What vibes do you give out?

  • Tanya326, you give out mixed vibes. I am hearing "Come and get me" then "Don't touch, just look".

    Sort of a split personality, eh? Also getting a "Behave yourself!" like you are training a dog.

  • Wow, I guess that's about right....I do that, don't I? I guess I need to make up my mind, lol.

  • Hey TheCaptain,

    Could tell me what you feel from me?

    Thank you!

  • AngelicSensuality, you give off very giving and self-sacrificing vibes. I'm afraid people may be pulled to you to take advantage of those vibes to take too much from you.

  • I do like to help others and have been told I am "too nice"...thank you TheCaptain.

    Have you always been this advanced with psychic feeling/intuition or have you been building upon it through life?

  • Thanks you for the super fun "vibe" reading, captain!

    Considering everything going on in my life, I am pleasantly surprised, but very glad, that I haven't been overshadowed with a "negative" vibe. I must be doing a pretty good job of keeping things in perspective and not letting them "get to me" too much!

    Have a great night!

    Love and Light,


  • AngelicSensuality, I have done a lot of blocks clearing last year which has made me much more open to receiving messages and insights than before. You have to be quite 'clear' of junk before you can 'see'. I used to do some psychic reading a few years back but I am better than I was then.

  • The Captain,

    Thank you so very much!!

    you are totally right,

    I am trying so hard to leave this romance behind, but it has hit me strong, and I am puzzled.

    it is true 100% what you see about my husband and his friends and his support. I do see it already.

    all the best to you


  • Thx captain 😄 hugs!!!

  • Hello Captain

    This sounds like fun! I would love to hear what you have to say about my "vibe", I have been trying to change my thinking to positives and hope my vibes have changed as well!


    Gamby :))

  • Gamby, I see you as a dam holding back a flood of water (emotion) There are a few gaps in the dam where water is seeping through but there are three people there helping to plug the holes. You have helpful support around you.

  • hi captain, can you read my vibes? thank you for offering to do this, never heard of it before!

  • Captain.....Thank you!

    That is exactly how I have been lately..... I have also had the sense that someone was guiding me through it and to know that there are three people helping me is such a blessing:)

    Thank you

    Love & Light


  • Captain. I'm curious what you can tell of my vibes. Thanks in advance.

  • Dear captain,

    what kind of vibes do I give out these days? Thanks:)

  • Hey everyone. How do I start a new thread I would like to know what you yall feel about me. thx -belle

  • Cap'n: Oh. My. Goodness.

    I am so glad i saw your message before an important meeting with one of my bosses, who intimidates me. I opened up and told him of (some of) my fears and he was really reassuring and we had a great meeting. (I don't think he's the WHOLE dragon...but it's a start!)

    Captain, do you have rather large teeth? Or a very wide smile? (I might be getting you mixed up with a muppet - seriously - I don't usually do this, just having a go)

  • this is very fascinating! has anyone read your vibes in return? and is there ever anyone you cant read? I see your response is keeping you busy! keep up the good work.

  • Captain, Thank You for sharing your gifts. You have been blessed. I enjoy reading your replys. Can you feel my vibes?

  • Hey What Kind A Vibe I Give Out Thanx

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