Just to make you smile!

  • Smile goosemama :-)) You are waaaay over my head! Used to think I knew a Little;

    Found out how LITTLE I know!

  • test

  • Standing Ovation!! They are beautiful! 🙂

  • Big Smile!! 😄 Although if i met them in person... id run a mile!! my biggest fear!!

  • Yay! A picture! That was B and Ness, two of my grrrrrls! 🙂

    Let's try from the Mac. Different program so maybe the wrong dimensions:

  • Woo-hoo!!! On a roll! 😉 This is CHARLIE! I just adore his coloring!

  • So Proud of YOU! Lets hear it for GUS! Roaring applause, yells, whistles!

    He is totally strutting his stuff! LOL :-))

  • Charlie is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Got too excited! DUH...Well Charlie is Cool!

  • And this is SPRUCE. She is actually supposed to be Gus's mate, but she has a mind of her own! HA! She's a Pilgrim goose, and they are actually on the "critical" list of endangered livestock breeds (less than 500 breeding pairs, or something like that.)

    Anyway, Spru is the friendliest of my geese and the hardest to photograph. When I get the camera out she wants to be RIGHT... IN... THE LENS!!! I don't know if she sees her reflection on it or what, but she always ends up right in my face. She also likes to know what I have in my hands and just exactly what I'm doing with it, and can I share? (Maybe it's good to eat??)

    Last year I had one of the dog leashes with me for whatever reason, and I just set it down on the ground. Well, she saw it sitting there and it was almost like a cartoon -- you could see the little thought bubble above her head, the sly smile and the gleam in her eye -- she grabbed that leash and took off!!! Of course the movement caught the eye of all the other fowl, and off they went, chasing after her and the leash!! I thought I was going to snort coffee out of my nose that morning!

    I just love my Spru!

  • Okay I forgot Spruce's picture. Let's give it a try. Oh and BTW, she has a lot more white on her face now. She's only two, she isn't old (geese live forever!) it's just a color characteristic of the breed. Okay here goes:

  • test again

  • Here I am! I am GUS!

  • Gus was worth the hype! Congratulations on the posting! I hope YOU are smiling now,LOL :))

  • "We all stay really limber here!"

    I just snapped this picture to try to catch everyone together (except Spruce, of course, who was off by herself) but of course it was just at the wrong moment. It made me LOL though, you've got Natalie climbing into the pool but she looks like she's stretching her hammies, and the two Buffs doing these weird neck stretches! Gus was taking his morning bath since I dumped the ice out of the pool.

    Okay that's it for now before I'm accused of trying to start a GOOSE forum. LOL!

  • Thanks Ragbag! It's real hit-or-miss trying to post these. Until I find an easier method, with the Mac I'm having to export the pictures from iPhoto to the desktop, resizing them to small and dragging them to the "choose file" button below. But the last picture just won't go! Plus, now I can't figure out how to get the dang things OFF my desktop. I did get one more to come up though. It's the grand finale.

    THE END!!!!! 😉 (BTW, I don't clip the wings of my geese -- I just got this pair of adult American Buffs so I don't know if somebody else clipped them or if this is how their feathers are normally.)

  • HURRAY !!!! They are all stars now!!

    Plus, I can try your Mac directions when I get some courage up. Thanks for the laughs, GooseMama !

  • GUS!!! YAY! GooseMama! He is a beauty! Love the pics of ALL of them. Definitely a big smile here. Is it true GooseMama that geese mate for life? Also, I heard that their honking when flying is actually encouragement to the lead goose in the formation to keep going. Kind of like they are cheering him on? I've always loved geese. Thanks for posting those and keeping us laughing!

  • Hi Stonyeye, I just was going through old posts -- they get buried so quickly! Anyway, my understanding is that wild geese mate for life, but from what I see in the domestics, they don't. Gus mates with anything that will hold still long enough, to include the ducks!! 😉