Could anyone do a reading for me please?

  • life has been hard on me, and yes, ive been hard to myself. i have been younge and immature, agry at the world. its taken me longer than most to grow beyond that, honestly, im not very sure if im too far beyond it. i hope i am beyond it. i have realized that i breed my own negativaty. i have changed dramaticaly in my thoughts and actions.

    i have recently found myself unemployeed and homeless with my four children. its hard to be possitive or to even gather enough energy to make it through the day.

    i have some plans that just havent takin off yet. i wonder if anyone could tell me if or when they will. how long, if ever will i feel this deep depression that hangs over me. i am constantly wishing for a companion, in every sence of the word. will i ever find him, if so when? my mother just found her first healthy loving relationship at fifty. will i have to wait that long to find one who will stand beside me?

    if you are reading this and have no answers, even preyers would be much appreciated, thank you.

  • I do send positive thoughts and prayers to you. I dont have any gifts that so many others here are blessed with, but this will get you back to the top of the list and hopefully you will find what you are looking for. 🙂

  • Lilcrazy, I am feeling someone there in spirit around you wants to support you and help you - a fatherly figure, a big man. He is talking about money and how to get it. Can you feel him or sense what he is saying?

  • He's saying something about money being under the stairs or in the basement.

  • Money in books...

  • the only man i think that might be would be my grandfather. i hadnt had much to do with him before he passed and he had no property of his own at that time. my family has not owned anything at all, and we had move frequently, so i dont know. also, im not looking for a quick fix. thats a fairy tail to me. i just want to get my life together

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