Will an angry or hurt pisces man read an email or delete it

  • Does anyone know if pisces men are known for just deleting or blocking someone from their email or will they read it and just not respond? I was very close with someone for a long time, did something stupid and want to apologize after I think he has cooled down 😞 but I don't want to spend hours writing exactly the right things and then he may not get it or ever read it.

  • Send a tester titled sorry with very brief what was I thinking note. There is a place you click on your e-mail browser that will tell you if an e-mail was opened or blocked or deleted without opening so you'll have your answer. There's always an exception but the Pisces men I've known tend to have more unanswered e-mails and overflowing boxes than anyone I know and they don't have to be on purpose! I do know they absolutely run for the hills when it comes to drama and can wait till hell freezes over to swim that way again. If you have been very close chances are he'll give you another chance but it could be awhile. Keep it light for awhile if he does.

  • As a Pisces and being as many of my close family is Pisces, I would say he just isn't answering it. I've noticed we are all alike in that respect. Once we decide it's done.... it's done. If we do decide to try and work things out, it is usually YEARS later. Depends on how bad the situation is. It has to be pretty bad before we'll throw in the towel. None of us answer emails if we don't feel like it either. I've known us all to answer email months after we received them. My Pisces family does the same thing. We all seem to have time management issues! We just didn't get around to it because we were busy with something else. We all seem to work on our own time. If someone has hurt me, I have to ponder on it awhile and decide if it is even worth getting involved and trying to clean up that mess. Could be that his computer is down? Hard to say with emails. Why don' you give him a call? If he doesn't return your calls then you have your answer. Do leave a voicemail. He'll want to think about it before you two actually speak.

  • Beyond Sad,

    I have a Pisces love in my life. Because we both have a lot of "situations" going on in our lives, I sent him an email(because I think I express myself better in writing) telling him that I think we should take a "break" from our relationship in order to deal with our individual problems. Wow... he did not take it well at all. He was offended that I sent him an email instead of talking to him in person( I tried to but I would lose my resolve because of my feelings for him)> Anyway, long story short, we talked briefly but I really needed some time. Then he blocked me on Facebook. At least I thought he did. Turns out that he just took his page down. Anyway, he sent me an email, telling me how much I hurt him and that he needed a break, too. After 6 weeks, I text him and he didn't respond for two days. Then he texted me. I knew he wanted to see me but he played hard to get. Anyway, we have started seeing each other and he is starting to trust me again. I think Pisces are really sensitive (more than Leos!). I don't think I was wrong or that I did anything to hurt him on purpose. It was a rough patch for us but I think it has been part of the development of our relationship. I think we have become closer as a result. I think Pisces are kind of skittish and so now I am extra sensitive with him. I also think they have a tendency to play the "victim" which may grow old after awhile (hey I'm a Leo. There's only room for one drama queen in the relationship!LOL!)

    I think he will read the your email but may not respond due to hurt feelings. I also think that you should call and leave a voicemail but it may be awhile before he responds. Apologize, it the situation calls for that. I think if it is meant to be, he'll come around.

    When dealing with my pisces, I have found the animal metaphor of our signs to be helpful. Think about fish and fishing. If your rush into the water, splashing and making a lot of noise, the fish will swim away and hide. If you sit very still and wait, the fish will eventually come back and take a nibble. So be patient and don't push. I know thats hard, especially if you are a fire sign., But I figure that a lion is nothing but a big cat and cats can sit still for hours.

    Good Luck!

  • ive done both plenty of times but if it was really that serious of a relationship i dont think he would just ignore or delete anything that took time an effort cuz that means more than "hey, whats up?? well im sorry an i thought you should know... bye" (id delete that kinda **** in a heartbeat)

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  • souldier91,

    Even if it was THAT serious of a relationship he might still ignore your email. I've had people in my life I was extremely close to that I cut out completely. Yes they have called, emailed, txt..... I never responded because I just don't want these people back in my life. Keep in mind the things they did to me was very serious. A few I tried to give another chance but I didn't feel the same about them and felt it was better to just close the door. This might not be the case with you because I don't know what you said to him.

    The thing with all the Pisces I know ( Men and Women, myself included) is that you HAVE to say just the right thing. I've noticed that everyone of us expect things to be a particular way and if someone says something that makes us feel like we might not be as special as we thought we were to you then that door slams shut. We don't forget it either. Ever. Just tell him the truth because if he ever finds out that you weren't honest and you just said what you thought he wanted to hear then it's done. It's contradicting but that is the way it is. I've read many times that Pisces people were hard to catch and even harder to keep. Might be true. To say every one I know is fickle is putting it mildly.

    You might want to ask yourself if you really want to even try. If you decide to then explain to him that you were only mad and lashed out in frustration. Tell him why you felt the way you did and that you would like to know how he really feels. Apologize and be sincere. Leave it for him in a voicemail. The possibility of an explanation might be enough to get him to call back unless he thinks he already has you figured out. If curiosity gets him then he will call. Just don't expect it to be right away. Tears work wonders. We might know we are being manipulated but if you turn on the waterworks it works anyway. If it's real then it works even better. I wish you luck. I'm a Pisces and I sure as hell wouldn't want to deal with a Pisces man in a romantic relationship. My best male friends are Pisces but friends is all it will ever be! LOL

  • OMG a pisces, if he is loved, will make you the centre of his universe and nothing on the planet will keep him from showing that he is in love with you. You even pretend to take that love away and his world crumbles as part of it is fantasy anyway. He will have tried to feel the reasons behind why you want to break contact with him and he will either be protecting you by adhering to your wishes or he will be protecting himself by not wanting to open himself up to the immense hurt he has just put himself through. He will ignore you rather than confront you.

    Text and email are impersonal and can be ignored. If you want him back in you life do crazy - do something that says you know him. Cut out a paper heart, tear it in half and go give it to him saying you give your heart to him although it is broken. Give him his favourite biscuits where you have iced a message on them Letter by Letter I L O V E U or S O R R Y. Do something that shows you care and you have created something out of love not just gone out and bought a generic 'present'. Like in the film Love actually - get a white board and write a message to him, stand at his door and show him. The stupider it is the more sincere it is but what ever you do make sure it is what you want.

    Pisces men are the easiest to love but the hardest to live with - we are random and follow our hearts not our heads

  • I'm also a Pisces, but a female. This I know; if you really had a close relationship call him, even if he doesn't answer, leave a message, tell him you really would like to talk things over with him. Let him know you're sorry, that you care. I believe that is the most important with a Pisces, the fact knowing that someone feels bad for hurting them and wants to work it out.

    I personally, when very, very angry will purposely not answer my e-mails, even if I delete them I know I still have a few days, I always cool off shortly and will go back to read them. If my love and devotion is with someone, no matter how many times they hurt me, I always will respond with kindness and love if they show me they are sincere in their feelings toward me.

    Don't be afraid, you'll feel better trying than letting it go, but only if you truly do love him.

  • We Pisces are a very forgiving and compassionate lot but when we are hurt it takes some special and unique apologizing, like PiscesPiggy said. So good luck and do not give up.

  • Very good PiscesPiggy.

  • wow dose anyone else think piscesparadox is just a lil bit touchy?? its like shes... nevermind lol

  • Thanks for all of your replies. I do know that he is reading my emails for sure now but has not responded. Should i just give up or keep trying by sending light "how are you" emails and hope for the best? I keep hoping that by reading my emails that he maybe still feels something way deep down.

  • HI - Okay - depnding on his moon and ascendant, I can tell you this is what I would do

    (I have a capricorn moon and ascendant and am very stubborn).

    A.) If I really love you and this is a first offense and not something like you went and slept with someone else or embezzled all of my hard earned cash, or got drunk and burned the house down, I might soften up and respond to the email.

    If this was the third or fourth offense and If I am really hurt, I might let the email stew for a couple days and not read it obut I would probably read it and save it in a file. I would probably not respond right away. One thing is that you will get chances. DON"T USE THEM UP. THe problem is - you really don't know how many chances you will get. If he really loves you , you will get more than one but don't ever count on more than 2.

    B.) If I am really really mad and hurt I might not speak to you again for years, depending on what I have to take my mind off of you.

    C.) If you want to make up with him, you are going to have to show him you love him. Not just tell him. You can email him, Leave him a phone message, etc. etc. but unless you can actually SHOW HIM then he won't believe you. BY showing him, I don't mean stakling him or showing up at his house or place of work with an expensive gift or something like that. FInd out what he needs and ask if there is anything you can do to help him. While you are helping him, or after - then bring a present of flowers,some little shny sprkly object, A bottle of wine - but don't bring 2 wine glasses. Wait for him to offer to open it and get out the wine glasses. If he doesn't. You are going to have to repeat the same scene over again until he knows you aren't going to hurt him anymore. Also don't try to pressure him or squeeze him. WHat happens if you squeeze a fish? It squishes out of your hand and either drops on the ground and dies or back into the water and swims away. DON"T SQUEEZE.

  • So, is the fact that he actually is reading what I sent a positive aspect or am I getting my hopes up over nothing??

  • I suggest you just be blunt with him, ask his straight up if it's over completely or if there is a chance, and if so what are his expectations, but you need to have a few expecations too, don't feel bad. If he's reading he's definitely curious, otherwise he would have just deleted.

  • Blmoon>>Send a tester titled sorry with very brief what was I thinking note. There is a place you click on your e-mail browser that will tell you if an e-mail was opened or blocked or deleted without opening

    Sandran712>>Where is this? Or is it just an AOL thing?

  • It all depends on what you actaully did that was "stupid." I have to tell you. I can get hurt by things that some people just don't understand. Other things that might devastate someone else, might not phase me. Say that you say that you really loved me and I believed you, but you lied to me about something. Maybe you went someplace that you promised you wouldn't go or saw people that I felt were bad for you - not just once, but twice or several times. Not only did you do something you promised not to do, you did it and lied to me about doing it. Its not that fact that you did it that would destroy the bond between us. Its the lie. If you went out and murdered someone and admitted it, I might still have feelings for you. But if you lied about it and I found out - that's it. You would be history. I think that LIARS above all else are poison to any relationship but especially to a Pisces because Pisces people live for love and they live their fantasies. In a fantasy world, people tell the truth, people don't meaningfully hurt each other, everything is beautiful. A lie is not pretty and lies shatter the fantasy. Causing a fishes fantasy to crash to the ground is pretty much heresy. It will kill the bond. If you tell the fish that things are a certain way and things will be a certain way, he will base his hopes and dreams and his love for you on what you say.. It may partially be his own fault that he takes what you say and expands it in his head into a fantasy, but in his mind its your fault for feeding him the fatasy in the first place and "making him believing" that what you said was the truth. There is a fine line between feeding the fishes fanatasy and keeping things positive and feeding him lies. The fish may not always be able to tell the difference. If he thinks you lied about something, it will be very difficult to convince him otherwise. You may get him to read your email or lsiten to your voice message. You may get him to even listen to you in person. But unles you give him proof in your actions, he will not trust you again. It all depends on what you did and what boundaries you crossed.

  • Thanks everyone. Well I guess I was getting my hopes up for nothing 😞 He sent me an email and said he will only ask me nicely once to leave him alone and wished me all the best 😞 My heart is beyond broken. I have deleted my account so I can try to move on and not be tempted to contact him ever again 😞

  • And I guess I crossed a line by sending him something in the mail that I know he liked and wouldn't be able to get on his own which pushed him over the edge with me 😞

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