What vibes do you give out?

  • PlutoMoon, ask yourself how long you are willing to wait for this man? Put a limit on it - say, give him to the end of the month to respond. If not, go out and meet someone else. But don't hang on forever - no psychic can reliably predict your long term future, as the future changes as you change.

  • Shinyluv, you give off rather gullible vibes. A man is deceiving you and you don't realise it. See through his lies and act fast to save yourself (and your money if that is involved.)

  • Sylvannah, I feel your daughter will respond to the new meds and your son will learn but only through hard experience. He is still too stubborn to listen to good advice.

  • thank you Captain....

    I think my sitaution will be changing soon...

    I am not prepared to wait much longer... Its not just believing in psychics, its inner feeling that I have about him and this strange feeling of Knowing that he is the one... I've never had it before, I can't explain it... I just know he is the one....

    Its just the waiting that is getting to me and making me doubt myself... I've learned a lot about Patience 🙂 It is this waiting that has gotten me to become more spiritual ... and question a lot about things in this world... so its been a lesson that I needed to go through as well, in a way...

    You don't need to respond to this, Captain... I just wanted to thank you again and I will let you know how things go ...


  • Good as for the meds! She just isn't sleeping and I think that might be affecting her overall personality. My oldest son, I love him but I can't do anymore for him. I barely made it. I tried to help him for 17 years. I know he will have to learn the hard way. I'm just hoping kharme won't kill him! lol He is not supposed to have any contact with me for a year. He still calls (which is fine) but he won't come to my house. (which is even better) He called me on Mother's Day, just to wish me a Happy mother's Day. I was speechless. This is the first time he has ever called me without asking for something. He blamed me for not knowing his father before he killed himself, I just hope with age, he will see more. He is in God's hands now. I still think I should have shot out just 1 kneecap when he was 8. lol My punishment wouldn't have been as severe (they would have to prove it was me first) and none of this, would have happened! TTFN

  • Thanks Captain, i really do appreciate it. Right now I feel as if every man is decieving me, so i've cut myself off completely from even trying to date because im still trying to heal from a person that didnt ever deserve me. Luckily though there is "NO" money involved....lol.., just my ego and broken heart. Thanks again:)

  • Hi Captain, what vibes do I give out? What are peoples first impressions of me?

    Thank you.

  • Shinyluv, I feel this may be a professional deception concerning money or that someone you know is cheating you financially.

  • Gummymummy, I feel you put on a very friendly, pleasant face to others, but that people don't take you seriously because they feel they might not seeing the real you.

  • Hello Captain ,

    I had this done a while back , but thought I would give it another go .

    Thank you for your time :O)

    Take care and God bless You ^A^


  • Doves46, I can still feel there is a shield in front of you to keep pain and scary people out.

  • Hi Captain ,

    Good Heavens , One day I will get a good review .lol. I think the vibes you may have been getting is when I was going from room to room in my house and making sure all the windows and doors were locked , before I turned in for the night . It's funny that a lot of people do that , when locks only keep a honest person out huh .I have also been thinking lately of the people that were my were my biggest Supporters, be it Family or Friends , but are no longer on this earth or have simply moved on in there lives . I miss them terribly . They were the people that didn't judge me and were always there for me regards of all my faults . I did the same for them .:O).

    Yes , I tend to put walls up around me to ward off negative people ,places or things . Simply because it hauls me down . But like you said , that only holds back the good stuff and keeps the negative stuff around me . Ugh ! I will get it right sooner or later:O) . No doubt it has been keeping my Spirit Guides on the side lines too , simple because they can't get threw to me when I try to communicate with them . Which really bothers me , because one of those people could actually be one of my Spirit Guides .

    Thanks again for your time .

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


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  • Sorry Captain, i was trying to write a post and couldnt find the page..tehe..Captain there is truth in professionally getting took..Im a part-time entertainer and Ive always felt he's been short changing me. I know i wont be with him for long thankfully, and i always feel," whatever you do unto me, will be done unto you." I would like to know though. I've talked to 4 guys recently, (all different guys, not friends of each other, different races and jobs) . i've not ever been bad in my relationship life or just meeting people but not one of them have contacted me longer than a week. Two of them I thought I had alot of chemistry with, especially the last one and nothing?? Maybe a text or two and I would text back and no answer, from 4 DIFFERENT GUYS??? Please tell me what vibes i'm putting out for these guys because I have'nt ever dealt with this, it's sooo new to me:(

  • Hi Captain,

    Where do I start? How do I merge the two? I don't know where to begin. Plus am I also in the right field of work? I've been trying to find my career calling but it seems like I've not found that satisfaction and fulfillment. Could this be rooted back to my suppressed warrior?

    Thank you again. I appreciate all the insights.

    Blessings to you,


  • Shinyluv, none of these guys felt real interest from you so they never got in touch. Examine why you might be giving off cool or fearful vibes that come across as 'just not into you' vibes.

  • Mariplatnum, you don't need to merge your two sides - you just have to understand in which situations either side is needed. Like in your career, you definitely need to call up your bold inner warrior to gain the courage to either improve your situation at your present work or get in touch with what you really want to do (you know, what you would do if you felt brave enough) and go find it.

  • I have alot of high hopes for these new meds and after talking t my son the other day, I could hear that he still needed to learn somthing. I am feeling pretty positive. Earlier, I needed to mow my yard, had no enrgy or motivation. I read a book of daily messages from God and I got the energy and motivation. I like to think that God gave me the strength I needed to do what I had to do. What are my vibes right now? I am not looking forward to the 30 days of no meds I have to go through 1st with my daughter but I am hoping, that the pay-off will be worth it. When my son is ready, will go to counseling with him. I am hoping though that he doesn't get killed. It's bad to say but, I wish he would break his back so he'll have an idea of what I go through on a daily basis. The vertigo and the short term memory loss are worse. I deal with those 2 every day where the back issues, not as often. So actually, no I wouldn't want that cause he'll never know what I have to deal with on a daily basis. I have to deal with that AND what the kids want to give me too. I only have 7 years left. I am almost done I had 23 years when I started. LOL I still tell people that the magic # is 8. That's when kids trade their cuteness for attitude and wha they need is a camcorder. Record them now and give them the tapes when they are around 30!

  • Sylvannah, your vibes are very beautiful. I see you standing under a beautiful light that is pouring down out of the sky and you have your hands stretched out reaching up to it. You are smiling and looking so full of hope and pain-free. This image is showing you that if you trust the light, it will heal all your problems.

  • Thank you Captain. You are so right.

    I am aloof until I allow (very few) people into my private world and then they are surprised to see the real person that,generally, only my closest family see and know.

    Once again,thank you.

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