Why am I always confused about relationships?

  • I have had some spot on readings but everything changes so quickly...freewill.

    I have been friends with this guy, Keith, for a couple of months. He has rearranged his work schedule to give me rides to work and sits next to me in church. He blushes when I talk to him and he makes my heart skip beats. BUT, he also, avoids me. I don't know if he has a girlfriend(s) or another side to him that I am unaware of. Can someone do a honest straight forward reading and tell me if he has someone else? Is he just overly friendly or is he actually interested in dating me. I can't tell...my intuition is all over the place. Everytime I think, oh well, I'll just move on, he does something out of the blue to show he's interested but then bam! he's back to avoiding me.

    Please help


    He is born in 1966 (date unknown)...name Keith

    I am...Dec 01, 69 (Sag)

  • Moni,

    I know that you've asked for a reading but I think that I can offer you a logical explanation. I think (and this is just my perception of things here) that he may be playing games. Yes, he may have rearranged his schedule to give you rides to work and such, but this was hardly a large task on his part ebcause it didn't put him out of his way, so I wouldn;t go as far as to say that it was a grand gesture. But he talks to you and blushes, sits next to you and does other things that tells you he's interested but then he reverts back to avoiding you...this sounds like to me like a man who is not fully there. His attention towards you is scattered. if he is genuinely interested, he wouldn't play these games and treat you well one day, then avoid you the next. It's a deal where either the person is interested or their not. Why would he need to avoid you if he has a true interest in spending enough time to get to know you better, and make plans to see you instead of soemtimes avoiding you? And even if he isn't with someone else, would you really want to get into a relationship with this man who acts so "double-sided"?

    I think that you would be better off finding a man who has no problem giving you his undivided attention. men are human...they fear rejectiona dn are sometimes nervous and go through the same emotions we women do. But if a man is really interested, you'd know and wouldn't have to question his behavior because it would pretty much be straight-forward. You'd know where he was coming from right off the bat, and you'd be able to tell what kind of relationship he was interested in depending on the way and how hard he pursues you (the methods of pursuing you in terms of wanting strictly sex, showing a lack of interest in learning more about you, what you do, what your interest are, having no intentions of inviting you into one's inner circle, and is perfectly fine with the whole "no strings attached" rule, whereas, on the other hand, pursuing you to offer a genuine interest in getting to know you better, including you into their inner circle, and being perfectly fine with waiting on the sex. And as I said, being upfront about one's intentions instead of playing games).

    Your original thoughts were to move on and that is what I think you should do. Don't sit around and wait to see how he clears up his act, forcing yourself to try to figure him out and analyze where he's coming from because if he was truly interested, you'd know. Instead, focus your attentions more on men who present themselves to you in a way that lets you know where they are coming from. Why should you have to sit around and guess what's going on with this guy when he should be making himself clear about the level of his interest in you?

    Now, aside from obtaining your reading which will provide you with clarity on the situations, there's always another option. You can always elect to pay no attention to everything I've just said because I myself is single and will not open myself to love until I can get my career going. My response is logical, and I do think that it makes sense, but you may wonder, "Why should I take love advice from a single woman"? And truthfully, this is more than ok, LOL.

    Just remember, it is always your path to walk on and as cliched as it sounds, you really need to do what is best for yourself in this situation. Start by following your gut and listening more to your inner voice. Trust your instincts. If all of these magickal, spiritual messengers living within you are all telling you to go one way with this situation with this guy (or any other situation), trust yourself. You may learn that you were more intuitive about him and what his deal is than you think. And of course, a reading can always back up the information you've received from your higher self 😛


  • Tanya,

    Thanks for the sound advice. It's exactly what I needed to hear...straight forward. I agree if he was sincerely interested I wouldn't be confused about his actions.

    So...moving on and getting over it.

    thanks again

  • You're welcome, Moni. It's really hard when you really like someone. You feel a bit of chemistry between the two of you but still, the actions and even sometimes, the things they say don't match up and it leaves you wondering...I know...I've been there, lol.

    But just try to remmeber this...in situations such as this, it's best to put your heart on the shelf so that you can think logically about the situation. Don't think with the heart, think with the mind instead. Then clarity will come. From there, you can make the right moves and make better decisions. Think to yourself, "Ok, I know how I feel about the guy...but what is actually the current situation that I am facing here". then you can run through the list of things that stand out and make your move from there.

    And don't worry about him. If and when he decides he's serious, he'll approach you in a different way. If he doesn't, then thank him for saving you the heartache 🙂

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