What vibes do you give out?

  • Thanks Captain. I will try to be more nurturing to others .My problem is that I can't trust people easily . I'm scared people will abuse of my kind nature and make a fool out of me ...

  • Hi Captain, please feel free to read my vibes. Many thanks.

  • I feel sleepy and tired in my heart of some unhelpful humans, being my family. I am going to sleep.

  • I've actually been wondering a lot lately what kind of vibe I give off. I would love to know what you pick up on from me, Captain. Thank you!

  • The Captain,

    "you told me I should be repairing the chinks in my wall (marriage) at this time and not lettting the flame of your passion get out - not yet. The time is not yet right for you to show your passion."

    you are totally right on this. but the -- 'not yet' --holds me back.

    I wonder if you can see in the future--is the current flame gone be there or is going to disappear.

    do you see me in my marriage in long term??

    thank you a lot


  • Dear Dchell

    Captin..Sorry to burst through your living room door. like this...

    .Im about to start on you.Definitely tomorrow, all of it..you on your own later on the other thread.

    Peace and love.

  • i've also been really curious recently as to what vibes i give off. O:

    how conveniant. :3

    please and thank you.

  • Wow cap... OUCH.. that seems a TAD unkind. I don't even know what to say. That hurt. But I can (try) to be ok w/ you maintaining whatever your take is. Your right on about the appreciation tho. I feel unappreciated at times and am learning to appreciate myself. I felt insulted and hurt but I trust I will laugh about it one day.

    Cheers Pfree

  • hey im a little new to this concept but yeah id apreciate your time thanx

  • What kind of vibes do you get from me? is there anything you need to know?

  • Thank you Captain, I can't resist hearing about the vibes I give out!

    Happy days to you.


  • Please me too!!

  • Hello Captain.

    It is very kind and thoughtful of you to offer this service. seems once an offer is given the thread fills up very quickly.

    Are you taking time for yourself?

    I would appreciate any information you are able to reveal on what I give out - project to people and the universe.



  • Hi Captain, I'd love to know what you get about my vibes. Thank you! 🙂

  • Wickedmoon, I am seeing a smiling woman holding a baby. I get the sense that the woman is both you and your mother. Are you two very alike? Nurturing types.

  • Problemuser, I am getting chocolates for you. You remind me of one of those choccies that has a hard nut exterior but a very mushy insides. But woe betides anyone who tries to bite into you. 🙂

  • Forsui9, I am seeing many shooting stars going every which way. I feel energy and thoughts and emotions are bouncing off in every direction in an uncontrollable way. You feel very scattered and unsure of which way to go in your life. You must get more grounding.

  • Xmasbelle, just go the index page (at the top of every page is a drop-down menu marked 'Choose a Forum' that lets you go wherever you want here - go to View All) Click on the Psychic section and at the right side top you will see a lightbulb with 'Create a new topic' - click on that and make your new thread.

  • Melezka, I'm glad things worked out with your boss. Keep on slaying dragons! As for me, I do smile a lot though I think my teeth are pretty well on the average side. One just fell out recently however - one of the bigger back ones.

  • Skybunny, so far I get something for everyone - don't know if it is always spot on though. And I think my guides would block me if there was some info I got that the person I was reading wasn't meant to know. Also you may have seen in some previous posts here if someone I am reading is holding something (a phone or crystal) or preoccupied with something else I can pick that up. So everyone must be hands free and not near anyone or any animal when they ask for a reading.

    For you, Skybunny, I am getting money coming off you but I have a feeling it doesn't stay with you for long. You feel to me a little irresponsible with earthly matters. But I also get the impression you have/are a lot of fun.

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