What vibes do you give out?

  • Thank you so much Captan,... but really I haven't seen any critic in her thought but just an insult thought. Do you think that I really need to considerate this, and really my work has been in low level?

  • Oli1, you should go to your friend to ask for clarification to clear the air. She didn't mean your movie was low at all, just needed some more work.

  • Oli1, you should go to your friend to ask for clarification to clear the air. She didn't mean your movie was low at all, just needed some more work.

  • Could you read my Vibe 🙂

  • Gypsydreams, I feel a lot of anxiety coming from you when you meet new people or start new things. You have a fear of coming across wrong or being misunderstood by others and this can make you hold a lot of yourself back until you know them better. But ironically this can stop you getting to know them better because they sense that you are not prepared to drop your guard for them.

  • Spot on Captain, I actually suffer from Anxiety. I come across wrong many a time and then feel terrible about it. I also have major trust issues so at present I am a bit of a Hermit and loving it.. although I know i need to get out there soon I suppose.... 🙂

  • Hi Captain,

    I would like to give this a try this please!

    Thank you

  • Piscesstar, I feel a lot of passion and creativity and a gift for communication coming off you and a big zest for life. But I feel you may not accomplish much because you tend to scatter your energies over too many projects and/or people at the one time or flit from one job or friend to another. It will go better for you if you spend more time and energy on just one project or person at a time, going deeply into your subject rather than just skimming the surface or expecting others to do most of the work. Without more stability and grounding, you will find it hard to achieve your goals. You are looking for both protection and stimulation in relationships.

  • Hi Captain.

    Can u read my vibes please!

  • Hi captain,

    Very good!! Thanks a bunch.

    I feel I have some nervous energy that has me bouncing around, and yes, I am trying to get some projects done, a little overwhelming, but you are right, one project at a time. I am working on it, its part of the keeping busy thing going on right now for me.

    Protection and Stimulation would work very well in relationships with me.

    Thanks Captain...........I always have so much work to do!!

  • Hello Captain I was wondering if you can tell me about my vibes please thanks 🙂

  • But I do have courage and strength in me and spirit/God as well on my side, my spirit/God lives in me and I do fight back I do. I stand up to people trying to take advantage of me. My soft side is what gets me into trouble, I'm so carring for others in need that I will finacially put myself in harms way to meet their needs before my own.

    I needed some time to reflect on what you said to me on your last post.

    I had talked to a friend about that lady at the store and how bad I felt that I did nothing to ease her pain, she said you can't trust people you don't know. Based on my discription of her, my friend said that she lives just around the corner and accross the school grounds from her.

    About 4 or 5 days later we were talking, she said that the ambulance came to her house and that they took her. We don't know her or who she is or who her people are or if she even has anyone. I do hope she has God in her life and that peace is with her and that people she doesn't even know care about her.

  • Hi Captain, I'd like to know what vibes I'm giving out! It might help me in my relationship?


  • If you can advise me on how to help me get some support from my husband in regards to the oldest daughter. She is not employed and claims sexual harrasment as to why she walked off her last job, but did not go tell her boss because he intimadates her, big and loud you know kind of like her dad. The perp was her imiadiate supervisor, bosses righthand man, also a registered sex offender spent 7 in the pen still on probation.

    She worked 9 mo. or so and had just moved out of our home after about 1 year and a few months. Only on her own for 1 1/2 months with daughter age 9. This situation is is killing me, husband won't help at all.

    I simply can't pay her rent again, coming home is not an option and she knows why. 3rd. time already 36 yrs. old

    Please me Captin or any one help me ? Bimoon aaaaaaaaaaany one?

  • Beaniac, you feel to me like a bull at a gate, ready to charge out with steam pouring from your nostrils, yet unsure of which way you want to go. You just know you want to get out of the paddock. You have a knack for knowing the right thing to do in almost any circumstance - except for yourself. You may fail to ask for help when you need it but you really don't have to go it alone. You have all the natural intuitiveness, high standards, creativity, versatility, and practicality to achieve your fondest dreams once you know what they are. But you have spent all your time looking after others and are so out of touch with your own feelings that you don't know what you want. Your goal is to develop a talent, skill, art, or craft to the point of mastery - you have done that domestically, now do it personally. Turn that tendency to workaholism on yourself and your own dreams, and don't let insecurity or self-doubt stop you from reaching for the stars.

  • Newmum, you are giving off very suspicious, betrayed vibes (and also feelings of being unworthy of love.). Your partner is responding to this by being even more elusive. He is a master of the excuse, but you are especially hard to convince and you can be remarkably unforgivng. He is on a knife edge of indecision - he will either toe the line and become your trustworthy devoted partner or he will follow his need to get more attention, adventure, and passion by finding another partner who he hopes will give it to him. He is a very gullible, fantasy-loving person who tends to believe what others tell him or think the best of them. Trust and acceptance are big issues between you. He is feeling he is not the most important person in your life at the moment. You are two very opposite types - you being so practical, your partner being so unrealistic and dreamy - there will have to be a lot of compromise here. He will probably never be able to give you the solid, structured life you crave. Yes, he's being selfish and a big baby, but you must decide if you want him to stick around. But don't be too self-sacrificing. In the end you must do what's best for you.

  • VLGintx, you need to start your own personal thread if you want myself or other readers to answer your questions.

  • Hi Captain! Can you tell me what kind of vibes I'm sending out? Thanks!

  • Kuruts, you give off impatient vibes as if you want everything at once. You can get very restless and bored, too, with a clever mind and a thirst for adventure. I feel you can come up with amazing schemes and ideas but have difficulty putting them into practice. Other people may get annoyed with you if you tell them what to do or be too pushy. If you could only motivate yourself as well as you do others, your dreams would all come true. In other words, don't teach before you have learned things yourself. You can get sidetracked from your goals by too much human interaction but then again too much study or work on your part will be hard on your friends or partner. A healthy balance between work and play is key.

  • Hi Captain, can I just say wow first that was amazing!

    I can never describe my own feelings like that and your exactly right with every word

    Thankyou so much for help Captain I think I needed to hear all that!

    love & blessings



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