Can there ever be a successful relationship with a gemini man?

  • I am a scorpio. I am engaged to a Gem and at first it was really nice he always wanted to be around me but, lately he haven't been trying to be around me. "Don't know what's up with that". I am a VERY sexual person and it is hard for me when he don't accept me all the time WHAT TO DO..

  • Alwayslovescorpios= I'm sorry to hear, I havent got any good advice on that, all I know if he is being like that he properly wants his speace if he is still doing that after 2 months, then ask him with a nice manner and try and fix the matter, gems are annoying with their unknown mood swings. you could also make a thread of your own, maybe that could help.

    Mr.cheve= lol look at this

    the member called ragbag mentions us lol its funny brush of your shoulders.

  • LOL i made a comment on the other thread, thats funny stuff,

    anyways, we dont argue that much at all, just little misunderstandings, and then we are fine a little afterwards, she says "i value you honesty" i said "even ifs not what you wanna hear?" and she said "yes", we both are sags and we both honest with eachother and too the point, i have always been that way with her.

    saturday night.............whew, things happened again lol more of what i typed before haha, but went a bit farther if you know what i mean, no longer being a......... but ok ill skip that.

    NEWSFLASH! about the libra girl, so i went onto her "boyfriends" myspace page today, and i noticed that under relationship status that it said "single" and i was like "oh really?" so when sag girl called me a little afterwards, i told her about it, and she got on her laptop and checked jenns status also and hers said "single" also, and so i was left wondering wtf happened? BECAUSE jenn has deleted him from her friends list and she isnt on his either, go im soo curious to find out what happened between them, because, they have known each other for years and she said that she has loved him since she was 11 years old, and he knows everything about her,

    this is my theory, there is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone, i think they love eachother as friends but they werent IN love, i think jenn loved the idea that he knew everything about her and he was still her friend because she doesnt wanna open up to anyone else and he was the safe bet, all i can say is that i hope she realizes what she lost with me, its a shame that they arent together, i still hope for her happiness but oh well i guess.

    im really tempted to message her "boyfriend" and ask him what happened, they were such good friends, where did it go wrong?, hmmmm i dunno but man i wanna ask him that sooooo bad

  • (this is my post on the men of zodiac thread) but i wanted to update you as well, how have you been?

    enjoy responsibly with my sag girl? lol for being two sags we are quite responsible, we dont try to jump each others bones every chance we get lol actually half the time you probably couldnt tell that we were BF and GF. we were friends first so we can just hang out around each other just like as if we were friends besides the kisses we share of course and us holding hands at NASCAR, other than that we just hang out and enjoy each others company, we both arent really touchy feely people, we just have alot of fun together and i can always make her laugh, we both arent the crazy sags that most people think when you hear about sags, we can be at times but not much,

    OH and yesterday she said that she made something for me, and i was trying to figure it out with her hints, it was kinda important to her, and maybe it could get bigger one day (add more to it), and i went to her house so she could give it to me, and she was worried that i might think that she was crazy, or fearing that i wouldnt like it, and she even said " well ive always wanted to do something like this for someone but noone was special enough to appreicate it" SO i went to her house and she had this piece of colored paper with both our names cris crossed, and had it decorated with this colored glue and had little sayings on it like "you are so amazing" and "you make my heart happy" and "xoxo", i could tell that she spent some time on it, about and hour and a half she said, (she is a very good drawer, like me, so it looks very good) and i wasnt expecting anyting like that, some guys might look at it and be like "ummm.....thanks" and not care for it, but thats why im different, and that was very cool of her to do something like that without any reason really, and she was glad that i liked it lol, when i went home a little later i asked her why she made it for me, and she said " because i appreicate all the things that you do for me and make me feel, and i know i dont say or show it often and i wanted to show you how much you mean to me, so i made something meaningful"

    i said "aww babe....whatever it is i do for you is because i want to do them for you, cause i care about you, cause you mean alot to me, and i was taking care of you at nascar, making you food, getting water, checking on you when u werent feeling good etc... if that is part of it lol" and she said, "yes that too, its everything you do for me you are such an amazing guy i couldnt ask for more", she ended up falling asleep shortly after from not feeling well still lol.

    we were texting just a little bit ago and she said she had been thinking about something today, she said " ive been thinking about how good we match up together......i like it alot.....i like you alot" we have been dancing around the dreaded "love" word and we both havent said it. ACTUALLY at nascar during the race(she was drunk) and i was buzzed, she said " ive been wanting to ask you something" and she asked " do you ever think you could love me? if you dont already?" and i said " well actaully i have given that alot of thought, and im sooo sure that i can, or maybe i do, i dont understand what i feel for you, cause its all new to me" and yes we talked about it when she wasnt drunk cause she remembers stuff when she is drunk(like me).

    well its late and im tired, see ya later

  • Interesting with the libra girl, lol, she's soo lost, you know I hate those type of people when they have something so good and be blind of what's in front of them, poor her. I wonder if she is thinking about you, but wished she had that spark with you then, but some ppl later grow feelings for a person later on like me and gem, he liked me I more of shrugging my shoulders when I thought about him. did you end up talking to her ex bf?

    its cute you and sag girl are at that stage where its romantic, you need that, it should only be based on enjoying each others company and having fun. its good she has trust on you and you can see shes trying with you.

    Oh about Gem-guy, his friend added me long ago on fb, but I didnt accpect him at all lol, then later a few days ago i accpected him lol, he didnt remember me of course, he asked and said who are u? I said i cod ask u the same thing, u added me. and he was like no way did i, i went no tom did it... then he laughed he told me we would carry on with this funny convo, obviously i was being random lol. so I'll chat with him later on, funny thing about gem-guy he went and told my friend he was sorry of what he said in our last conversation together and that it was stupid. finally I win lol. I was missing him alot and wanted to re-add him again but I just couldnt cos of the last convo when he made it clear, plus I just want to get myself together, with my look, and money/job. I'll add him then. plus I'll talk to his friend once in awhile lol, I wonder how long it wod take gem-guy to realize im talking to his friend lol. but i wouldnt do anything with his friend. and I dont want to talk to gem-guy, I know he hasnt got a job and he properly would mix his emotions and anger with me again, like I have my own issues I'm messed up. I've got to wait this monday hopfuly I would get the job if not my hunting will start again.

  • yeah i dunno what is going on with libra girl, her myspace status has been "content" for like the past week, which the definition of content is that you are fine with where you are in life, which i think is Bull-sh-it lol cause im sure she is still lonely like she always was and that is just a front.

    and yes i did send a message to jenn's ex BF, and i was very nice, i told him that i already got a GF and that i heard from her that they were no longer together and i was curious about what happened cause they were such good friends, but i didnt get a i expected, but he did read it at least so im not gonna ask him again lol

    yeah me and sag girl are going great so far, lol

    and the gem guy thing, talking to his friend huh? you think his friend is cute? lol but then again you still want the gem guy 😞

  • Lol I was talking to my friend she wasnt so open with the fact she thought gem-guy was crazy, I wana know what she meant by that, but she said he is just crazy so it didnt help much there are many types of crazy lol. I sent him in his inbox saying apology accepted, and thats it lol, I screamed like a little girl, when I sent it damn. wonder if he would reply back or just leave it. my friend said he still has the hot's for me if he corrected his mistake and wanted me to know he said sorry. I'll properly would want to see him or chat with him. I could just forget that I have no fricking job at the moment and just save money to buy a cute outfit. I havent spoken to his friends since that day lol, properly is working and im not on the net longer hours like i used to, only put up with it to talk to gem guy extre hours lol.

    do you think you'll get to the point in talking to libra girl and ask her what happend lol?

    you know what I want to meet gem guys friend soon or later lol, and properly would set up a hang out with his friends and mines.....hopfuly or not gem guy would be there but it would be funny tho, I'll make my self look soooo Hot that night and I'd have to be extre highper lol.

  • OMG he reply back to me I was sh-iting my self for real omg, lol this what he said, " yeh i read our convo again. i could see why you got mad. it was pretty rude. whats done is done. i live with my dumb choices. peace, and I'm gona reply this "I'll be honest I wasn't mad on what you said to me, it was shocking but nothing to get angry about, I was mad on another matter though, we are human we are going to make mistakes." cant believe he got back to me quickly aswell, he said peace I'm hoping he didnt mean good bye we arent gona talk no more i wanted to make peace speech. cos then that is like effing around my mind just abit. cos i wod think the reason why he said it after months was to sort things out and have me back in his life.

  • i wont ask libra girl what happened, im blocked from her life, and i hope she will be alright, but if she keeps pushing people away and out of her life she will no longer have anyone left to push out and will be left completely alone. she always used to say "cody im 23, im young, ive got plently of time to do things, im in no rush for anything" which is a point, because before she knows it she will be 30 years old,no boyfriend or husband,no kids, she will only have herself and her career as a nurse, and be very unhappy and lonely. but that will be up to her. but since i got to know her, i really feel that she will end up something like that, the funny thing is...... when i did her personality thing here on tarot, mine was dead on accurate for me, and for hers it said this (ill copy and paste it. it sounds soo correct for her)

    """"Some people may perceive you as cool or aloof. You are somewhat introverted; you may feel slightly removed and even a little different.

    In relationships, you tend to keep things business-like and impersonal. You prefer to talk about the facts of a given situation, rather than the cloudier issues of emotions and personal feelings. You distrust feelings -- both your own and those of others. The whole emotional realm strikes you as unreliable, and a bit unnecessary

    Your inability to fully understand the emotional aspect of life is your Achilles heel. You are so rational that the unpredictability of the heart frightens and surprises you.

    Your challenge is to trust. You need to share your heart with someone. This is a courageous step for you, but will result in enormous growth and satisfaction.

    The advice here is to make a true connection with another human being. Without it, you may marry out of convenience or to fulfill social expectations, but it will not lead you out of loneliness. The more removed you are from people, the more you risk isolation, bitterness, and a cynical attitude toward life. """""

    YEP that sounds like her lol sad really

    ANYWAYS you screamed like a little girl?? HAHA hmmm he did say "peace"like he admitted what he did was wrong and she said his goodbye, so what has happened in the last few days with him????

    and me and sag girl are good, i went to a big gathering of her step dads family the other day, for a 94 year old ladies B-day and its funny how everyone kept saying how good i fit in with everyone and sag girl was introducing me as her boyfriend and alot of the women were saying to her " oh Kirstin he's so cute" lol, and there was a little girl making crowns out of paper and putting them on the sag girl and the little girl tried to put one on her dad but he didnt want it and sag girl pointed at me and a few minutes later the girl was putting one on my head, AND YES I ROCKED IT, i didnt take it off, people that i didnt meet were probably talking about me wondering why i was the only guy wearing one LOL but i didnt care, it was fun, and OMG one of the women there even told sag girl, " ok you need to tell me when the wedding is, so i can be there when it happens" i was like wow lol, because the funny thing is that im the only guy that has ever gotten to meet her family like that, most guys are lucky if they meet "the group" which i was already part of and know. she said " no one else was important enough to meet my family"

  • Well gem-guy has atleast 10 faces, so I was upset when he said nothing was going to happen, when he kept saying he was sorry over and over again, saying I was good to him so on. so we were talking for days typing essay's to each other. but then it all stoped on monday after my last novel lol, cos i wanted to get things of my chest and confront him.

    Me---of topic, why did you even go through the last argument and read over it, why did you even have to apologise and actually get almas to tell me, cos obviously its you, your not one to ever feel sorry I dont know just that I thought I'd be a Nothing to you, and now we are here again talking, like I know you dont want to be my friend and nither do I. your obviously never gona like me more, even tho I'm better then you lol. I dont know I just feel its like a year from now and we are still in the same chapter your missing your ex and I'm giving you free therapy like I find it annoying cos why should I give advice waste all my time and know 99% of the time nothing is gona go forward in this lil thing we have. like either you tell me now honestly what is it you want besides being lonely and depressive, I find it unfair that you want me to listen to you wine and up and go. like you dont want to get attached yet you couldnt last a few months with out talking to me, like yeah I dont mind talking to you, I find you funny and stuff but the thought that I am like your therapist or could be your rebound makes me upset. like I know your alone and stuff pisses me of that you know I'll care to be there for you, but I dont want to care for anyone knowing they dont care about me. fuck sakes like its been a year, do you get my drift like wtf. yeah also your not adding me on fb, I have a feeling you'll say talking on msn would be uncomfortable, so its obvious its a few ears you want so you can take things of your chest and then not want to talk to me for no reason. plus I'm not pissed of just wondering like all that saying you dont want to talk to me and then me being the only person you can turn too, like I acted all cool like it didnt bother me but this is pushing it what are you playing at. I dont know was it a mistake you think you made and realized. like what is it you want from me what is it you want me to be? ( bare in mind I typed alot alot lool this is just little bit of my novel)

    Him- whats funny is, i was thinking to read a novel today walahi. never knew it would be on facebook...

    miss-libra i apologised to you, because when i m by myself, i go over shit in my life. I dont know you came into it, so i reread our convos, and i realised it was pretty rude so i apologised to clear my conscious. never knew it would end up like this. and you're not a rebound, i think my ex is the fuck it, i think my problem is, because i dont wanna meet anyone else, or have the patience, i always go back to her....also, it is a little issue, but we both think our views are right, and wont change, so it is a big thing then.

    and as for how long i known her, i think it is 6 years, but it was only proper dating and shit for maybe 2 years? i dont know, i known her so long, its hard to even recall. she been ever present...

    and miss-libra, you can add me on msn and sh-it...but its on you...honestly, i dont think its fair on you, and i m sorry for doing it to you. i m just in a bad place...its going to have to be you to end this whole sh-it and tell me to fuck off i suppose... theres more i wanted to say, but i m not reading all that again lol

    ( well guess what I'm gona do, his friend is digging me, we'll talk for awhile on face maybe like 2 weeks when I'm busy and stuff, I'll move on to fone, see gem-guy's friend is my friend on fb and so is gem-guys other friend who added my friend on fb, so what I'll do it mention it set a group I dont think gem-guy would be jealous but his self esteem would be knocked out of the window, thats what I want, cos I remember when we last saw each other he beged to have a group date, I'll have to ask his friend to only invite dark skined guys lol, properly at the end of the night I have a feeling my friends would ask for a left home, and his friends always call him to use his car, but all this is just to make him feel insecure, cos why didnt I want to go when he asked me why did i make excuse that i didnt have friends.....he also before had a problem when his friend added me and he said dont they know your my girl....I even remember my friend saying give up on gem-guy he isnt coming back, I said he will, the guy is very intelligent and has 10 faces, ive learnt about a few of them, but thing is when i do agree we shouldnt talk he comes bk, but gem-guy has pushed my button, he hasnt played my game yet, denying and lying. if he askes how i know his friend i'll just say its a small world.... evil grins

    do you feel you can see sag girl as your wife, or being together longer then 2 years? its good you made a good impression, as for libra girl damn i feel so sorry for her so sad i dont want to end up like that. at all.

  • wow im suprised with how much you said to him that you got such a short...non heartfelt response back from him. it kinda sounded like he really didnt care all that much about what you said, not even enough to say everything that he had to say(which he said he had more to say but was too lazy to read again) wtf??? HE would have made the effort if you mattered as much as he keeps leading on.... or maybe because he feels that it not work out with you and his EX is the"safe bet", and thats why he is kinda afraid to pursue anything more with you, he wants more with you, he's just scared of it.................(jesus!! what i just said sounds just like me and Libra girl, cause thats what im thinking about how she feels about me.. that im not the "safe bet")

    i had to move on from her though,.... well kinda, i say that i have moved on from her but not all the way cause there are things that are unsaid between us. i kinda wish libra girl would contact me so we could talk but, thats all it would be is to talk,.......... ive got a good girl now and we match up alot on different things, if anything Libra girl showed me what i had in front of me the whole time, they both have alot in common, but sag girl is well....a sag so we match up alot. the only thing jenn had up on sag girl is that she was a video game nerd just like me, and sag girl doesnt understand that a whole lot about me, but she is learning too, because im soo different than any other guy she has dated.

    BACK TO YOU, thats good that you are giving yourself a chance to "move on" but it sure doesnt seem that you are, it sounds like you are just setting up the group date to make gem guy feel bad etc..... thus causing more problems between you and him and possibly his friends and him, im not trying to be a jerk or anything but i would call what you are doing " a b-it-ch move", BUT dont get mad lol i understand why you are planning something like that because i feel that you pretty much want him to stop messing around with you,stop leading you on, stop giving you mixed signals, and be honest with himself, if he wants you and wants to be with you, you want him to just do it already and stop dragging you along. and maybe you feel that if you can make him jealous that finally then he will......."cowboy up" and go after you.............. that sounds right to me lol

    and oh i wanted to hear on what you think about this. with me and sag girl. (i forgot to say this) sometime last week she was baby sitting , ages 7(boy) 8( sag girl) and 11(Leo girl), they are kids of the "group" and i went over there that night and i brought her food, and the 8 year old, blonde haired, Sag girl, warmed up to me right away, we were making jokes, faces etc... and then i became the human jungle gym( me being 6'5 it happens lol) i was giving her piggy back rides, and also she would stand on my feet facing forward and i would hold her hands and i would walk..... with her standing on my feet, and she is just loving it and laughing, and i couldnt help but notice that the whole time i was having fun with this little girl that my girlfriend (sag girl aka Kirstin) was staring at me the whole time, and i knew what kind of look it was, it was the "wow... he is so great with kids" look. we later sat down and colored pictures out of a hello kitty coloring book, and the sag girl(8 year old) was being soo funny, and thats when i asked her what her birthday was and she said Dec 16th, and i said "yep i knew it, i knew she was a sag" it was just a great night with those kids lol, kirstin stayed there over night, and i asked her in a text message(the next day) " what were you thinking last night when me and her were playing? you gave me a weird look" she said " i was thinking wow she really likes him lol" and then later in the day out of nowhere she sends me a text saying " do you really want to know what i was thinking?" i said "yeah of course i do" and THEN she said " cody you would be a great daddy, i enjoyed watching you with her, you guys were having so much fun, and ... it kinda did make me fall a little more for you". i said " oh really? i love kids, i had a lot of fun her her last night, shes funny lol". and after that we kinda didnt talk about it anymore, it seems we are both fearing the attachment of love, and i do believe that she does, shes just afraid that i wont feel the same, we talked the other day about other people that might interfere into our "love life" and she quickly realized and changed it to " like life" (awkward moment) lol

    as for her being my wife or long time GF??? well i could see it happening, but we are still in a weird stage of the relationship, both being afraid to screw up things, not saying how we truly feel etc... we do match up well, but everyone has heard alot of stuff about her, her being Bi-polar and being very dramatic, and my mom doesnt approve of her(i havent told her this) but my mom doesnt approve, but the other day i told my mom that she is like my older brothers Ex GF, and my mom liked her once she got to know her, so i kinda got my mom to think a little bit, and sag girl is proved to be Bi-polar, but also is my older brother, and i know how to deal with them, and sag girl isnt bad at all, she does kinda over react over things though, which i think is why people think she is over dramatic, it just depends on what it is, if its about her family, you damn right she is gonna be dramatic and be defensive when its family. she is actually calm around me and isnt like all the things i have heard., as far as seeing her as my wife and stuff...... i dunno yet, a part of me could see us going that far, but the other part of me sees us breaking up over my family thinking that she isnt good enough for me.

  • Lol I hardly even made sense, well now I'm rashing into typing this out lol, omg I finally have a job now, and well its really weird to say it. cant wait to go shopping, I feel more confident now, that I can help myself and family, and now I can get a life be more social and feel confident with my self knowing I can pay for myself out and for my belongings.

    gem-guy is up and down, I never know with him, I did give him a message on fb saying good bye have a good life, and then he asked a question, cos we were friends on fb for only 10 mins, cos he private his wall, so I got pis-sied off, he is making it way to uncomfortable, and even on msn, he would say one thing and quickly log out, then randomly he said hi and signed out, that was the same time when I took him of fb. but for some strange reason we are still talking but his being more nicer just like when I first started talking to him, like I almost cant believe it. giving me compliments on my intelligence and calling me Cinderella which in the slang term is beautiful girl who stays at home or that I'm waiting for my prince to safe me. he for a change gave me advice randomly, I feel soooo bad for him, he got kicked out of his flat, and well it makes me meeting up with his friend hard to do lol, cos well what worse of a job can I do when he has already got a messed up self esteem, wanted to pay him bk for what he did. and your right it is a bi-tch move lol, reasons why i wont exactly do it well i got a whole month to think to do it, until i get payed.

    u and jen, there is alot of things you do need to get out of your chest but remember she doesnt want you and what she has to say could be confussing, like you can never understand a person but you can only work to get along with them. if jen said she wanted you, hopfuly you would think twice about it, and think is it worth it, but at the end of the day, the mind is always over powered by the heart, and it seems to me you have a bigger connection with jen, then sag girl well properly both of the at the same time, which is the worst thing. its good that sag girl can see you'll be a good father, she properly was day dreaming about you and her children lol yes we girls are weird like that.

    gem-guy and I dont know, nothing will happen with us, so I should learn to forget it, makes it hard that he always comes bk to me, and wont let go, hopfuly within a month I'll find someone at least, cos I cant keep liking him still from now until the summer, cos it wod be extre pressure to move on and actually learn to like someone else and love them, but now his being sweet and stuff and I dont know I even feel more sorry for him, cos I feel i need to support him as his girlfriend and care for him, which is pis-sing me off, I wanted to turn away thats why i said good bye and stuff, but then he gave me a reply bk.

    its good to know you and sag girl are getting along great but you have to know that you dont need anyones approval, like your mum shes always going to have a problem with a gf of yours, its up to you to actually talk her way in, and tell her sag girl makes u happy and u see a future with her. hopfuly soon enough I'll get that great relationship and enjoy life now, that I got a job and I can be independent now,,,yaaaay im soo happy now, lol and im praying this reply actually makes sense, cos im half asleep now i start at 7'45, gota always get ready at 6 now. chit chat soon

  • you got a job! yay!! lol the gem guy giving compliments again?? hmmm weird, and i can tell that it has an affect on you, this is like a big giant game of push and pull with him (me and jenn were the same) they need you one day and miss you and then the next day they can not care if your gone and block you out of their lives, BUT then soon start to miss you again and they pull you back in. also mizzlibraz you can put all the blame on him for this im sure you do it also, (i know that i did with jenn without even knowing it) how i dissapeared for two weeks, and then a month not really saying much just to check in how she was and then one day i would send the compliments to her once i REALLY started to miss her and wanted to see her again because the more i talked to her again it brought back all those fuzzy feelings and i wanted to hang out with her then, i kinda regret that i never went for the kiss, maybe something would have happened? i dont know but now we will never know, sag girl told me that jenn has moved, not out of state but still, jenn said that her dad was having money issues for once (he makes really good money, big house they were in) UGH! thats what sucks though, i will always kinda wonder ........what if? if me and jenn would have worked?? i was ready for something more and she wasnt though, and i think that she will ask herself..... what if? about me also, oh well i guess if it doesnt work with me and kirstin(sag girl) i might try to get in contact with jenn.........just maybe.......i do realize what i was doing with her, pushing her for more etc... so i kinda feel bad and i wouldnt be that way with her again but i think it worked out for the better, i just hope she can let somebody "in" without doing the same thing as what was done to me.

    the sag girl dreaming about kids? yes that is what i assumed what happened cause i can do the same thing, and we think alot alike on how kids should be raised, and she is undecided if she wants kids, one day she does, the next she doesnt.......when they act up and be a pain but of course thats normal lol me? i want kids, at least two, one would be boring and plus they would be spoiled lol IM NOT SAYING THAT WE HAVE TALKED ABOUT US HAVING KIDS lol the subject came up randomly haha.

    yes i have accepted that no girl is ever gonna be good enough for me (im the youngest and so im a momma's boy LOL) but sag girl is also he youngest and is her moms baby girl(they really close) but im the first guy that her mom has ever approved of. one day i will have the conversation with my mom about her and i will ask my mom......will anybody be good enough for me? i gotta do everything that you say and approve of?.........i dont think my mom would get mad at me and she will understand and i will also want me to be happy right? and i would say "well i am happy mom....... with kirstin, im sure you will like her once you get to know her...give her a chance"

    good luck with the gem guy thing, keep me posted, its rough i know, and why do you feel sorry for him? did he get kicked out? ill tell you this, when I was feeling bad or upset about something, about me always helping out other people so much that i have no time for myself, jenn would tell me to do something about it, "if you dont like it, change it" she said and say good things about me etc.... and it would always make me feel better and it actually got me more crazy over her when she was there for me and i would return the favor........or try too at least but she wouldnt let me know anything..

    anyways, im out, talk to ya later

  • well I dont like my job lol, the staff members are bi-tches.

    quickly gem-guy are still talking guess what, he was telling me he had a girlfriend for the last two months but they broke up, but guess what he used the same excuse story of why they broke up which he had the same problem with his ex gf of 2 years, my lord gem-guy lies out of his teeth he has a problem doctor lol. i told him isnt that the same problem of ur ex of 2 years, he ignored me and kept going. so gem-guy also has been a bad boy, he can go to jail, is still straggling with finding a career, family issues also.

    also i re-added him on fb, he saw that his friend was my friend on fb, so he was like u and him are friends on fb, then I ignored him, then he said it again how the fu-ck you know him, but I ignored him again, btw I dont care gona do the whole thing my plan, it isnt about gem-guy if it does hurt his self esteem tough, dont like him like that anymore, but i need to meet new people so the group thang is a good idea, might find the one during that.

    cant believe you still might have something for libra girl, well you know if you watch that movie 500 days of summer you and I can relate to it, just cos you have things in common with someone doesnt mean they are the one.

  • I dont know but does this seem like caring or advice thing going on here, well I lied to gem guy i was smoking we-ed with my friend, he said wait what you smoke weed now, i was like eh did i tell u that, then he went its disgusting and it isnt appealing plus i told him i wouldnt then he said good mizzzlibra u got a job now and ur gona carry on with education dont do that. so later on I asked him.

    me- what would be wrong if I smoked

    *life's pretty boring

    him- dont smoke please

    me- it doesnt help now my friend is smoking and doing weed to

    *sucks man

    him-i dont think you shud

    me- *I wont now but u know u never know the future

    him- i hope u dont

    *u better than that

    thought it was funny shouldnt even bother him since im not his girl or friend. for some strange reason his nice to me and giving me compliments and advice.

  • well i dont really have anything for jenn anymore, that train has passed and if she were to contact me when im with sag girl i will gladly decline and be an ass to her, cause that would be stupid of her and it would seem desparate on her part, and it would be sad, she couldnt see what she had but oh well, im happy right where im at, and me and sag girl are close to saying the dreaded "i love you" it kinda came up when we texted the other day and i was afraid of saying it and i didnt say anything and she said "if you have anything to say just say it and maybe ill feel the same" and thats when i text her saying "im pretty sure that ive fallen in love with you" and she said "pretty sure or you are sure?" and i said "OK i am lol i said pretty sure because i was afraid of what you might say" and she then said " well ok in that case, im pretty sure i may have also" and a little afterwards she said that she got nervous when she said it back, and this was 2 days ago and we both havent said "it" or anything about it since.

    but we have been calling eachother babe,honey, etc...more than we were , i think we both just afraid of saying "it" but heres something funny, i said to her a while back that i was gonna make a list of all the things that i like about her and have her read it, but of course being turned into a letter of all the things i like/love about her, i havent finished it yet, i keep thinking of more stuff, its a page and half long already(with no lines skipped). my letter will make her cry...........a good cry, i teared up just writing it lol.

    GEM GUY, he kinda flipped out cause you didnt answer him, wow, and yeah i dunno hes "sketchy" it seems, the lies etc....

    and the "weed" thing

    , hmmm he does seemed concerned, but maybe he thinks that your better than that and thats why he doesnt think you should do it, weird!!!...........

  • Gem-guy did a disappearing act, he isnt on msn, he closed of his fb, and that other account where the form discussions were at, he said good bye to them I saw it even tho i dont log in, but I'm shocked I think he took my advice to stop going on the internet and to get out there, but I'm hurt if he just left me hanging with out saying good bye or to tell me he would contact me soon, or that he wants nothing to do with me. Kinda felt upset gave him a off-line message, hasnt got back to me unless he has blocked me and has no way of seeing it. Miss him alot thought properly that something would have happend. wanted to cry but then I had nothing to cry about or had nothing to really say.

    like I'm I being silly if I have a problem with internet dating, cos to me it seems like the only way to get my self laid lol, I cant put my self into thinking its actually okay, he had no problem about it, but he knew I did, my only problem about the relationship was that we first talked on the net.

    nothing much has happend with me tho, I've got the job and well its sooooo hard working there fed up really, I get all giddy when its friday. cant wait until I get paid, I believe thats when all my confidence would start, with a new out fit of many too choose,and finally getting out there, I kinda wonder if I would fall out of like with him, cos its taken so bloody long with me, I want to have a next relationship and not have him in my mind at all and wonder what or how I could of fixed it, cos his character is sooo hard to forget, and of who he is how comfortable ive gotten with him, i like the fact i can make fun of him and he is perfectly fine about it..... Oh yeah I gave gem-guys friend my number lol, we had a quick chat through text, soon or later gona make it happen lol.

    how cute with u and sag girl, already at that stage, but I think you both need to say it to each other, maybe you should make the first move saying it to her first, your the man, remember lol.cant wait to have that seems fun . so have u and sag-girl dated outside for dinner or ur still on the low with ur relationship.......

  • gem guy vanished again huh? hmmm, you mad at him one day and want nothing to do with him, and the next day, you miss him alot and want to talk to him, sounds like a girl that doesnt know what she wants lol then again most girls dont, some girls pass up good guys and then regret it later and always wonder what if? (like jenn will i think) but im thinking this, maybe you can have a heart to heart talk with him sometime, dont get angry over the crap he has done, but stay calm and ask why he pulls away from you and then comes back and acts all jealous when it doesnt seem like he cares all the time, and that if he cares about you, you need him to stop dissapearing on you and making you worry about him etc... have you ever told him how him going away and then coming back and acting like he cares is affecting you? how he keeps you hanging on to a lost hope that something will change between you guys? and tell him that its not fair for him to keep doing this to you and if he cares he will either decide he wants to be with you, or let you go, BUT dont get angry at him if you really do this,cause he will get angry back at you and say things he doesnt mean, just keep calm and ask him all of those,(if you havent already) but you probably asked when you were angry lol, i dunno just a thought

    internet dating is nothing you should be ashamed of lol alot of people do it now, and the only way you get laid???? you had alot of bad stuff happen to you and i thought you didnt let anyone near you and were still a virgin...... lol or WAS that me??? haha i was because im no longer a virgin but im not the kind of guy to brag about things like that so its no big deal really, and it was like 2 weeks ago lol,

    hard time at work? that sucks and you gave your number to gem guys friend thats good, i wonder if he see or hears about him taking interest in you, how gem guy will react?? as you said, gem guy has "claimed" you before saying "your my girl" etc... and if he were to say that again i would love for you to be like "im your girl? oh really? when did that happen? you dont want me cause you keep running away from me, so im not yours and i can do what i want with WHO i want" DAMN that would KILL!!! LMAO

    and about me and sag girl yes we both need to say it to eachother, i finished my letter i wrote for her, and actually tonight i think im gonna have her read it, and she knows about it, so it doesnt shock her to death lol yeah weve gone out to eat for dinner, we went to a movie last week and saw "a nightmare on elm street" she likes killer movies but not ones with alot of gore and that make you jump, so she was holding my hand and squeezing it haha, and NOPE we arent hiding it anymore, on facebook, we both claim eachother, its says "in relationship with Kirstin (blank)" (didnt want her last name everywhere, but yep it says that she is with me also, and her older sister added me on FB also, (me and her oldest sister are the same age, so that kinda weird lol), but i think im gonna give her the letter tonight, she wants to read it, so i shall tell you how it goes, (i think we should be able to say "it" to eachother afterwards), anyways ill catch ya later, and OH, hey i was wondering if you wanted to add me on facebook?, just look up the name Cody Morrill, and im wearing a black shirt, well ok im out ill tell ya how it goes!

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