What vibes do you give out?

  • Hi Captain, I'm going to be brave and ask what vibe have I got.......

  • Hello Captain, I would love to know what vibes I have, Thank-you

  • Hi captain, Could you please read my vibes. thank you. .

  • Thanks TheCaptain , even if I feel ready for new friends/love , I don't have any opportunities for these in my life currently . However I'll go for it and step out of my comfort zone if I get the chance to get to know new people . It's scary yes but it seems like the right thing to do next on my path ...

  • <<pkristine, you="" give="" off="" very="" serene,="" centred="" vibes.="" are="" the="" captain="" of="" your="" own="" ship="" -="" just="" aren't="" certain="" which="" way="" to="" steer.="" prefer="" calmer="" waters="" but="" will="" find="" greatest="" satisfaction="" going="" into="" deeper="" unknown="" parts="" places="" where="" have="" never="" thought="" (at="" least="" consciously)="" going.="" it's="" time="" throw="" away="" planned-out="" map="" and="" take="" a="" chance="" by="" putting="" yourself="" situations="" that="" always="" attracted="" dared="" venture="" into.="" do="" ability="" all="" those="" things="" dreamed="" about.="" need="" believe="" can.="">></pkristine,>

    Hi Captain, Thank you so much. I have waited a few days before replying, I needed to digest this. I use to think of myself as strong and very sure of my choices. The last few years I have lost my self confidence and and I am always in self doubt. I have been thinking in the last few months that this way of living is not to my liking and have been working slowly to regain my belief in myself. I have gotten very lazy and have relied on my son a great deal, which is so selfish on my part. I decided that I need to let him go and show him and myself that I can do this. He is very supportative. He believes in me more than I do LOL

    I am so looking forward to this journey of self. I am learning so much and I know I can be strong again and confident. I just need to believe in myself ~smiles~ Thank you Captain, I truly feel I am on the right path. All I have talked to here, has confirmed this for me and given me more confidence that I am going to make it!

    Blessed Be


  • Helen49, thank you for that reminder about my getting enough rest. I will make sure I do. 🙂

  • Forgivenes75, I feel you are quite a charming person who should have no shortage of admirers. But you give off vibes that are a bit needy - you feel you need other people to give you direction and to tell you what to do. This can put potential suitors off. You must believe in your own strength and your ability to survive quite well without the input of others. You are in charge of your own life and you are quite capable of making all your own (correct) decisions. Trust your instincts and inner wisdom. When you are standing up on your own feet rather than kneeling at the feet of another, more prospective partners can see you that way.

  • Happybutlonely, I am getting from you that it is not someone you seek to stop you from being lonely but a reason for living and being that eludes you. The emptiness I sense in you is not about a person but a purpose that you are lacking. What is it that you feel you should be doing but are not?

  • Dmp28748, you have to learn to look beneath the mere surface impressions you get of people and of situations. Go deeper before you commit yourself. You give off very gullible vibes, because you take people by their looks or if they tell you what they think you want to hear. You need to listen to your gut instincts more so as to avoid bad relationship and general life choices. You can be lulled by a glamorous image or fancy titles and status.

  • Captain, if you available for a vibe reading, I would be interested in one-- always curious to know and to find out what kind of individuals would be entering my life.

    thank you,


  • CapricornCat, you give off very feisty, determined, solid vibes. You feel like a formidable fortress to me that might scare off more timid individuals or attract weaker sorts who will look to you for support and decision-making. You deserve a strong freethinking partner like yourself who won't lean on you or try and settle you down too much. You bore easily and, though unassuming and stable individuals would seem to be the best choice for you, you often want someone exciting and as reckless as you are (often unstable types, however).

  • Hello TheCaptian,

    I would really love a vibe reading from you. This is my very first reply on this site. I look forward to your reading. I wish you all the best and thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

  • hello captain,

    what vibes could I possibly giving out.....i await patiently for your reply...thank you...

  • Hello,

    I have just joined the site and would like to get a vibe reading from you...Thank you for your time.

  • Mykol, I get an image of you as a little flowerbud, very shy and innocent, peeping out at the world in wonder. You give off very light very clean vibes that may attract darker types who want to take advantage of your naivete. But you will also attract other light beings so learn to sense the difference by using your intuition to read their vibes. You know you are veyr psychic and empathic, don't you?

  • Ariesgirl1980, I doubt you are waiting PATIENTLY for my reply. 😉

    You give off very restless vibes - you want to see and do everything you can fit into one lifetime - and you want to do it NOW. You may be a bit fast-paced for your family and friends who probably tell you to slow down. You need to follow that advice - no one can do everything - you must carefully pick and choose what experiences and people to draw into your life or you will become a Jack-of-all-trades, Master-of-none. Also you need to develop more self-confidence if you want to achieve even half those ideas you have in your head. Don't let other people take advantage of your generosity.

  • Flower2010, you give off very gentle, sensitive vibes but you surround yourself with a defensive shell to protect your delicate feelings from getting hurt. But people sense this wall you put up to keep them out. It hurts them to think you don't trust them. And indeed you don't - you think everyone will misunderstand you so you don't bother to try and explain yourself. You should try - it will improve your relationships so very much.

  • Hi Captain, i agree but i think depression was a too stronger word,.

    I've gone through the same negativity ritual i went through again months ago, i've took a honest look at wyh it keep reapiting. Some people are not good for me, including certain family members, whom i see the same cycle repeat as their over tones and know how to guilt trip me.

    So i have decided to what best for me, and not to cut them out completly, except them how they are some people will never except their own mistakes and try to blame others. i'm going a head and doing what i feel is right for me, going my own path to want i want it my life and i cant let this same situation keep holding me back. I felt i was halve way there and pulled back again through not having the full confidence of being me.

  • Thank-you Captain for th reply, I am really confused now and I think I have to do lots of soul searching to feel what I am missing. It has been crazy in my life lately with my job situation and I am hoping the job will work out for me and then maybe my thoughts will slow down and I will become grounded. Security with my job will help, then I will search for answers and will hopefully find them. Thank-you again...

  • OMG!!! Captain, wow, you are so on the money, i am impatient and definitely need to develop my self-confidence and stop letting others take advantage of me, gosh your awesome...

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