NanetteC You did a reading for me on Jan 3

  • Hi, this was the reading you did on January 3, 2010, I just now saw it. (January 23, 2010)

    I would like to talk to you more about this reading, because that date has significance for me, that relates to the reading you did on that same day, that is displayed below.

    I am hoping that with your help, I can understand the reading and the events that have taken place since the date of the reading. Feel free to reply either to this forum or you can contact me privately at virginia120 at yahoo dot com

    Kay Aries - You are an aries born in the card year of The wheel of fortune - You are here to learn or experience what its like to roll with the turning of the wheel- to ride the ups and downs and turnarounds in life, while always looking out for what is best for you.
    He was born a Gemini in the card year of Judgement - So he is likes to live in his mind and is quick witted born to realize the possiblities life has to offer - to experience a rebirth or awakening.
    You are 2 signs apart from each other which is a good thing. It means it is a beneficial and harmonious relationship for the most part.
    you are in the year of the lovers, learning what it means to be part of a couple - being a me first sign, this is a lesson in how to see yourself as part of the whole. This means in any type of relationship, be it professional, personal, spiritual, wherever you find yourself one of 2.
    He entered into his High priestess card on his birthday - learning to reflect not just inwards but outwards as well, to reflect his true self. He is also learning to use or develop his intuition. The other side to this card is moody, jealous, conceit, etc....
    I did a reading for you as a couple
    What is in store for this couple?
    1\. Where are they in their relationship? The Tower - I interpret this as a crack in the foundation, a need for a new foundation or a major shakeup.
    2\. If they continue on this path? Page of Wands RX - you will both over-react and get testi with each other.
    3\. What is in store for them for the next 3 months? The Hermit - I interpret this as you both are weary of the discord, you will either seek counciling or get introspective with each other on a civil level.
    4\. Final outcome? Page of Cups - back to romance
    What is going on with Kay Aries? The Hanged OneRX - I interpret this as a need to move forward. It also represents overcoming. Are you trying to get over something or trying to move through something?
    What is going on with her significant other? - Queen of swordsRX - he is being bitter, jealous, defensive, demanding, and untrusting.
    I am not sure of this reading, I am not getting any insights here, this is only the cards talking. I only interpreted the cards.
    Hope this helps, Let me know please.

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