• Hi,

    I was married to a Cap for 18 years, together for 26 years and it didn't last either. Actually if I had known then what I know now I would have left him years ago.

    Your best matches are: Leo, Libra, Aries, and Aquarias.

    It's a good idea to yours and your love interests birth charts done. Also have the compatibility and numerology reports done.

    This helped me greatly with pursuing a relationship with a Gemini.

    Turns out that his spiritual path is in my sign and my spiritual path is in his sign. I truly believe we are soul mates. In other words his north node is in Leo, and my north node is in Gemini.

    It's pretty awesome the way the planets and signs help and guide our way through life.

    Hope this helps. There are a few really good "readers" here who could help you a little more in depth with your sign and Virgo.

    But, I highly encourage you to have the reports and readings done.

    Best wishes to you in your search for a fullfilling longterm relationship!

  • I'm a cappy once married to a leo and now seeing a gem. My experience with the leo was great during the long coutrship. We met in school and both intellectual types, ambitious and achievers. Once married he became extremely possessive rejecting my friends and family. The marriage lasted three years. Compare this to the 6 yr. courtship. Years later I reunited with my teenage friend who is a gem. We were attracted to each other deeply but did not pursue. Neither one wanted to explore or perhaps did not know how to explore the feeling and also perhaps didn't want to risk a friendship bonded by a common cause that we were passionate about then. Sadly we parted due to the same cause and didn't have a chance to say goodbye. My family sent very far away to escape civil unrest. I didn't know where to find him. 34 yrs. later he found me. He's married to another with children. I am divorced. He thought I was dead. OUr feelings are still there , even greater than before. I never felt such bond could come back. In hind sight they never left me. Maybe it has been the fine line between me and other love interest. I don't know where this leads. For now we finally acknowledge that we were right about each other's love. all psychics I've talked to said that we are soulmates. One who I talk too often says where more than soul mates and that we're twin flames. My gem and i are thousands of miles away and we communicate via email. I am certain that an unselfish love exist there.

  • Yes Tellstar Gem's can be very selfish. But too answer the ? at hand, I think Aqua are very well bal w/Gemini's. Gemini's are just a lot of work to start off with. But once you gey to know them they are rteally sweet ppl. I love my Gemini's. There's just a connection btw him and I. Knowing him for some time now. But, Gem try an will love her.

  • little detail about me - my moon's in aqua making me compatible with gem and libra. My cappy makes me compatible with taurus and leo. Very interesting opposites.

  • ya i'm a gemini and i say an Aquarius or Sagittarius are best match for us.....but who am i to say....sometimes in life we are happy just being alone!

  • Yes Hemmimom you being a Gemini can be a disconnect or love just being left alone. Are Gem's consider to be shallow at times?

  • Worthy-- your husband, as you've explained is something else, is his birth chart different, or its cos his just really in a happy place, and your the main key thats kept him grounded?

  • Fire and air signs together. Air fans the fire.

  • I'm a female taurus married to a libra and involved with an aries. What's up with aries male. It seems like we're talking then we're not. Supposedly, because of my drama and clingyness. However, he won't close the door or is the door closed because he is ignoring me?

  • lovedakota, during my experience with aries men drama and clingyness are two things that will set them running for the hills. Plus the fact that you are married might be a problem they are quite jealous at least in my experience. In my opinion he either sees you as a fling in which case the drama is too much for the purpose or he wants more but the fact that you are married makes things complicated and again too much to handle. May be he just needs time to sort his head....may be try contact him in awhile. Again in my experience once they decide someone is out of their life i think in most cases it's for good. My father and my ex are Aries as well as my grandmother, aunt and a good friend so i had a lot of experience with different characters from this sign. I hope you don't mind me asking but are you in love with this person and how about your marriage has that ever been a problem for him??

  • I do think i am in love with him but the distance is killing me. We've been seeing each other for 1 1/2 years. When we met he caught me totally off guard. I've never cheated in any relationship. I didn't realize my marriage was as big a problem as I now realize it is.We've shared a lot of things with each other. We'd talk daily and meet often. I became spoiled by that so when I don't hear from him (especially if we've had a disagreement) I would think oh it must be over. I'd send a text asking if he is ignoring me. He'd not respond and after a week or more I'd ask if we have reached the end of our road, he wouldn't reply. Playing him is like a playing a game of chess so I'd consider my next move. Usually I'd say something to press his buttons and find out he was mad because I was complaining about not hearing from him. Anyway, my marriage hasn't been a problem for him, he is living with someone also, but not married. He says that he is happy in his relationship. That he is just a cheater. He knows I am unhappy in my marriage and told me that's what I'm here for. So anyway, he still won't close the door and says he will call. This is the short version. Thank you for your insight.

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