain...Thanks for your earlier reply. My husband wants a divorce. Are you picking up any negative vibes on this one? I'm afraid to be served the papers any minute. Any ways to change things around? What's gonna happen to our little boy? : ( ....your advice is much appreciated.

  • thank you........Its uncanny really!!! 🙂

  • Captain that is so true! I don't want to be a busybody but people seem to trust me and next thing I know I am carrying everyones secrets. I never give them out but I know some think I do. It always creates drama down the line and I hate drama. But it keeps getting drawn to me somehow. I just started a new job though, we are rarely in the office so I hope I am rid of that! I looked for a job like this for that reason - just to get away - I want to work and go home, I don't want to get drawn into anything anymore. I need to nurture me.You are right about the chances. I have not done everything I've desired but when I have taken chances - oh so fun! I need to do more of that. THANK YOU! Absolutely amazing.

    ps about the caregiving - animals - yes. Had to scale back due to finances but that's where my caregiving lies. 🙂

  • Pollux, though painful, this divorce is going to turn out to be the best thing for you and your child who picks up all the tension in your marriage. It's going to be freeing for all of you and will allow you to move on to new challenges and love.

  • Hi Captain,

    I wanted to know about my vibes at this time. While usually I am always in a relationship, I havent been in one in over a year:( Sadly, I do want one, but lately I keep attracting guys that "supposedly" say they love me, and in the next breath say that they, "dont have the heart for a relationship". (Normally after they say this, i just move on) Obviously, it's something with committment, but I just want to get to know them to see if I even want the relationship. The cappy guy I'm talking to now, says the same thing, yet tells me he loves me daily, but sometimes I dont feel the love. He's so on and off with me (on when i'm ignoring him, off when i show love)...yet still calls and ties me on the phone for hours talking about his inner feelings..I want this to stop. what vibes am i putting out to him?? His bday is 12/31/1980 and mine 11/24/1981..what vibes am I getting from him? please help because im ready to move on.

  • Shinyluv, I am getting a huge buildup of frustrated passion from you. You want to give your all to someone and have them do the same for you - to satisfy you in every way, especially the physical. This passionate vibe attracts guys who just want to 'get physical' with you. Find another outlet or activity (like getting lots more exercise) to let loose some of your passion. You will then give off less 'energetic' vibes that will draw guys who have more than just a physical desire to slake.

    Your relationship with the Cappy is now all all about conversation and debate on a broad range of topics. There is a heavy emphasis on the physical also but sensual feelings often fade into intellectual interest. He needs to dominate and you rebel against authority so this is not an ideal match.

  • Captain,

    Wow!!! Spot on! I am usually all about the physical, and I sooo feel the passion in me about to explode. Every guy that I've recently talked to have all been so open about it. Its a complete turn off!! They were beginning to get extremely obscene and dirty which begin to scare me. I'm so appreciative for your insight because it was driving me CRAZY!! As for me and cappy, it's time to be honest and let it go. I believe i'm too much for him. After years of knowing him I felt like it would be easier. WRONG!! He still cant pull his weight as far as the physical and dont get me started with the emotional. We are partners in business together, I hope removing me from our situation dosent hurt the business and chemistry we have.:( Thanks again for all your words.


  • Hello Captain!

    I wanted to see what you see with my vibes. I recently finished a developmental class and wanted to get someone else's opinion.

    I greatly appreciate everything you do for all of us and hope to be able to return the favor soon.

    Blessings and healing light to you.


  • Sagiqueen, it feels like your head is spinning with new ideas and attitudes and your whole body is aglow with renewed hope and energy. Good for you - now keep it up! Don't go back to your old ways.

  • Thank you Captain! Yes, I have finally started down a good path of real awakening. It is very exciting.

  • Captain, I am so grateful to you for all you do for this community of strangers! You truly are a very giving person to spend so much time helping everyone. I'm glad I ran across this thread! I'm in a strange place in life right now, and would love to hear what you get from me. Thank you thank you and blessings!

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