• When my beloved baby girl passed on October 28, 2009 from cancer, I had her euthanized. Since then I have been feeling and seeing strange things. Only for a split second. A few days after she passed...I heard her crying for me. A few days after that she pulled the blanket off me while I was sleeping and woke was on the floor.

    A few weeks after that, I was watching TV, (about a week before Christmas) I looked up in the living room where the TV was and saw this awesome almost mesmerising ball of liquid gold floating over to her ashes. I know it was an Angel to help her cross over. I was very close to my baby girl and miss her terribly.

    I smudged and since then it's been kinda quiet. Sometimes I get a nervous energy thinking she's back...but, I think it's mind over matter, do you?

  • No your baby has passed over but there is another soul there who has come to you for comforting.

  • PS. You can give love to these earthbound spirits and send them on to the other side but once you have agreed to comfort one, they will keep coming and you will have to help them all move over to the other side. You don't have to do this. Many are animal spirits who had no kind owner in life or babies who were unloved. They are attracted by your nurturing and loving spirit. I'm afraid your little one 'passed the word' around about you.

  • Greeting!

    Hmm...very interesting! Well, I now have another baby rescue. She's 2 and has been starved and abused. I swore I didn't want any more dogs until I saw her pic on a shelter site...her eyes, the most beautiful color imaginable. They're amber!

    It's been quiet since I got Shadow...but, still can not find Liza's missing blanket. Strange!!!

    Blessed BE

  • I was wondering if you can help me to come to a decision. I would like to move to Florida to be with my daughter/grandson. At this time money seems to be stopping me from doing so. I would like to move around August.

    Any insight for me?

    Thank you so much for your insight into what I was going through during the lose of my beloved pet.

    Blessed Be,


  • that's scary! I wonder who it can be..I just wrote to Hans about a horrible underarm odor I had in the right near me ..happened 2x.

    I did see a dark figure 2 days b4 I put Liza down from cancer. It looked like a Priest with his shirt opened. Stood by my bed...

    Liza couldn't hold her urine at the very end so she was going like ever 1/2 hour her last days.

    I have her ashes on my living room table. I miss her and still cry for her.

    I now have another rescue by the name of Shadow. It was amazing how I found her. Well, do I have to say more...I love her...


    Thanks to all who has given their insight. BLessed BE!

  • Captain,

    My beloved girl was a dog name Liza. She was rescue I had for 7 wonderful years. I had to euthanize because she had cancer.

    Since then many things have happened: the blender went off at 4 in the morning. A beautiful golden jelly like globe floated over to her ashes from the living room ceiling.

    I've seen a part of Liza the first week. "She didn't show her whole body.

    I've heard Liza quite a few times. The last time I heard her Shadow (my new rescue) was in the living room playing with her toy and I was in the dinning area I heard Liza cry...even Shadow picked her head up! Since then all has been quiet.

    Since Shadow has come into my I feel peace now in the house. I will always keep Liza in my heart and yes, sometimes I do cry when I think about her and her pain.

    luv ya..blessed be!


    I have to add that I no longer read the taro..there are other beliefs that I now have and have a communion with Angels for some reason. I really never needed the was just a tool

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