What vibes do you give out?

  • Hi Captain,

    How are my vibes doing!! Thanks..

  • YoungWisdom, you give off very thoughtful and philosophical vibes, like you are always trying to understand your world and everything and everyone in it. You feel very intellectual and systematic to me. But I feel you have a tendency to fuss or over-analyse, or try to control everything around you to make you feel safe and secure. You need to go with the flow more and develop more trust in life's processes. You also need to develop more trust in yourself that you have the strength to deal with whatever challenges you may face. Sometimes the best things in life happen to us when we don't plan or expect them. Be open to change, serendipity, and opportunity - you will find them highly rewarding. Also don't forget to take care of your physical needs and health while you are trying to 'rethink' the world. Don't let the demands of others stop you from getting the solitude you need to recharge or let them influence your thinking too much.

  • Rimgal, are you anxious about something? I feel something is weighing on your mind and needs to be resolved at once, without putting it off. There is something you need to do or say immediately if you are to avoid future problems.

  • Hi Captain

    I would to know my my vibes:)

    I am 28 year old single female.


  • what kind of energy am i giving off these days? i feel it isn't the best...

  • Mia1982, I feel there are many people around you who are attracted to you but you either don't see them or you ignore/reject them. You don't like love to be too easy - you want someone who challenges you or who doesn't like you or is unavailable so that it becomes a real adventure to win them over. You want drama and excitement in life and with a partner, you are attracted to dynamic exciting partners but not necessarily the best type for you because they are generally real Casanovas with multiple partners. Experiences in your past perhaps (with your father?) have made you feel you have to work for love and you are suspicious if it is too easy or relaxed. But true love IS easy and natural - if something or someone in your life is meant to be, it happens.

  • MELinSC, I feel a lot of frustration coming from you, as if you never feel you can get what you want. I also sense a powerful 'nesting' urge in you, probably because you are a Cancer. Your vibes give out that you want that 'white picket fence' and a loving hubby and children. It's very strong and may scare potential partners away with its power. You need to find a partner with equally strong desires for a family. Because you are sending out such strong nurturing vibes, you tend to attract people who are looking for someone to 'mother' them and cater to their needs, but who don't necessarily want a wife and family into the bargain as well.

  • Thanks Captain. But I hateeeeeee drama and I want love to be easy. I am ready for a relationship but nothing is happening at all and that is frustrating for me :(.

  • that was pretty spot on. i just got out of a relationship with an aquarius man who just wanted to go off and do his own thing. frustration seems to be my middle name these days

  • so what in the heck do i do now, captain? i just feel at a standstill and i dont know what to do or where to go next

  • Mia1982, you want love to be easy with the exciting type of lover you are looking for, but you have unrealistic goals - you want someone different but you are passing up perfectly nice men around you because you think they are too ordinary. In reality they are more interesting than you think. Give them a chance and you won't feel so frustrated.

  • MELinSc, you need to check out the men you get interested in to make sure you both have the same goals before jumping in. It's worth putting in time and effort if you want a relationship that will go the distance. The amount of time you spend getting to know someone before you commit is often an indicator of how long you will stay together happily.

  • Thanks Captain although guys dont seem to approach me as such as in "lets go out on a date". If they were interested wouldnt they go ahead and ask?

  • Thanks Captain,

    Something weird happened today, a call from my ex-husband.... what vibes am I giving off now or what is he giving off towards me... thanks...

  • thanks captain. lol that doesnt help my frustration level with the opposite sex. i really have no idea what im lookin for. i feel lost

  • Mia1982, the guys are interested but back off when they sense your 'unwelcoming' vibes. They pick up that you give out very specific "I am not interested in you ordinary people, only certain types of interesting, exciting men" vibes. But you must release all your preconceptions of what 'interesting and exciting' is.

  • Rimgal, you are wondering if you should 'go with what you know' or keep looking for a new partner. You have subconscious fears and self-doubt that you can do better. He is feeling the same. In many ways, you are alike but that doesn't mean you should necessarily be together. Don't be afraid to look around.

  • MELinSC, your frustration is not caused by others but by yourself. You need to decide what sort of things and people make you happy before you look for a partner. Otherwise, you just rush about without a plan, bumping into things and hurting yourself. If you feel lost, it is because you don't yet know yourself well enough to sense what you need. Take some time to understand yourself better before getting involved with someone else. Get involved with yourself first and find love for yourself before you look for it from others.

  • And MelinSc, you may not know what you WANT yet, but you can look back at past mistakes to see what it is you DON'T want to have in your life ever again.

  • Hi, Captain 🙂

    I would love if you could tell me how my vibes are doing since the last time I posted here! Thanks 🙂

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