Is this birth date at all special?

  • My B-day is 9/2/92 and I wondered if that means anything with all the 9s and 2s.

    I'm a novice to Numerology (I stick with Astrology) so any help would be great! Thank you everyone!

  • Neat birthday, Angelic! I'm not very experienced in numerology, but I just wanted to share that I have a friend who was born 08/08/80.

  • Oh that's sooo cool =o! Perhaps someone might be able to tell us if that has any importance too.

  • It is a really cool birthday! I think it's neat that your birth month and date equal the number 11 which is a master number.

    Also, your birthday all added up comes to the number 5. Meaning your life path is number 5. That is also my life path. It has a lot to do with travel and change, I can look up the exact interpretation for life path 5 if you'd like?

    I'll see what I can find out for you!

  • Ok, here's what I found about life path 5........

    The Life Path 5 suggests that you entered this plane with a highly progressive mindset, with the attitude and skills to make the world a better place. The key word for your Life Path is freedom. In the pursuit of freedom, you are naturally versatile, adventurous, and advanced in your thinking. You are one of those people who is always striving to find answers to the many questions that life poses. The byword for the positive Life Path 5 is constant change and improvement. You want to be totally unrestrained, as this is the number most often associated with the productive use of freedom.

    You may be one of the most compassionate of people as the 5 is surely the most freedom-loving and compassionate Life Path. Your love of freedom extends to humanity at large, and concern for your fellow man, his freedom and his welfare, may be foremost in your mind. A great Life Path 5 American President, Abraham Lincoln, issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and ended slavery in America. As the ultimate progressive thinker type, your potential in government, the law, and other positions of authority is unlimited.

    You are a good communicator, and you know how to motivate people around you. This may be your strongest and most valuable trait. Because of this skill, and your amazing wit, you are a truly natural born salesman. This ability to sell and motivate extends to any sort of physical product all the way through to whatever ideas or concepts you may embrace.

    You abhor routine and boring work, and you are not very good at staying with everyday tasks that must be finished on time. On the average, the number 5 personality is rather happy-go-lucky; living for today, and not worrying too much about tomorrow. It is also important for you to find a job that provides thought-provoking tasks rather than routine and redundant responsibilities. You do best dealing with people, but the important thing is that you have the flexibility to express yourself at all times. You have an innate ability to think through complex matters and analyze them quickly, but then be off to something new.

    A love of adventure may dominate your life. This may take the form of mental or physical manifestation, but in either case, you thrill to the chance for exploration and blazing new trails. Surely you belong to a group considered the most worldly and traveled. Clearly you are not one to pass up a good venture. You have quite a lot of the risk-taker in your makeup. If you aren't putting your money at stake, you are surely open to a wide variety of risks in your everyday life. Taking the conservative approach is just not in your nature.

    In romance, you hate to be tied down and restricted. This doesn't necessarily mean that you are unfaithful or promiscuous, but it does mean that a good partner for you needs to understand your nature. A relationship based on jealousy and having tight reigns is not going to work at all for you. A partner who understands your need to be free and trusted will find you trustworthy, even if you aren't constantly available and totally dutiful. It is important for you to mix with people of a like mind, and to try to avoid those that are too serious and demanding.

    If you are living on the negative side of the Life Path 5, you are apt to be multitalented, but suffering from some lack of direction, and there is confusion surrounding your ambition. Restless, discontent, and impulsive, you may bounce from one job to the next without accomplishing much at all. A negative Life Path 5 can become very irresponsible in tasks and decisions concerning the home and business life. The total pursuit of sensation and adventure can result in your becoming self-indulgent and totally unaware of the feelings of those around you.

  • This is cool . my path life number is also 5 . it would be interesting to see what it interpretates . Independance might be there as well .

  • I'm sorry . Looks like we posted this at the same time . OMG describes me to a tee. Only negative bit was the jumping from one job to another I have been in the same job now for 11 years . All the rest pretty acurate . Well done stonyeye.

  • Wow a lot has happened in my absence. Wow, thanks for the long report stone.

    What is a 'master number'?

  • Hi everyone. I am also a 5 Life Path. It is definitely accurate. For me the whole 'sales, talker, entrepreneur' energy was right on the money.

    You all may also want to try looking into the combination of numbers that make up the 5 or whatever your Life Paths may be. In AngelicSensuality's case her Life Path totals 9/2/1992 =23 before being further totaled to the 5.

    Look into the 2 and the 3's positive and negative energies. This will also help you figure out how to fully use the energy of the 5.

  • Interesting about the numbers that add to 5 as being important too. I'm a 1and 4 equaling 5. I'll look that up. Llindieloo and TheLearningTaurus, isn't it astonishing how accurate the description of life path 5 is?

    I really don't know too much about master numbers Angelic. I know that 11 and 22 are supposed to be master numbers and I always thought that meant the person who had them was sort of an old soul and their purpose here was to help others in some way. Not sure though. I'll look it up and see what I can find.

  • Angelic, this is what i found about the number 11. It is not your life path number but perhaps you have elements of this number since your month and day add up. You may want to do some googling and see what you find about that. Anyway, here's what i found about 11...

    As we have said before, numerologists write the master number 11 as 11/2 to honor both the energies of the 11 and the 2, and both play an integral part in the story of this master number. In addition, the 11 combines all of the traits of the 1—twice over, and at the same time includes the traits of the 2.

    How these two numbers play out together is the real story of the 11 master number. You might think of this number as two 1s, which embody individuality, the pioneering spirit, leadership, solitude, and independence; and a 2, which personifies companionship, team spirit, harmony, and peace.

    The master number 11 is sensitive, dreamy, and idealistic, and it will often have revelations born out of its own experiences with life and the constant search for truth about the mystery of life.

    Elevens love to delve into the hidden mystery behind any of the many challenges they're called to face, whether it's the mystery of relationships, money, or the work world. While 11 can participate in the social world, they really live more on the inside than in the external world.

    One can't seek recognition with any of the master numbers; rather, these are the humanitarian numbers and require one to surrender to higher ideals. The 11 must live in truth, which is revealed through life's lessons. Their most rewarding opportunities will come from living and teaching truth as they see it, the truths they've discovered along the road.

    The 11 are intense, and at times electrifying. In fact, they can have trouble with nervousness because the 11 is a highly intense vibration. At the same time, 11 have great courage and are highly creative.

    The 11 are humanitarians to the bone—it arises from their very souls. Perhaps it's the 2 in this number that brings their unique ability to bring peace through negotiations.

  • The way I was taught also says that master numbers are not as significant unless it is in the Life Path, Soul, Destiny, Personality, maturity numbers, etc...

    And that "these people sign spiritual contracts so to speak. This is to help others according to the master numbers meanings. Most people don't live up to the number fully as it is a very strong vibration and hard work. Most live life vibrating at the lower end."

    I happen to have an 11/2 one of my Challenge Pinnacles. I suppose I will see if I [feel] the effects when the time comes. However its not in my main set of numbers. Though the few 11/2 Life Paths that I do know are very sensitive emotionally on one end and highly intuitive on the other.

  • Wow all this information.

    I'm a bit...confused, forgive me.

    So my Master number is 5...but there might be something special about 11/2 due to the fact the 9s and 2s of my B-day add up to 11?

    But if TLT says 11/2 is not important unless it's my "Life Path, Soul, Destiny, Personality, maturity numbers, etc..." then what does 9/2/92 mean? Is it just like any other B-day then?

    Based on’s sample numero report my B-day number is 2…what does that mean?

  • My mind is boggled now LOL.

  • AngelicSensuality, hope I wasn't the cause of the confusion. I too am here to learn.

    A master number is always two numbers of the same kind. 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99. So keeping along those same lines if you have a 55/1 somewhere in your numbers profile then that would be considered a master number (not a single 5). Your specific birth date comes to 23/5. I would look at the other numbers in your chart to see if you have any double numbers though.

    Now if you want to take it even further there are myriads of 'calculations' and personal 'home brewed' calculations to get other numbers and meanings. While I dont personally discount someone else 'numerology calculation preferences' I always start from the basics.

    Now the good stuff. Some add the MM/DD to get the outer personality. Yours is 09/02 equaling 11/2. Some also go of the total constants of your full name for the outer personality. And this is the interesting thing. You would simply go with what you feel 'works' in this case since the many calculations can give differing numbers.

    All numbers are special. I wouldn't discount them whether your a 33/6 Life Path or a 1 Life Path. Your name and date of birth are no accident. #2 Birthday numbers tend to be the peacemakers among other characteristics. I would get a full chart done so you can see the entire picture. It'll be awesome.

  • Sorry Angelic! I was just googling for info and went overboard and confused things.

    LearningTaurus knows their stuff.

    I agree that a full reading is pretty phenomenal if you get a chance to get one.

  • stonyeye. Can you please calculate my for me . 31/01/1953 when you have the time . as you can see its my birthday next Sunday . I wont tell you how old i am LOL.

  • Hmmm, alright.

    Thank you Learning and Stony

  • Hi Llindieloo, Happy soon to be birthday! 🙂

    Well, I have a lot of learning to do about numerology still and all I know from your birthdate is that you are a life path #5. TheLearningTaurus seems to know what they are talking about so perhaps they might have other information for you about your birthdate. As far as I know, to get more information, you would have to enter your full name which I'm sure you don't want to here on a public forum.

    I can recommend a website though that I have used and was able to get free readings using my birthdate and full name. The site is www and you will want the free numerology reading by Jill Saint James. You are required to give an e-mail address to receive your reading as long as you don't mind that. Once they have your e-mail they'll send newsletters now and then.

    Let me know if you have success finding the site or if you want help with some of the results. I'm not an expert by any means but I do find it all really interesting so if i can help in anyway, then I will. There are lots of other sites that will do free calculations for you but I thought this particular one gave some good information and details.

  • Thank you stonyeye. I will check it out and get back to you soon . x

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