What vibes do you give out?

  • Captain, thank you for your insight. I have told him I want to remain friends. His friendship means a lot to me. I'd miss him so much if I couldn't talk to him. I realize it is so important to be good friends first, so I tell myself to have the patience. Thank you for your help!

  • Hi, captain i'm back, you did a vibe reading for me maybe a month ago anyway, i'm going thru some things, the man i'm dating or was dating rather just told me a couple of days ago that he wants to be friends and he feels he rushed into the relationship with me, obviously i'm feeling not so good, but i still know i need to work on myself and focus on some other things and he says he feels the same about himself, so what vibes do you get from this?

  • Hi Captain:

    I have one more quick question to throw at you, hope you can find the time to answer. About two months ago I was fixed up on a blind date with a guy from Kentucky ( I dont live there), and we hit it off. He was texting and calling me pretty much all day long everyday for about a month, we had some good converstions and such. I was having the best time getting to know him and started developing feelings for him and it seemed he was doing the same for me. Then I started noticing that he backed off a little bit which made my anxiety set in. I was afraid of losing him. We have so much in common, we both have kids and are single and starting life all over. We had talked about seeing eachother and even possibilities of either one of us moving closer to the other in the future. Now we touch base every now and then, and its just so different from what is was. I still miss him alot and dont know if we will ever go back to the sweet days. I really wish it would. I have moved on as best I can, but still have bouts of thinking of him. What my questions are: what is he thinking? does he still think of me like I do him? what happened within him that made him do an about face? did I do anything to hurt him?


    Hope to hear from you soon!!

  • Oh and his name is Ollie..forgot to mention that

  • Ariesgirl1980, it would never have worked out as a serious relationsip. You were too different in your souls.

  • JJon, I feel he got back together with an old relationship from his past, someone his kids really like, maybe his former partner or old girlfriend?

  • Thank you Captain! I have been looking at the positive in all the bad things that have happened.I have been inviting God in alot more. The only thing that is still a negative is my daughter. She is teetering on the line of being taken away. I want them too. She has a lot to learn. I cannot do this anymore.The only thing I'm worried about is ytou see all this horrible stuff about foster homes everyday! But, I'm gonna trust in God (and her angels) to take care of her. I think that's what's going to have to happen for me. If I am willing to hand over my child to God , I think he will help me more. I put all my trust in God to take care of her.W/out her SSI per month, I won't have the money to cover most my bills.I only get $724.00 a month. So, I might be offline again! But, if anyone wants to talk to me, you can find me on Facebook and Myspace. I am under the same name there as here. Sylvannah I can get on there on my cell but, I can't get on here. I only have 5 bills. Mort., elec., cell, cable, internet, and phone, and my dumpster. I owe about $1000. My credit is shot due mostly to hospital bills. I could take cre of them but, just haven't done all the phonework required..I keep donating a little to charities when they call cause I just have a hard time saying no. I have donated to breast cancer, State Troopers, and the AMCA. They take money every month but if I can help an animal, I'll do it! I could have been on animal hoarders but my dogs ate most my cats. So now, I have 2 cats left and I started with 10! I took in a rescue Husky. When she left her house and came here, and she had a litter of puppies, I kept her! No mother animal leaves a litter of puppies! So, I fought for her and obviously I won.I got her chipped and fixed so now she is really fat! lol She killed my 13 yo old cat under my house. I had to listen to it cause I couldn't get to where they were. She doesn't eat them. She just kills them. I beat her ass and put her in a dog pen. I called animal control to pick her up. And, had they came that day, I would have handed her right over. But, they didn't show til 6 days later and I wasn't as angry with her so I told them I alreay had gotten rid of her.So, I have my remaining 2 cats, living fully in my bedroom. Well, I am fighting with my daughter and she only has 3 minutes to get drtessed and go outside. She stayed up all night and decided to go to sleep around 6:30a. She has to be on the bus at 8:11a . Well, she just missed the bus so I will call the police and tell them to have DCF with them to take her. I have absolutely no control over her and I just can't take it anymore! I am 25 lbs. underweight and I can't get into eating. I only ate a Light & Fit yogurt yesterday. Everrything I get for me, my daughter takes it. She has absolutely no respect for other people and especially other peoples property. My house is a total disaster area.EVERY ROOM! Sometimes I just wanna take a lighter to it! I'll ligfht my daughter on fire. I can get rid of her and the mess all in 1 swoop! lol I won't kill her but it's tempting sometimes! She is so nasty to me. They call it a severe conduct disorder. But they already labeled her with ODD. To me, that is the same thing! ODD stands for Oppositional Defiant Disorder. That would be the same thing right?

  • JJON- I think what happened was the distance. He may still be interested in you but I think, someone local (that he could see all thetime) showed interest in him.You may have hada connection but most guys want more instant gratification as opposed to working on it. If you were able to go to him now, I think he would drop her in a heartbeat for you cause you two have a connection. Long distance relationships are hard for anyone! Either find someone closer or plan to travel.

  • Wow...yea he said we weren't really clicking and i kinda understand...so may i ask exactly how is his soul different compared to mine? He keeps saying im too pure....i don't see it...thanks captain

  • Sylvannah, you have to stop giving away to others (charities and animals) more than you give to yourself.

  • Ariesgirl1980, you and he just see the world differently - he is more cynical and less trusting than you.

  • Please do me! In much Appreciation!

    Thank you,


  • Dear Captain,

    Can you please tell me what vibes you get from me? Thank you

  • LoveDetox, you give off rather puzzled vibes as if you don't understand why you do not have the things you want when you really try so hard to do the right thing. Are you sure you really want what you want or is that just your upbringing or social conditioning? I feel like, especially in your choice of partner, you are way off beam as to what sort of person really suits you.

  • Jena1977, you give off a lot of curiosity, restlessness, and a thirst for knowledge and experiences. i feel you may have a problem with responsibility or an unwillingess to settle down for very long. It's like it's not so much a partner you are looking for as a teacher/mentor, or more an adventure than a person.

  • Hi Captain,

    This is my first time on this site and I was curious about the readings received. I've read several pages of your blog and would like to request a reading for myself. Your gift seems to astound your fellow bloggers and I must admit to a certain curiosity. If you have the time, and are so inclined, I would be greatly obliged to be the recipient of a reading. Many blessings to you and yours from Starchild Foxfyr

  • I know I do. I have always done it so now it is just a hard habit to break.But, I do realize that if I'm gone, there won't be anyone here. I can go a couple of days without eating cause I just forget but once I remember, I make myself eat something. Unfortunately, it will be small and it's usually not fattening. I'll eat a yogurt or a soup or salad. I'll buy alot of fattening stuff but my daughter usually ends up taking it. It's actually kinda hard to make something to eat when you are not hungry. I still talk to my native american male ouyside even though he won't speak to me and I don't even know if he can understand me. I think the native american female that is inside, is a more residual haunting.Well, I have to go. I have something I have to do before noon and I have no vehicle so I might be looking at a 2 1/2 mile walk. Which used to not be that big of a deal but since my vertigo has been real bad lately, I have trouble walking across my yard! I'm sure it will all work out in the end. As long as I keep my faith on that fact alone, God will help me. TTFN

  • To Ariesgirl1980:

    Your "friend" has been hurt and felt life's hardships perhaps more so than you have. If I may ask, is he about 4-6 years older than you? He has never learned how to forgive and accept the failings of the human animal that we all have inside. First, we learn to struggle, to roll over, to get attention from those that care for us, then we learn to walk,and talk, and life starts off from there. Some of us never get to the part of our psyche that allows us to let go of the pain and hurt that we pick up throughput our life's journey. You are a "purer" soul because either you have been to that well of self-forgiveness and acceptance, or you haven't had to make the trip yet and he's jealous and may not even know why or what about. Stay true to you and God. He will never fail you. Many blessings to you and yours, Starchild Foxfyr

  • Thank you Captain, your reading is undeniably accurate about me.

    I must say I find it humorous that I can scramble your reading, I guess being emotionally charged and blocked at the same time can give off crazy signals.

    I am very pleased at your performance here =^)

    You are an A-1 psychic, thank you for your services.

    If you are able to pick up more, please do let me know =^D

    Thanks Again,


  • (Rehash/Response)

    Also Captain:

    In response to your answers and questions...

    "LoveDetox, you give off rather puzzled vibes as if you don't understand why you do not have the things you want when you really try so hard to do the right thing. Are you sure you really want what you want or is that just your upbringing or social conditioning? I feel like, especially in your choice of partner, you are way off beam as to what sort of person really suits you. " (Captain, 2010)

    You said "LoveDetox, you give off rather puzzled vibes as if you don't understand why you do not have the things you want when you really try so hard to do the right thing." (Captain, 2010)

    You are completely right, I do try very hard to do the right things. They seem to constantly blow up in my face. Also, no I do not have any of the things I want in that aspect either.

    Do I know what I really want in a partner? Absolutely not!!

    Maybe you can help me there too!

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