• I live in Vancouver (suburb) and we are hosting 2010 Winter Olympics and I wonder what the world thinks about this event at this point in time of history, is it worth it or a waste of time and energy.

    Yet, my prediction is that the first nations people will be recognized as hosts like never before (huge karmic debt paid) and I predict that Nancy Green (native BCer) lights the final torch and that the world will never be the same after 2010 for the coverage of 'green/sustainability'.

    Of course there will be glitches and media hype, but for the most part I truly believe this Olympics will transcend something.....

    comments, opinions...anyone?

  • I think it is very exciting. i always love the olympics. The first nations people....you are referring to canadians? I believe every country that hosts should be recognized with respect and hope this happens again. What is the huge karmic debt Canada has coming? The fact that they have largely stayed out of the "muck" despite international pressure. Also, Canadians "green" living? I'm sorry. I hate sounding ignorant. Also, no judgement here. I just don't know enough and wondering what you mean.

    Lucky you to live so close and also to have a front row seat for the Games! I do think the world is ready to move on from war and anger and join in to make this a wonderful and very feel good olympics. Can't wait!

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