Can there ever be a successful relationship with a gemini man?

  • Lol your libra girl was smart when it came to the survey questions, simple words and you just know its about a certain someone, if you think its not about you, maybe it is your mind thinking negatively, if you believe she could be talking about someone else, what does it matter really, point is you should give it a last shot, you know to see if she unblock you, shes properly lost if she should call or text you, but if you believe this is it with someone a relationship with this connection you feel, whats stoping you exactly, you dont want to go through life thinking what if you made effort, point is if you feel this much for somebody, you'll never should stop trying. properly this is another test of hers, to see if you meant well with your words, and it shows how much you actually want to give a shot with the relationship next step ect...

    its a good thing she finally broke it of with her ex, and that it is an actual end to the chapter, hopfuly he wont come back to her, cos I have a feeling she can hold on with life with out him, cos he didnt really benefit her in anyway, his the emotional attached one of the relationship, so shes left him and thats a good sign and maybe shes clear of what she wants and feels, maybe all these surveys are a hidden way of telling you I want to see, i want to talk to you, and start over. moving onto a fresh start of her chapter, who knows whats on her mind exactly, its actually up to you and stop letting your fears getting in the way, she is the one who is more scared, after what happend with her ex, she properly would like to take it slow and not jump into a relationship stright away, cos she only just got out of one, maybe few months and then if she does contact you bk to your text.

    Gem-man, well I feel stupid but I miss talking to him, it isnt as bad, cos I know it isnt a good time to talk to him at all, and I'm not into games, they are immature and im looking for something serious, yeah serious sounds boring, but i dont want to waste my time on a dude and no nothing is going to happen i want hope that his values and thoughts in life are alike, and gem guy had that just that he didnt see it with me sadly, his a total girl you cant just meet someone talk to them for awhile and know the exact moment you cant be with them, didnt do anything wrong, I'm totally better then him, you know he is a confusing dude, he says one thing and he means another, so lets forget what he says cos i know he means something else. I know he wanted me or maybe wants me still. but his a jerk to even try and make it work.

    him and his hidden codes no i havent seen any, i havent joined the forms lately cutting it out, although he has been discussing about this girl he was getting hooked up with, weirdo properly thought i read about it and got jealous, but i heard it from a mate of mines, and well i wont get jealous, i'll be more worried if he talked about his ex, but for the time being i got a job interview on thrusday, hopfuly i'll get it, I also on a diet want to lose a size down to get ready for summer, and just looking after my beauty and mind, who knows if I find a new guy or not, the cancer guy is pretty boring, sooo boring actually, makes it more annoying cos gem guy was the best at communicating lol damn it, i think he wont ever contact me ever again after what happend, and if he does come bk into mylife, he wouldnt want more so whats the point exactly, could he be scared to try anything?

  • i wrote that message above at like 1 in the morning last night, and here i am again at the same time, BUT geuss what, i went to work with my brother this morning and at 8:16 am, i sent her a text saying " hello" did my text go threw?" and it said "message sent" i was like " oooohhh crap, it actually worked!, now what do i say?" LOL, within two minutes, she responds, saying " yes, yes it did" then i say, " oh lol , how ya been? you at school this morning?" she responds saying " no im sleeping lol, and ive been fine" then my response was, " thats good to hear, and oops sry if i woke you up, i remember i had a habit of that lol" AND THEN?? the rest of the day today?? complete silence, she didnt text me, and i didnt text her, until about 6 in the after 7:30 pm, and i said " just got home from working with my brother, long day lol, what did you do all day?" and yep i got the silent treatment again, and nothing yet, i wanted to text her again and be like hey you alive? but i didnt, a AND THEN i log on to myspace and i see her update, and it says ".... today kinda sucked lol, and her mood was "lonely" ,

    she is a hard one to understand, but i think maybe she wants me to be like i was at the beginning, and chase her all around again, and i dont think thats gonna happen, because yes i wanna talk to her and hear about her life again, but if she thinks im just gonna be a puppy on a leash and do what she pleases with me, than that is BS, lol and i know she would like to take it slow, i was impatient before but not now, and even in my last myspace message, i said that me asking all those personal questions wasnt me trying to push her into a relationship with me, but i wanted open and honest talking thats all. and i know she she hiding things her feeling from me, but that was in the past, im certain she has feelings for me like i do with her , well maybe not on the same degree as i do, but i dunno that, she could, but all i got is to think positive instead of negative, its almost 2 in the morning now and she is most likely awake right now, (she always up this late like me lol), so i think im gonna send her a simple "goodnight jenn" im not expecting a text back, but i dunno maybe tomorrow something, ill text her tomorrow also if she doesnt respond, maybe asking her what she is doing, and tell her what im doing at that time, and if she still doesnt respond???? then i dunno what im gonna do, maybe the next thing ill ask is "what's bothering you? is it me texting you again?", i think she would respond if i sent that one to her, but i dunno yet, im getting to far ahead of myself lol, what you think? and ill tell ya how tonight goes when i send her a good night text

    and as for your gem guy, YOU THINK, he wont contact you again after what happened, but you never know, he said he respected you too much, and alot of people will say that, respect= love, i dunno if he did, he never said that did he? and i always said from day 1 lol that he seems like he is scared to death of being hurt again, and he is a gemini, and gems can be very big flirts, (im only a gem rising, and i can tell that i am sometimes, without even realizing it lol) i think he might flirt with other girls and talk to them but will he get close to them??? i dont think so, unless he thinks that she is really worth the risk and /or he knows that he can have her, and then trust her also, he might just need some time to be away from you for a while to get his thoughts right, (i know i did).

  • well i text her last night saying "goodnight jenn" and i havent got nothing yet, i just logged on to myspace and she posted up a song called "say something" right after i sent that text message last night, AND i just went on to her myspace page and she has done some changes, this is her quote at the top of her page, β€œ""true friendship isn't about being there when it's convenient; it's about being there when it's not.”" .

    AND under the part where it say who id like to meet, this is who she would like to meet im guessing, (and im not in denile or thinking negative anymore and i KNOW that she is talking about me"

    she said a whole bunch of different quotes, ""Never say goodbye when you still want to try. Never give up when you still feel you can take it. Never say you don't love a person when you can't let go""

    """Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go"""

    """Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they'll I love you back...don't expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart but if it doesn't, be content it grew in yours.... """

    ""I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when not feeling it"""

    """You know its love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you're not part of their happiness.... """

    """β€œThis is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, Love to complete your life."""

    hmmm, im gonna have to do something today about this, i hate how she isnt texting back and not talking to me,,, i dunno i gotta think for a little bit.

  • Hmmm I dont know, maybe she felt she didnt need to say anything back after good night, maybe you could later after a day or two and ask her something else, instead of a simple hello, hi, how are you doing jen, just be random, quirky. and share a love qoute or a thought provoking qoute, she is into that, and so I'm I, I like those random min text, leave her wondering, shes properly bored of asking the same questions, perhapes you could just go stright to the point, like for example if the weather is bad/good in your state city say it, like say for example its good weather, tell her haha the sun is out, I'm out to have a supa dupa cool tan, and then ask her what your up to. be playful, but mature, joke-y like and just flirt to, cos you have to remember flirting would be nice seen as though the friend zone is a no no.

    those quotes on her page, seem interesting shes properly is talking to you, that only you can understand, but dont say anything, its apart of the game, only you and her connection can know this with eye contact a wink or a evil cheeky grin, just go with the flow, properly through songs and quotes is the only way to tell you stuff of how she feels, and it is hard to share emotions if words are to hard to define how we feel at the moment. explan to her why you was impatient with her and that you wasnt forcing her, but you was interested in her, and say wouldnt it be better if I liked you alot to know you in heart and mind, then to be a jerk and see you nothing more.

    "and as for your gem guy, YOU THINK, he wont contact you again after what happened, but you never know, he said he respected you too much, and alot of people will say that, respect= love, i dunno if he did, he never said that did he? and i always said from day 1 lol that he seems like he is scared to death of being hurt again, and he is a gemini, and gems can be very big flirts, (im only a gem rising, and i can tell that i am sometimes, without even realizing it lol) i think he might flirt with other girls and talk to them but will he get close to them??? i dont think so, unless he thinks that she is really worth the risk and /or he knows that he can have her, and then trust her also, he might just need some time to be away from you for a while to get his thoughts right, (i know i did). "

    yeah I suppose thats what he did, had a break and had another break cos I told him to take him of my list of friends, didnt want to talk to him, dont really want to be that therapist anymore, it isnt my thang, I want something more, it doesnt have to be serious or anything, just as long as we are on the same page, but he isnt anymore seen as though his mind has changed, his lost within what career he must have, he hasnt got one either, and well now his mind is all over the place, he properly thinks I want alot of things involing money and we cant go on dates out side to resturants, and well we cant visit each others houses ....parents are strict and all, it would be better if he had his own place but with no job no money that cant happen. I miss him alot I suppose same times I want to cry cos I miss the communcation we had, at times I would have liked if it went forward, but he doesnt seem to be able to promise anything at this moment, his sooo scared I know he is, he kept mentioning what his ex did, not trusting any women, and he would remind me that I was lucky to have him talking to me, cos he hated women and didnt trust them, plus he does flirt with girls, and I speak to them, I dont know them in real life, but they are on my list, you know how fb is all wacky everyone is on everyones page lol, he flirts with them and he flirted with my friend, but he seems to not promise anything more when he flirts and then thats it. Yeah he said he respected me to not use me like that, which I thought it was funny, I remember when I was so under him in thinking of how i liked him, i wanted him to use me even if he didnt like me that much, or if he wouldnt love me, but seen as tho he would feel something to not use me like that, helps. soo who knows...its 2 weeks now I think or more, lets see if another month of him buging me would come again.

  • im home with my sleeping parents behind me right now LOL

  • what the hell? it sent it when i wasnt finished, well anyways, yeah what i said up above, and so ill will post up the lyrics of the 3 new songs she posted today, cause me and her actually text a little bit today, but she is keeping her text very short and then didnt respond, after a while, but i feel asleep early today and i just text her asking what she doing, and she said "sleeping" then i respnded back but i havent gotten nothing back, anyways hereare the lyrics, then i gotta go, ill respond on your gem guy later too

    all these songs are by second hand serenade, first song " a twist in my story"

    Slow down, the world isn't watching us break down

    It's safe to say we are alone now, we're alone now

    Not a whisper, the only noise is the receiver

    I'm counting the seconds until you break the silence

    So please just break the silence

    The whispers turn to shouting

    The shouting turns to tears

    Your tears turn into laughter

    And it takes away our fears

    So you see, this world doesn't matter to me

    I'll give up all I had just to breathe

    The same air as you till the day that I die

    I can't take my eyes off of you

    And I'm longing, for words to describe how I'm feeling

    I'm feeling inspired

    My world just flip turned upside down

    It turns around, say what's that sound

    It's my heart beat, it's getting much louder

    My heart beat, is stronger than ever

    I'm feeling so alive, I'm feeling so alive

    I'm finally waking up, a twist in my story

    It's time I open up, and let your love right through me

    I'm finally waking up, a twist in my story

    It's time I open up, and let your love right through me

    That's what you get

    When you see your life in someone else's eyes

    That's what you get, that's what you get

    SECOND SONG called " awake"

    With every appearance by you, blinding my eyes,

    I can hardly remember the last time I felt like I do.

    You're an angel disguised.

    And you're lying real still,

    But your heart beat is fast just like mine.

    And the movie's long over,

    That's three that have passed, one more's fine.

    Will you stay awake for me?

    I don't wanna miss anything

    I don't wanna miss anything

    I will share the air I breathe,

    I'll give you my heart on a string,

    I just don't wanna miss anything.

    I'm trying real hard not to shake. I'm biting my tongue,

    But I'm feeling alive and with every breathe that I take,

    I feel like I've won. You're my key to survival.

    And if it's a hero you want,

    I can save you. Just stay here.

    Your whispers are priceless.

    Your breathe, it is dear. So please stay near.

    Say my name. I just want to hear you.

    Say my name. So I know it's true.

    You're changing me. You're changing me.

    You showed me how to live.

    So just say. So just say,

    3RD SONG called "vulnerable"

    Share with me the blankets that your wrapped in

    Because its cold outside cold outside its cold outside

    Share with me the secrets that you kept in

    Because its cold inside cold inside its cold inside

    And your slowly shaking finger tips

    Show that your scared like me so

    Let's pretend we're alone

    And I know you may be scared

    And I know we're unprepared

    But I don't care

    Tell me, tell me

    What makes you think that you are invincible?

    I can see it in your eyes that you're so sure

    Please don't tell me that I'm the only one that's vulnerable


    I was born to tell you I love you

    Isn't that a song already?

    I get a B in originality

    And it's true I can't go on without you

    Your smile makes me see clear

    If you could only see in the mirror what I see

    Slow down girl -- you're not going anywhere

    Just wait around and see

    Maybe I am much more you never know what lies ahead

    I promise I can be anyone, I can be anything

    Just because you were hurt doesn't mean you shouldn't bleed

    I can be anyone, anything, I promise I can be what you need

    ALRIGHT, im getting outta my parents room before i wake them up, i usually type this late over at my sisters house lol and to answer about the songs, umm me and her need to really have a talk i think, i have been "playing stupid" with her on her text messages, and acting like everything is ok, when its not, and i can tell that everything isnt ok with her also.

  • "Slow down, the world isn't watching us break down It's safe to say we are alone now, we're alone now" she properly means her break up from her ex and breaking that she isnt good enough to you, maybe its her insecurties, she is also meaning that your breaking to, cos you want her and you want to be together wanting more in the relationship. "It's safe to say we are alone now, we're alone now" there arent any interuptions, no ex to step inbetween the both of you. "I'm counting the seconds until you break the silence So please just break the silence" she wants it to not be awkward anymore, things that needd to be said, maybe she wants to actually clear things up and not get together and leave things out, let her explan her self, and you explan your part too, to see if your both of the same page, ask if she wants to talk about her ex, and how she overcome him and realised he wasnt the one for her, and ask what change of heart she had when she unblocked you to text ask her, do you want me in your life now, the new fresh start to something new, also explan that you understand that things shouldnt be rushed, and that it would be based on romance, being together, just doing old time things, just normal things usual couples do, but it doesnt have to be serious unless your ready, but bare in mind that I'm serious on having a relationship with you, and hoping it would last if it could. but if your heart isnt ready now, give me hope that you'll be ready soon enough, that your mind is on the same page of wanting more. "I'm finally waking up, a twist in my story It's time I open up, and let your love right through me", telling you that shes awake and notice life cant be like this how she was with her ex, life shouldnt be that diffcult that unfair in a relationship,why should it be based on misery only, it wasnt healthy what they had, and cos it was only one who cared for him and he didnt give it back in return or respect her at all. she is also now actually offering to open up finally so ask her kindly not by forcing her but going through with the conversation you'll soon have with her, shes allowing you to like her more and to soon enough to love her also, and she'll wouldnt hold back shes letting you through to her.

    "And you're lying real still,But your heart beat is fast just like mine.And the movie's long over,

    That's three that have passed, one more's fine." shes properly wanting you to be more honest with her, dont be scared of telling her whats on your mind, be real with her if shes wrong correct her in a nice manner but not with arrogance, "movies long over" life isnt a movie, so dont accpect her to be perfect, and she wouldnt accpect that either from you to, she knows things arent all la la and all good, she knows its the start of romance, knowing each other and progressing to be a strong in the relationship. it would take love to grow, maybe fast but love grows everyday of a couple whom have been together for over the years. I feel like I've won. You're my key to survival. "And if it's a hero you want, I can save you. Just stay here.Your whispers are priceless.Your breathe, it is dear. So please stay near." saying she'll be there for you too, care for you be there to support you, only the deal is you'll do the same to. show that you love her.

    "Share with me the blankets that your wrapped in,Because its cold outside ,Share with me the secrets that you kept in,Because its cold" shes most properly is ready for an passionate step in the relationship, kissing and ect, maybe s-e-x, to be intament within each other. to feel that connection if its more then being friends. sharing secrets with each other, that maybe hardly anyone knows, can help build a stronger and better relationships, but be wise about what you say sometimes the truth of what you were before can sometimes bother the person, but maybe she is a nice person to forgive and forget your mistakes. maybe if she accpects how you was before meaning shes accpected half of you, and is willing to accpect the new you and how you are now as a person, also shes suppose to share secrets to her past life the future, feelings etc..And your slowly shaking finger tips,Show that your scared like me so", you'll have to be more comfortable with each other maybe she wasnt so comfortable before but maybe she is now "Let's pretend we're alone",no else but you and her and to forget the worlds problems to bond with each other "And I know you may be scared,And I know we're unprepared", even tho this relationship wasnt planed at all, relationships should always be based on unplaned bonding and s-e-xually, and also certain activites you do outside, it should be with surprises, like romantic things, her doing things for you that you'll like such as cooking, caring giving your space etc..let it be fun adventurious, but mature and serious to.

    ( hopfuly that helped, had a job interview today my god I was soooo nerves he showed alot lol, she said she would call me on monday and tuseday wish me luck if I get it, I've missed the smell of money lol.)

  • oh btw about the gem-man, on the forms he was talking to another dude on the forms saying how he has a date on saturday, like wtf, on public forms as if it mattered, point is the fool could of talked to him on msn or through the inbox, cos they are pretty close and they chit chat with each other, so most properly guessing as a jerk thinking i would see it and be all jealous, but i suppose his telling the truth, dumb bo didnt leave his fb on private lol, so i can see his status and so on, his friend asked if he was doing anything on the weekend, and he said no how about on friday on saturday, i'm grinding on that day. so my guess his found a slut to feel in his needs, or his back with his ex, doesnt matter tho even tho im a tiny bit hurt, but yet again i shouldnt be cos he doesnt want me i suppose and we dont have anything.

  • LMAO, I got grinding wrong, not really good at known slag, should of checked urban dictionary, he meant he is working or selling stuff.

  • thanks for what you thought about the songs, made me feel better, but not so much anymore after we sent messages on myspace again, i sent her a message saying this.

    """"well ummm this seems to be the only way for us to talk with out it being awkward. i been thinking the last few days, cause i can just feel the tension or something building up since i started texting you again. um i dunno where you head is at right now, but maybe i can tell you where mine is right now.

    first off im curious about some things, i was shocked when my text actaully went through to you the other day cause i didnt have high hopes of it working and couldnt help wonder why i was unblocked., but im glad it did, cause i have missed talking to you, or just missed you all together lol, but ummm i cant help but be hesitant with how i talk to you, or getting so caught up with you like i was before, and then later feel like a moron again and i think you would be able to understand as to why i am. and also, have noticed that your being short with me in your text messages, and im doing all the talking like i once was again, thats why im curious to where your head is at you know?.

    would i like everything to be the way they used to be between us? with us texting, having fun joking around with eachother? yes i would, cause i miss that with you badly lol, but i still have my worries because i still have those feelings that didnt do away and care about you so much that..... i dunno. all i know is that if you have any questions or concerns that you can talk to me if you want, and vise versa. and yes i still know about the "friends" thing so you dont have to remind me, but the way i look at it, when have we ever just talked like friends? like never lol, so i dunno. i guess i took the first step, i kinda stated what it is that i want, and my concerns, i have an idea of what things i did recently that might concern you , but im not sure so ill keep quiet. so i wonder what are your concerns?, sorry if the questions are ones you dont want to answer, but any guy would ask these type of questions, if someone doesnt talk much. ummm well ill talk to ya later.""


    """"im not trying to be short with you, you just always seem to text me when im sleeping or at work. and yes i know i usually stay up late but that hasnt been the case lately since i've been working more and im opening at the store. anyhow i unblocked your number a while back cause you said you had something to say and then you never said it. i have no idea what it was but it doesnt matter lol.

    yes we've never talked like just friends before cause we jumped for too much too fast. but thats how we'll talk now πŸ˜‰ i'm not mad about anything. im not holding anything against you or keeping track but i'm gonna be honest here and say i kinda have a thing goin on right now with a very old friend. its not my ex if thats what your thinking. i kicked that jackass right outta my life after one too many lies. anyhow thats where my head is at. i hope you get to feeling better."""


    """yeah im not feeling too good right now, ive been dizzy all day, and driving around all day running errands. yeah i know your busy lol, why is there no school right now for you anyways? and i figured that you blocked your ex and stuff. hmmm that i had something to say.... hmm i could say alot of things lol but i dunno how you would take it, nothing bad but still. maybe whenever you have time or something maybe next weekend(i should be over being sick then lol) that we could do something with your friends maybe i dunno lol, and about your old friend thats good, it sean?, i think you said that once lol, yeah i havent really had anything going on, cept this one girl that i dont know from Peoria messaged me in Dec, and Kirstin called her my stalker lol, kinda was really, we never met and didnt talk really LOL but she just got out of a 3 year relationship and seemed way desparate to not be alone , i aint gonna be a rebound , so i cut off the contact after i told her to get herself straight and that she shouldnt need someone to feel complete. then she still was contacting me checking in on me, thats why for her nickname lol. but finally all over now lol, well anyways, im soo frickin tired right now, almost took a nap eariler. well ill talk to ya later""""

    AND THEN she just sent this to me just now lol she said

    """ya maybe we can go walk around at Tempe markplace or something next weekend that would be cool. yes its sean πŸ˜ƒ and as for school i'm still going but some things happened and i'm just running behind. so i'm working more while i can. need to put monies away. im gettin ready to hit the hay cause more work morrow yay /gag lol. anyhow get better and we'll see about setting up next weekend. talk to you laters."""

    i dont know what to think right now, i knew that she said she loved 2 people before and one was her ex shiloh and the other one she loved was her friend Sean, but i notice how she kept it short about him? hmmm and she kinda has a thing going on with him?? like what?? he lives in a different state then her, and on his profile it say "in a Relationship" and plus he has got 2 kids too lol, maybe she didnt think that i wouldnt go look at his profile and see all that, WHAT IF she wanted to make me jealous?? so that i would be aggressive and no longer be afraid cause she feels ready for something more now and she thinks by making me jealous that i will finally SHOW her how i feel?? hmmm i dunno, well i tell ya what though, right now its kinda working if thats the case haha, and also on another note, after i sent my first message when i said that i missed her, she posted up and close up pic of herself smiling.....................hmmm, too much to think about, and if indeed somthing does happen next weekened and we hangout, we will probably be with her friends too not just me and her, maybe i dunno, it would be better if it was just me and her, its better that way her friends make it weird lol

    and your Gem man might be trying to make you jealous also, just like i think my Libra girl is.and yes my heart just sank when she said that :(. but i gotta think positive, and i just gotta turn the charm back on, but not too much, cause she is quite aware of what i have told her in the past, if we were to ever hang out alone again and when we go to say goodbye, i think ill have to just go for it (the kiss) i dont think she will pull away but you never know, and of course i dont think ill go for it next week, i think that be too soon, i dunno when yet lol

  • Wow, June 11 born Geminis seem to have major commitment issues I have been dating one born that same day, but the year is 65. I have a Gemini friend born may 24,1970 who is going through a divorce with a Gemini woman born June 11, 1970.

    My June 11 Gem, is in and out so much in my life that I am getting whiplash from he's comings and goings, yet even when he's backed off, if I call or text him when I need something, he never turns me down to help me, I just do not get him at all.

    He too, has talked about extremly bad relationships with other women, including marriages and talks about how he can't get past the feeling of paranoia he has, when it comes to romantic relationships.

    The funny thing is, when I express that I am ready to walk away from him, he jumps back in real fast and starts acting like a real boyfriend again. If I, start showing signs of happiness, closeness, talking of the future between us, he backs off so fast it makes my head spin. WTF?

    I do not believe all Gemini people are fruit-loops.I hae 2 girlfriends that are gemini and a guy friend that is gemini and they all want their relationships to work, they want love, respect, and someone to share their lives with. So I think my Gemini, has more issues then just being a Gemini

    Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

  • MrCheve. damn that's a shock, I'm confused now she should of made it obvious about that part hmmm hopefuly you'd take it lightly and see it as a sign to move on, if she is actually doing it to make you jealous then be jealous show it a little not possessive but show it in a loving way, how you'd hate to share her. well let me know how it goes when you meet up with her, you better kiss her let it end all ready see if there is a spark to see if she feels anything to not make you be in the pack of other it would help to know where you stay in the relationship if she likes you at all or not.

    Gem-guy hmmm if his trying to make me jealous isnt working lol

    FreeBird- hmm you know If I was in your place if I wanted more from him and wanted to be somewhere in life to have a happy healthy relationship, and he cant even give you clear hope that your on the same page within the future of being together, i'd take time out from him and tell him go figure it out on your own, but I cant promise that I'll lay around waiting for you.

    heres the link ask this member called Thcaptain, who can do a reading of knowing your mans birth/year and yours and can give you a infor of how it is going between you two, its actually helpful

    its on the astrology form section.

  • mizzlibraz, NOW she has changed her Relationship status to "in a Relationship" and she did a few surveys also and she said "im taken :)" which all of thise doesnt make any sense, BECAUSE when i sent her that messages, saying that i missed her etc... she was single last night before i said that i missed her, and now it seems that i want to spend time with her again, she all of a sudden says that she is in Relationship and is taken? does that seem right to you???? he lives in cali, this sean guy does, and im in AZ, and she did say that she loved him a long time ago, but they were just friends and nothing ever happened, by his pictures i can just tell that he is bad news for her, just like her ex, i sent her another message already this morning, but she is at work until later today, then i wonder what she will say to my message, and if she says what i think she is gonna say, i already got what im gonna say,

    and oh i will post up some of her questions andwhat she said

    1(Where would you like to go?


    2(Why do you wanna go there?

    different reasons πŸ˜ƒ

    3(Who do you want to be with right now?


    4(Does someone have a crush on you? (i think this one about me,cause prolly dissapointed))


    5( Current hate:

    i hate waking up in the middle of the night! (also bout me, i text her late last night saying "goodnight jenn" again)

    OK, but heres the thing, i think the only reason she wants to be with this other guy is because, she has loved him for years, when he didnt like her that way, maybe he does now???? also he is like a music producer and is around girls all the time im sure,(another reason why i think he is bad news) i think she is setting herself up for more heartache, but who knows???? maybe this was supposed to happen? maybe she is supposed to do this to me and be hurt again and then she will understand that it has always been me for her?? i dunno, plus he lives in cali and i dont think they have seen eachother for many years and i dont think he would leave his business, and she is going to school here in AZ for nursing and that waiting list is loooong to get on, and i dont think she would leave to cali really, i think she likes the bad boy's the guys that are the risk of getting hurt, and with me being such a sure thing it scares her to death.

  • and also to add on to that, this is my message i sent her that she hasnt seen yet.

    """are you doing this to me on purpose again? something doesnt seem right here, i say that i missed the hell out of you and now within a few hours you are now in a Relationship with sean in cali?? that just doesnt make sense to me. what happened between you and me to make you just completely move on and just forget about me? yes i was quiet these past two months and i didnt shower you with compliments like i did before cause thats what i really think but whatever happened to you liking me loads and loads?"""

    thats what i wrote to her, but im curious to how she will respond, if she will actually tell me somethings that i did that pis-s-ed her off? im sure that one of them is me not talking to her like i used too (cause most girls will admit that it is a turn on lol) and the fact that me and her havent seen eachother since Dec 18th at her house party,

  • and these are the latest songs that she posted up by second hand serenade,

    this song is called "goodbye"

    """It's a shame that it had to be this way

    It's not enough to say I'm sorry

    It's not enough to say I'm sorry

    Maybe I'm to blame

    Or maybe were the same

    But either way I can't breathe

    Either way I can't breathe

    All I had to say is goodbye

    Were better off this way

    Were better off this way

    I'm alive but I'm losing all my drive

    Cause everything we've been through

    And everything about you

    Seemed to be a lie

    A guiltless twisted lie

    It made me learn to hate you

    Or hate myself for letting it pass by

    Take my hand away

    Spell it out

    Tell me I was wrong

    Tell me I was wrong

    THIS SONG IS CALLED " last time"

    """I'm stuck with writing songs

    Just to forget

    What they really were about

    And these words are bringing me so deeply insane

    That I don't think I can take my way out

    I couldn't breathe through it

    Like I need to and the words don't mean a thing

    So I'll sing this song to you

    For the last time

    And my heart is torn in two

    Thinking of days spent without you

    And there is nothing left to prove

    I'm counting all the things I could have done

    To make you see

    That I wanted us to be what I go to sleep and dream of

    I want you to know that I'd die for you

    I'd die for you

    And if you are alone

    Make sure you're not lonely

    Cuz if you are, I blame myself

    For never being home

    I know I'm not the only one

    Who will treat you like they should

    What you deserve

    ughhh, this sucks sooo bad, im a little heart broken, but at the same time, i hope everything works out for her, even though i wanna be that guy that with her but i guess as long as she is happy..............................

  • chevelle71!! get on that next plane to cali!!!!!! what are u waiting for???? the timing is NOW my friend. look at all those words she wrote .. what more proof do you want???!! stop dillydallying and finding excuses.. JUST DO IT!!

  • stranger, you didnt understand, she is with someone else now from cali, one of her oldest friends, its over between me and her,

  • Mizzlibraz,

    thanks for everything you have ever done for me, BUT it is OFFICAILLY OVER WITH ME AND HER, i went to talk to her in person about her being in a relationship now with one of her best friends and she has known for a long time, and he knows everything about her she says, and the thing is that he is the same age as her 23 and has 2 kids already that look 5 years old, and he lives in Cali and we live in AZ, so i say good luck to her with having a long distance relationship, (he is the same type of guy JUST like her ex) so if that is what she wants is to be hurt again, then so be it,

    the sad part is that she has been dreaming about being with him since she was little (11 years old) she is living in a fantasy world, she is kinda obessed with him really, thats really sad, cause i know she will get hurt in the end and i didnt want that for her.

    in our talk I had with her today, i told her that i was finally ready to pursue something more with her and that i wasnt afraid anymore, but it seems like i just missed the train as it went by me, but honestly she never wanted anything more with me i think cause she is stuck in a dream world with him, my main concern was that he is gonna hurt her(its bound to happen cause she is obessed with him and will keep track of everything he is doing, it will be a nightmare for him and he will get tired of it)

    AND her "boyfriend" sent me a message today on myspace after she blocked me out of her life once again and this time for good, but in time she will realize what she lost, i know she will, but this is what he said to me

    """wats sup cody how may i hel;p u ? u like to use names of people u dont kno how u feel'n bro just hit me up dont come at jen like that if u got sumthang to say im a man just talk 2 me u kno hit me backlk so we can talk about wats on your mind""""

    NOW i was gonna be an A-s-shole to him, but i was mature about it and since i really did love her this is what i said back to him

    """i dont know what she told you but its probably bul-l-****, but umm i never came at jen in a bad way, i never said anything bad about her since i met her like 8 months ago, all i ever said about her was good things and she knows it, if you didnt know i liked jen alot since i met her, but she seems to be kinda obsessed with you to be honest, and all i was worried about was her, cause even though i dont know you, i know your music producer or something, and prolly have girls that hit on you all the time and s-h-it, soo my concern was that since jen is obsessed with you for all these years that i feared that you would hurt her, cause i know i wouldnt, but i aint got any hard feelings towards you or her, im good, it was just a chapter in my life and i learned alot from it. i just want her to be happy and if that is with you? then so be it, BUT if you were to hurt her i just wanted to let you know that it would absolutey kill her if you did, or if it didnt work out with you guys, but i hope it does, i really do. i always had nothing but her best interest at heart. i just hope you know what you got."""

  • LMAO, Mrcheve you pretty much kinda put a jerk vibe into it, you kept repeating shes obsessed with you lol, . Jen is such a meany, I think thats what exactly Gem-guy was doing to me playing around with me, cos its easy to do that when a person doesnt hardly know the things based on relationships, but cant they understand nither of us clueless or stupid to figure it out on our own. I think the gem-guy would actually not get back in contact me, and I'm willing to find someone else, although I must say, it does take such a long time to actually like a guy, I'm way to picky with the personality, and I liked his alot he was different despite the fact he was angry and confusing and not knowing what he wanted, being broke. but I'm not into bad boys, he wasnt a bad boy, but a intelligent A-hole. and what did jen think if she called her man from cali to you, doesnt make sense why she would do something like that its really harsh,acting like you hurt her and stuff.

    well now we've learnt our lessons our mistakes let me go through it for us newbies

    • dont throw around to many compliments ( why? reasons cos they wont believe it if you repeat it alot, make as if your hard to impress and when you do actually say a few compliments here and there, they'll take it to believe it, that was you mistake and mines to, gem-guy said oh I forgot your one to throw alot of compliments lol. )

    dont push to much with the questions ( if they dont want to answer its their problem leave it, my gem-guy wasnt rude with those, he said he was an open book and wished i did ask alot of qestions, but jen is secretive and isnt into it cos she lacks confidence, or that she wants to pull of the mysterious look)

    dont be so needy ( why cos they'll feel oh they are always there, I know they'll contact me call me, send me a email make the first move, we have to be strong and not always be the first one to make the move or we lose. and be back to the first stage.)

    over and all, when we need advice, we should ask people. wish you all the best to Mrcheve for you help also. perhaps we should move on and find someone else, and I'm willing to do the same to, honestly if you ever get the chance to talk to jen, dont ever talk to her on email or msn, myspace, it always holds peoples feelings and they hold back, like with gem-guy always acted alot different behind a screen lol, but I know if I got him on phone or face to face I'd like him more cos its a better person. its easy to do it, that way cos all emotions are there, and you'll get a different fed back.

  • Freebird68, I don't think that it's just people born on June 11th. Gemini's are just confusing people and who are truely afraid of their fillings. I have been with my Gemini friend for awhile and I am still learnig him and he is also showing me things. For me Gemini's just work. He still challenge me and that's pretty much what I need. So what ever works for that person. But I don't think that it's people who's b'day is around June 11th.

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