Reading for this year please/ closure

  • Times haven't been very good for me my ex cheated on me after nearly two years of being together, my grandads recently past away, I don't seem to go out the house much, dnt really have many friends, I just can't see anything going right for me, I would like to meet someone else this year can anyone see that happening? and if there are any messages from my grandad as we hadn't spoke for 2 years because of something stupid i would like to no if he forgives me, hopefully i could come to some closure and see if my life is getting any better.

  • Your grandad is still in a very angry place but he is getting help with that. It was never really about you although you did provoke him. He was carrying a lot of frustration and resentment in him for a long time from things that happened throughout his life.

    I actually feel you need some time alone and that it is good for you, but you must use the time and aloneness to take a good hard look at yourself. I feel you have a tendency to get complacent and let yourself go once you are with someone. It drives them away. Take time to sort yourself out and when you finally leave the house, it will be with a new confidence and zest for life. There will always be help for you here. Good luck!

  • Thanks TheCaptain, do you think he will or has forgave me?, because this has made me very emotional when he was in the hospital all he seem to do is go on about how I let him down the day of my birthday, this hurt me very much and I feel like he hates me, what frustration was he carrying if i may ask?

    yes I do need time alone, I just dont feel i stay at home as I hate everyone who lives here, what you say is very true I do seem to let myself go, I just start to not care anymre which I shouldn't do. can you see my life getting any better than it is now? Many thanks AngelGirll

  • Was he ever in a war because I feel he is at war inside? Or it may be from a 'war' he had with someone in his early life. He will forgive you because he is being helped toward forgiveness.

    Your life is already getting better from the insights you have gained about yourself. Turn your negatiivty into positive thinking for best results.

  • Well he was born in Dublin and moved to england when he was younger, and im sure at the funeral they said he wasn't treated very nicely so this may be what hes angry about? is there anyway i can seek forgiveness any faster or dose this have to be done in time? I just feel like i have really let him down, it's making me cry all the time.

    It's just i want this year to be different, and it dosen't look like its off to a good start, I am a very negative person, and im going to work on being postitive but i find it so hard, i feel like the world is aganist me.

  • AngelGirll, your bad feelings have nothing to do with your grandfather or his passing. You are not wanting to look at the real issue of why you feel so guilty and sad. I am getting something to do with your mother - have you fought? You are also lonely and feeling sorry for yourself regarding your love life.

  • well me and my mother have fallen out, because shes sick of me moping around doing nothing, not having a life ect, we had a big argument today, I don't think she realizes how much she depresses me, I am lonely and sad because i can't see myself with anybody and i drive everbody away with my negativity.

  • You realise negativity is just an attitude and you can change it any time? Instead of focusing on the bad things in your life, try and count your blessings. It's really that simple and it really is all up to you.

  • Thanks alot TheCaptain, I've had this attitude for so long, it think it's going to take some time for me to change it, but i will get there, im going to work on the good things in life and changed what is needed.

  • Also you are giving off a message of "Be mean to me, stomp on my heart, and leave me because I am no good!" so you attract people who will do this. Change your internal message and you will change your life.

  • Thats so true I actually am thinking, I say to people i say them kind of things to people, like you might aswell forget it now im no good, I really need ot start thinking postitive, because im never going to find anyone being like I am you have made me realize how im giving this negativity off to people

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