Can a Libra balance a Cancer?

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  • im a libra and my bestest friend is a cancer. the crab would always get me so irritaded somtimes. because itll get me so confused. i can never read it, never know what it wants from me.

    imside,I really like the crab.but when it hides, itll change the subject or be the person everybody think it is;being a big joker,loud,upnoxious.when im at its house the crab sorta changes;it’s more loving torwards me and like to cuddle when we watch movies, and thats all we like to do when its home with me,watch as brought from the planet venus,I allways love the pleasure of being close to the crab,and i always try to be intimate with it,and gives me these signs like it also wants to, but then somtime the crab would push me away…i would never understand it.

    its like ‘we love to stare at each other but for some reason we never reach out and touch,seems best as a dream’…I just want to know how to aprouch the crab.

  • This post is deleted!

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