Can there ever be a successful relationship with a gemini man?

  • those are good points you said, some of those i wonder if my Libra girl will ever do, like try to get back with the ex thing, it was her first and only Relationship, and the thing is, in her message the only way she compared me to her ex, was that i ask her questions that she doesnt wanna anwser just like her ex did, she never said anything else about me being like him, so thats good lol, but what i forgot to say to her in my message is that EVERY GUY is gonna ask you questions when you dont talk alot, and dont say anything to us guys, when we want to know about you, or if you have feelings for us cause sometimes it seems like you do and then get scared the next day, seriously, man i wish i woulda included that in my message lol.

    i always change my mind on what i want as career, but i know what i think about my family lol, dont have a relgion, i was baptized mormon for my grandparents in 5th grade, but dont go to church, i believe there is a higher power out there but im not so sure, the bible and stuff has many different versions and it still changes?????? why???? because someone wants to make everyone else believe what they believe in?, i dont really know wat my Libra girl would say if i said something like like, on her myspace page is says, christian-other, so i dunno what that means lol, ive never heard her talk about church so i dont think she goes.

    3 lives or 3 lies?? hmmm thats the thing, you sure it was a lie? whatever he told you or is that just you thinking that he lied? what he say anyways?, with me, i havent really lied to my Libra girl, maybe a white lie here and there, like once i went to see her at work and i said that i was already helping a friend with my dad that lived near her work so i thought i would stop by to see her, what i lied about was that i went up to her work JUST to see her, but my dads friend does live on the same street as she does(i found that out, at the christmas party) and is by her work but i never went there, i went to see her only, i said something like that because i worried about wat she would have thought about me just going up to see her and for no other reason, but thinking back now im stupid for saying that lol, i will tell her one day that i went that day just to see her, i think she would like that haha but yes im sure she feels just like you right now, thinking that everything ive said to her isnt true and that i lied, but i meant everything that i have said to her, even the negative stuff about her gonna end up being alone with cats since she pushes people away, i meant it lol, im sure that message got her to think about things, but even the negative stuff i said? that was my way to make her realize what she is doing to me if she has any feelings for me, and that sometimes i seriously think that "maybe she isnt worth it?" i say that sometimes, and then god there is always something that is pulling me back, cause alot of things i see or hear people say, it reminds me of her, and drives me crazy sometimes lol

    you didnt talk to him today? well if he is like me right now, allllllll day i badly wanted to send her a message wishing her a happy V day, or i was gonna find some money somehow and get a dozen white roses,(she has a thing for white roses), and i was gonna bring them to her house, but yet again, i dunno how she will react if i did that, im afraid of being told something like "thanks" and that would be it, just like how i said that i loved her and all i got is a thanks, and that was bad enough over the internet, but being shot down in person??? then i would have REALLY been done. even though i wanted to do something for her very badly a part of me wonders why would i do that?? ive never giving anyone flowers before, ive never cared this much before, ive never felt like this before, alot of first's lol and me typing that i got a little teary eyed im not gonna lie lol, but the other part of me thinks she wouldnt loved to get flowers from me(she even said that she has never been given flowers before) she said that a a while ago on one of those surveys on myspace.

    dont think about he got a text from his ex, im sure he probably thought about her cause that alot of years they had, but if i think he was like i was today, he wasnt completely sure how you would have taken anything he said and maybe even gave to you. take care well im off i hanging out with a friend tonight,( but it is the Sag girl that got me and Libra girl to start talking again after she blocked me, but since then i dunno, this sag girl seems like she has gotten jealous how i talk about her, she even called me her best friend once, and also she has been going threw alot the last month and she would always text me, and she said "i dunno how i would have gotten through this without you", and now she invites me over to her house WHEN HER PARENTS ARENT HOME until tomorrow,and to watch a movie?????? and its valentines day???? sounds like shes up to something, but she hasnt ever showed that she likes me of anything, but the thing is she is friend, ok im a little attracted to her, but not nearly the same way i am to libra girl. i think she has seen how good of a guy i am and how i been turned down, maybe i seem vulnerable and shes gonna try to capatalize on it? i dunno, but if she does try anything, i will not do anything, and i will leave if she does cause i want jennifer (libra) not her.

  • and oh i was wondering, would you fight for your gem guy if some other girl was trying to get his attention? or would you be like "oh well maybe he will be better off" ?? even though you might think you are out of your gem guys league lol but you felt a connection to him remember? lol, i just wanted to add that to my questions. dont worry ill be a good boy,(i dont think anything will happen though)

  • Nope I'm pretty sure his lying atleast about half of it, you know when you make something sound so extre dramatic more interesting more heart breaking, I suppose thats what I notice, he says one thing, changes it, forgets it, changes it and says something and then I know his lying.

    No I wouldnt fight for him, got to much pride, never been into that stuff, a man can think for his own, and men love women playing hard to get weather they deny it, if I walk away it would make him wonder why, and make him realize his ex is immature and that she'll drop him when ever she likes, me I'm not willing to break something that could be true love, he hasnt said anything bad about her only that she dumbed him cos his looks were fadding, sad I know.

    we talked on a thread of mines, we were talking like nothing happend, yet i wont let it go, he has explaning to do, plus he hasnt come on fb and still hasnt unblocked me on msn, so I dont know when we'll get the chance to talk, I just replyed to his status saying the thing that bothers him, saying "hmmmm okay" lol he doesnt know what it means, truth is it means anything on the certain moment lol. Bored as hell to, and I just want to talk to him, but I dont know what his doing exactly, his being all friendly on the forms, and then nothing his hiding on fb, when I know for a fact he would go on chat log.

    how did V-day go for you? did she make a move? plus I know you like Jen but dont make it stop you from finding someone else, if your that sure you can win her, what I do is I see all relationships as a game, you have to remember their story, their past words, and words they say the next day, how they feel about the future and their feelings sometimes bits can be put together, like how I did with my gem-man, he gave hints with out him knowing, reasons why i didnt give up on him first time when he didnt even call me, and then 2nd time, I suppose his sooooo confussed so convinced I'm like any other girl, btw my friend said I and the gem-man have our own mental mind game of our own and no one is apart of it lol funny, she also said his sooo complicated which is true.

  • Before all this we came online chat at the same time, he didnt make a move then, and obviously I'm less staborn then him, and yet again it properly just proffs how he really feels about me, I dont know if he feels he made a move already by talking to me on threads and mentioning me in secret codes, cos to me that isnt a move, I wont advoid asking him questions. do you thin if you commented on Libra girls myspace page, and both appear to be online, do you feel just to know she wants to talk to you, she would have to make the first move?

    our conversation on his status:

    His status-I'm an Extraordinary Gentleman, just like Tom Sawyer nigga

    Me- Hmmm OKay

    him- You have something to say? If you feeling froggy, leap.

    me- Tom sawyer, may may SMH

    him- Lol wat? I don't get it way you trying to say. U speaky English?

    me- Lol when are you going to quit playing hide and seek, @ my comment it wasnt english per-say.

    ( I was hinting to him, to come online so I could talk to him, but I think he is trying to confuss me, trying to keep it cool, playing hard to get. dont know what exactly his doing, but I've accpected long ago, wasnt the discussion meant to start from then.)

    him- Oh, I get it now.

    me- pretty much doubt you did.

    ( after that he didnt come online, or comment back to me)

    so to break the ice even more, I like playing around with him by using cheesy pick up lines, so I private message him and said "whatcha wearing?" lol, but no reply yet, if a girl played around with you by using chessy pick up lines as a joke and used it on you, would you find it funny and cute?

  • to his reply back to whatcha wearing, he said

    Him- clothes. i re added you cos i m desperate and lonely i suppose. also, i never deleted xtasy from fb, so i m trying be reasonable and a 'gentleman'

    Me- apology would be better, seen as though I know your staborn to not say sorry, so.....say it and why you should be sorry? well atleast your honest, and now that you know I kinda benefited you in away.

    btw reasonable and being a gentleman, I left you alone, so you could off stuck by your words.

  • unblock me on MSN, lets not get into the habit with the essays again.

    him- i dont no if i m comfortable with that. just talk on here. its less personal. i m not trying to get too attached

    me- hmmmmm okay, your a funny one.

    him- i no. i no

    me- Yup so it seems.

    him- lol.... well.... this is awkward

    me- I'm trying to make it as awkward as possible lol.

    ( dont know about you Mr.cheve but he lied again, trying to be the good guy, his just weird, he wants me and his pushing me again. kinda not liking him at the moment.)

  • on your first post up above, ill respond first, well i know when i tell a story about my past that means alot to me or hurt alot, i use bigger words than i normally would use in normal talking, and try to tell it in a way that the other person kinda feels how bad it was and go into more detail than needed sometimes, im a pretty good story teller sometimes and sometimes something that really isnt that funny or great, i can make it sound like it was the funniest thing in the world, or the worst thing in the world,, just think about it...........if a story we tell doesnt mean that much we will keep it short, but if it does mean alot and it maybe affected us alot, then when we talk about it, we go into detail alot to make people understand how much it affected us, no matter how small it was.

    no fighting for him, hmmm to much pride? well thats good, but i dunno how your connection is to him or how strong it is but my connection to my Libra, is unlike anything ive ever felt before, ive actually never have felt a connection before i met her, every other girl that seemed to like me, there was nothing, nada lol maybe except for the phyiscal attraction,(but im a guy so yea lol) but with her its more than just the phyiscal attraction i have, its .........everything really hahaha. its weird how much we have in common, i really do believe i wont find another girl that i will have so much in common with.

    valentines day? well nothing happened just as i thought, but everything i mentioned did seem a little weird huh? lol, i dont really want anything to happen even if it did, she's got major issues to deal with, being bi-polar and what not, me being the nice guy is just trying to help thats all, she talks to me about all her guys that come on to her and asks me for advice as well so yeah lol.

  • now onto you and him talking, hmmmm...................... you feeling froggy? leap LOL i laughed when i saw that, well he wants you to say something first im guessing, you did say that you pushed him away first didnt you, then he pushed you away? well thats what is going on with me and My Libra it seems, how was he when you first met? contacting you all the time? saying your beautiful etc....? was he like that, or was that just how i was with my Libra girl? lol well if he was like i was in the beginning, after being pushed away so much, i seriously wonder if shes even worth it sometimes anymore, you know? i put myself out there soo much, and i didnt like it, but i geuss its all my fault i fell for her so hard, and so fast right? its not everyday when you feel this weird connection, you can feel how she feels, have damn near everything in common, even down to the little things she says sometimes, and i wonder wtf? i used to say that years ago, and i thought i was the only one that did!!,

    if he was anything like i was at first, and then now he seems cold, well did you think me and him were gonna do? just keep chasing someone that doesnt wanna get caught by anyone?

    OK well, ummmm as soon as i found out about my libra girls past, i knew that she was gonna have walls up and was gonna be hard for her to trust anyone, i knew and accepted that, but thats what has kept me going all this time with her, being pushed away, turned down everything else, i have been lowering her walls all this time, and since day one she was comfortable around me, and i was too, it just seems so natural between me and her you know? and i fell sooo hard and very fast, but i couldnt help it lol, but now since it seems you have let your guard down, now his goes up right? well i showed my Libra girl attention like crazy actually lol texting everyday etc... maybe some days she really liked it and then somedays i was annoying? i dunno, but then think about me when the texts stop coming all the time? us guys were soo into you at first and got pushed away, so we say "ok is this girl worth getting hurt over?" then we leave you alone, but then you seem to have your feelings grow for him as he doesnt contact you any more?? why?? is it because you have realized how happy that person made you when he gave you attention and you miss that?

  • if my libra girl ever contacted me, i would be sooo happy that she did, but then i would be catious that i dont wanna be vulnerable again like i was before and be hurt, and i would probably sound just like you Gem guy, (kinda being an a-s-s) lol i would prpbabaly be like " well hello there!!?? how have you been??? you want to talk to me for once? isnt that a bit of a change for you? i thought you didnt want anyone to get close to you so why are you talking to me again? well im not so sure i wanna get so wrapped up with you again, your intoxicating cause i like you so much, but you dont believe me so i dunno, what happens from here? i would like to talk to you and everything else but i dont wanna have those strong feeling for you again and be pushed away"

    ohhh that sounded pretty good i think lol

  • His a jerk we arent talking again, we arent fb friends again, cant believe he has turned like this I'm really shocked with his behaviour weirdo, this isnt normal, well now I'm half over him, dont even care if I talk to him, after the convo he removed me from friends, such a dumb dumb, I hate him now honestly just by the way he is acting argh. btw my gem wasnt such a gentlemen he was nice, but he hardly gave me compliments with my looks. I'm young I got alot of time to find a guy with a good connection, this gem is broken up to pieces, i hate the fact he acts normal to everyone else and to me, he is more open about his craziness. and no he didnt call alot, never texted that much, he only ever gave me 2 texted randomly to tell me something. I just want a new guy, new job and a new chapter to my life, cos this one is just making me feel wezzy and sick. my friend said he'll come back again, hopfuly he doesnt, he isnt even worth my type. Mrcheve your too nice to your girl, she'll know what she missed, just she needs to get some glasses and know that you'll never change as a person, her trust issues are a bit over broad. cos i'd trust a person who done those things for me and gave me attention the right amount of attention and i would trust them enough to open up alittle. (so heres the last convo we had, see how he goes back on his word to many times and the he still wants something, thats where he's annoying, then he turns it around making me look crazy argh. hate him)

    Him- lol Mizzlibra hasnt changed. how u been tho? and i might block you again after a couple of months. i dont be friends with girls. either we dating, f-u-c-king or planning for the future aka marriage. i dont think we should date, i respect u too much to f-u-c-k, and we aint planning for the future. so what are we? i dont b friends with girls so dont say friends.

    Me- Lol wtf,Gem-guy your a lost boy, I didnt think anything was happing, just going with the flow, you didnt want to talk to me, I was cool with that, you then replyed to my threads which I thought even tho its public forms, just thought that should of been advoided too, cos I got the clear idea we were not talking, calling me fool and those hiden codes wtf,btw you think I didnt know you was gona block me out of your life again, if you dont see nothing with me and you dont want me, what exactly is it that you want? its funny how your playing Mr.nice guy, thinking being a gentlemen to add me again (did I beg you to add me again, didnt stalk your ass, I respected & understood what you said), whats the real reason you wanted to add me, cos I charge now for my therapy, and s-e-x therapy I charge alot of dough for that too. main question you have to ask your self babe is, did you get emotionaly attached to me, or being stressed and lonely and change of mind is getting to you ?

    Him- wow. you took shit to hurt. and talking to you in public is a little different than private. i was never planning on blanking you in public forums. in fact i m not even the same dude in slife. anyway, your looking a little too much into it. i was lonely etc... so i added you. also still had other girl, so it was another reason to add you. and ur right, i always been a lost child. oh also, i have no idea what our talking about when you said hidden code. as usual, looking way too much into things. i m not a hidden code type of person. for you to say that and know me, offends me.

    Me- we have 4 friends in common, but it didnt bother me, so if you got othergirl, thats cos maybe you want to have her on your list, as for me you choosed to not talk to me, "if you remember". and you arent making sense, with your PM's, so you lonely desperate, but heres the kicker, you dont want to talk to me or get to attached ( nice one, setting your self a trap by adding me oh boy), then your telling me you added me cos of other girl, I dont even talk to her, so you dont want to be my friend, dont want to date me, dont want to have a future with me, but you want to still know what we are to each other. Btw I thought when you wanted womans company, you'd go back to your ex for that.

    Him- yo y do we have 4 friends in common? your friend is cool, but another one added me, but i dont know her. who is she? i think its the one called girl something. and yo your giving me a headache with all your anger. so as usual, i m going to be blunt. you want me to block you? permanently?

    Me- I'll do that for you, it was good talking to you, and with forms its cool if you reply we'll play it cool hard feelings, the girl dont know her either, she added me too lol. P.S inshallah everything turns out good for you, I know your going through a hard time, get back into your deen, and keeping looking for a job first, and then everything would come to place. Goodbye

  • whew!!, me and jenn havent really talked about s-e-x or anything cause if you didnt know(we havent even kissed yet, it just never happened, it could have many times but nope). and Im too nice to my Libra girl??? well um you havent seen all of what ive said to her when we had are arguements, our arguements werent that bad i geuss, cause we so much alike we try not to be overly mean to eachother and we both try to understand where the other person is coming from, this is a quote from her i found interesting "i think of you as just a friend now because thats all i have to offer right now"

    and this one from her was good too "And yes you're right im not use to hearing ppl say they think im pretty or anything like that. most days i'm not and i know i look like shit" i hate hearing or seeing her talk badly about herself sooo much, cause thats not what i see, also i dunno if i ever posted up how she reacted from me saying that i loved her the first time did i? lol well here it is

    "wow...i dont know what to say really.

    i like you a lot Chev( changed it lol). I think we have a lot in common and I like talking to you. But love? I dont think I have that in me to give at the moment.

    I knew you liked me and I knew you felt more comfortable opening up to me. But I really didnt think you'd grown those kind of feelings for me.

    DAMNIT I dont know what to say to you.

    I've had the worst week I can remember and today hasnt been any better. I'm sorry I'm not putting this right but /sigh I dont know. I actually think I'm gonna cry.

    I thought we were just friends right now? I'm sorry.

    I'm so sorry."

    AND THEN when i asked her why she was gonna cry she said this which has always made me think, """"i felt like i was gonna cry cause i didnt wanna hurt you and i was so fustrated that i couldnt be what you wanted and i couldnt be at where i wanted either. your such a great guy and your friendship means a lot to me so i was so mad that i might have screwed it up!"""

    man, just looking back at those messages, brings back alot of good memories and my bad ones but hey those in the past now, but when she said "i was mad cause i couldnt be what you wanted and i was frustrated i could be where at i wanted either"" make sense to you? sounds like she maybe wanted to love me too but she couldnt, or is that just me? lol

  • i said that above you get what you thought about it, but now on to you and your Gem guy and geez!!! lol he did say that he respected you too much to have s-e-x with you?? hmm lol well with me still being a virgin i can understand that, but i respect my Libra girl ALOT but i mean what he said kinda doesnt make sense either, cause my Libra girl is the person that i could see myself doing that with honestly when i never have with anybody else. and could i see a future and maybe getting married to her one day? actually yeah, (but of course never told her this, dont want her to freak out), hmm i dunno with your Gem guy, i happen to believe that respect = love, but depends what kind of love also, like i love some girls i know like sisters you know? lol, and my libra girl would say i look too much into things as well, as he said to you.

    and i also would call my libra girl out on how angry she would seem to be with me before when i was perfectly calm, and i think him threating to block you again was a test of his own also, he wanted to see if you wanted him since you started talking to him and etc... and with you saying good bye to him just like that?? thats what my libra girl did to me also, and that bothered the he-l-l outta me sooo much, so maybe it will bother him alot also, and maybe he will come around.

  • Wooow, that was too heart breaking to read, with you and you Libra girl, woow dont know what to say really, she seemed upset, maybe she has trust, in love and relationships, maybe shes still; breaking, and at the moment loving someone could drain her out, maybe she wants to be spolled for once in awhile, to be loved and not feel she has to show the person this is how love is suppose to be, you should listen to a song called and sang by natasha bedingfield soulmate, it would help you understand more about a woman of what they want in love, like woman want to be loved without use having to tell their lover ect, maybe if you send her flowers even if you get a thanks, she properly wouldnt be able to put it in words her self. and she'll never forget it, cos you'd be the first who has given it to her, no girl would ever forget such a lovely thing like that, even if I dont like flowers, if a guy gave me flowers white lillys I'd never forget it, cos its still some how cute and romantic.

    "i was mad cause i couldnt be what you wanted and i was frustrated i could be where at i wanted either"" she properly meant, she wish she could of been the one to love you, but she is drained out to love anyone, or is properly to heart broken and has yet to fix her self in her heart to heal, btw if her ex is still in her life and she lets him in, she'll never be able to move on, or get comfortable with her self to find someone else, and let her self be healed. and be in a healthy happy relationship. plus dont be the friend omg dont let it happen, its the worst being the guy who fanices the girl and ends up being in the friend zone, you should still hang with her, let her know where you stand, btw you should of macked her when you had the chance on date 3, you should of kissed her even if u was nervous to see if the spark was extre strong and to kick you out of the lines of being a friend, either way keep reminding her you'll be there for her, and you'll love her until you want to stop loving her, but say to her but at the moment, i want it to last. get your self a job it would also help more with the money she'll know your a man who can look after him self and her even if she isnt a gold digger, girls just like men who have it planed and are settled with their life style, we hate to know you have bagage, cos you'll then mistake love for us being your therapist, and thats what happend to me sadly.

    to my Gem-man, what a rollacoster that was, almost a year of the worst times its been nice, but his sooo complicated, and he obviously wants to use me, he made it clear, when he said he was desperate and lonely, how come its right for him if he feels that way he can come back and use me, and then ditch me, no point even being apart of that, I hate drama, and he seems to crave it, what a diva lol....LMAO when you said geez, yup you can call him a jerk he is one, and I'm shocked and yet im not that he came out like that with me cant believe him, wtf is wrong with him, couldnt he let me be, sad thing is I hate the fact he feels he has more of an option with me way to cocky to think he can have me. didnt even ask if I wanted him, I only went to him first to get it out of the way, and I knew it was to good to be true and omg when he actually planed to block me in a few months again, made it the last straw, it never made any sense, when he stoped talking to me, gave me that speech, lost the plot in the forms, then added me, then added me to only tell me he wanted to block me sooner in a few months LMAO, like its funny, but omg its not so funny when you know this person is actually being serious sadly god I feel like im dealing with a schzio. and so what if he respect me to not use me for s-e-x , point is he wasnt even close to having cookies, cos his to selffish to hand over some goodies.

    btw I dont care about his tests, they are to confussing and I dont want to do homework anymore to find the mysteriousness of poor lost boy, he made it clear it wasnt cos he missed me that it was mistake he stoped talking to me, how I'm I suppose to be like that and be weak and keep leting him do that to me, my limits were dont come back to use me and thats what he wanted, and i was to distance to ever become a rebond, whatever he wanted me to be for him, hate him now so its easy to move on now, but even tho its breaking me just alittle, cos I hate of what his become, so all over the place so confused of what he wants, cos his become so bitter, I just wish he had it well for himself damn. (Btw lucky lucky you Mr.cheve, you can now have your problems solved by me until when gem-man, or another dude comes into my life, well I'm speaking to a dude whoes a cancer so far his sweet plus sorry I wrote alot lol)

  • im quite aware that she would want a guy that would do things for her like flowers, call her when she is at work and ask her what she wants for lunch and bring it to her(that one would be if it was a relationship i think, that might be too much lol), her ex from what it seems like didnt do anything for her, he liked to party, would ignore her at the party, i was the first person to call her beautiful!! can you believe that?? lol he never told her how he felt about her very much at all, he used her as an emotional door mat(her words lol), so since meeting me showing her attention and everything is already new to her, i really do think i matter a whole lot to her on some level, but then i doubt it sometimes too you know? she even would say "you can date other girls if you want but i would hope you would Always still talk to me about your life" emphasis on the "always" part lol.

    and also i been talking to the sag girl (everyday) for a while now, but thats all its gonna be, jenn has everything that im looking for and more, and oh by the way sag girl and jenn do talk to eachother, did i mention that? the sag girl got me talking to jenn again after she blocked me, and but anways the other day i was text the sag girl about "my plans" that i was gonna do for jenn on Valentines day(yesterday) and i told her that i ended not doing anything cause i wasnt sure how she would react to it, BUT what i didnt know is that jenn wasnt even in town on V-day!! she came back the day after from las vegas so my plans wouldnt have worked anyway, and i just came from the sag girls house again(tonight) we hanging out smoking hookah(you know what that is? lol) and we sitting there talking and then the sag girl asks me " umm did jenn message you today?" i said "...........nnnooo why?' after a brief silence i said " were you waiting for me to ask that?" and the said "well i was hoping you wouldnt ask that" and the whole time she has this look on her face like shes hiding something, and not making eye contact, but then i didnt push it and i left it alone and then just had a normal night talking about other things.

    honestly jenn did help me out alot in my life already in me trying to get my life together and im thankful for her being there for me, but thats not the reason i fell soo hard for her at all, her personality, sense of humor, she is so witty and has a comeback for everything when im messing with her, i can have an in depth conversation and she wont get confused or lost like most people i know lol, shes a nerd and wears glasses and i dunno since im a game nerd thats always attracted me lol too many reasons to list haha. would you say that i love her after what you have read about me and her? lol

    on to yor Gem guy and you, i cant help but feel sorry for him and you, you felt a connection and that really sucks for you, and as for him? maybe he will see what he lost and pushed away?? he is at a stage much like myself where i trying to figure out where im going in life and what i want, but he still hasnt figured that out yet it seems, after meeting jenn and her helping me and the combo of my counsling at the same time, i have come to understand what i want, what i want as a career, that i do have something to live for and that im gonna be helping so many people being a counselor or something of that nature.

    you sound like and wonderful, beautiful girl(by your description i was like dammm lol me being honest again haha) and if he respected you too much or whatever and maybe was scared of being hurt, i think he should have seen that if a relationship formed that you wouldnt have hurt him(and i know that with my libra girl) so case in point, HIS LOSS, right?? lol but in a few weeks or even months, what if he contacts you somehow again?, if so then i would think you would ask him first, "did you figure out what it is you want yet?" and " are you still lost or did you find yourself?" that might be good lol, well take care, i gotta help my brother in a few hours,(i should been alseep already!!, see ya

  • Oh this is cool, atleats now you have some news that shes actually thinking of you, LMAO@ sag girl and her face expression, awkward moment huh lol. I wonder if libra girl wants to start something, or is confused of where she is at, at the moment. Hmmm I wonder what she'll say, Mr.cheve you better share this information, just alittle nosey can you blame me. does a cheeky grin, thats true on what you said you have to be in a relationship in order to do those things, but come on do alittle romance, like a mini cute teddy bear that can fit into her purce, it doesnt have to have red colours reminding it was V-day awhile ago, point is give her a cream browish bear is your able to find it, with white roses do about 7-8 roses number of the months you've known her, and you could also say, "I hate V-day, and say that "being with someone who means so much to you should be loved everyday, and I want to be that, I want to love you, to comfort you passionately in a intiment way, I want to be the one who will care for you when your not feeling in the mood, I just want to be here now with you, and if you could give it a chance, you'll know my words would mean well, as I'll be here with you always".

    damn did you read that I'm such smooth talker, I know if I was a dude I'd get any lady, ^^ I'm so talented, I could help guys get laid on my spare time lol, although this isnt the sitution, I wish good luck with you and her, and that you wont get heart broken again, must suck, I've been there a few times, but this with me and gem has been the worst, I actually still feel angry that I spoke to him that we meet, that I even know him, argh it upsets me months have been wasted on him so much for what, so I screwed myself over and he did it number of times I cant even count. yesterday I couldnt sleep, I felt quite upset I had no boyfriend or lover to turn too ( I'm ready to be loved but my life of how it is now, wouldnt quite work), having to watch all those tv shows that are all based on relationships, kinda made me want it more then ever, and as much as I want it, I dont want to have it with gem if his like that, cos I only dont think he can give me the things I need. have you ever felt uncomfortable with libra girl? cos I feel it extre uncomfortable now with gem, and before I always did omg it was sooo nerve racking, cos I liked him, and he just always intimadated me somehow, and I always wanted his approval if I was smart to him if I was funny, if I was beautiful to him, and he never did tell me just properly 1 time that I was smarter then a averge cos he thought I bring myself way down on my intelligence he only said I was pretty few time but it all stoped in november and I wanted to know if he finded me attractive at all, funny nope he never told me, pissed me off I hear it from everyone and his hard to please, I suppose I would be more funny if he didnt judge my weird and random thoughts. btw it is his lost, my lord I dont know what girl would go for him anyway, seen as tho I was half blind. and I was his emotional door mat, feel angry that I was.

    whats hookah lol weed by any chance, maybe I should google that word, LMAO@ sag girl and libra girl know each other, omg what a spider web you tanggled you self in loool, what the drama would have been, if you and sag girl kissed and did more. stay strong and dont fall into temptation, be in control braa lol. If gem man comes back into my life, I'll say that to him, but I dont want to be with him really, his put me off being with him is actual misery and pain, so I'd rather say, "its funny how you think you have a option to come back and drop me when ever you like, see I've been thinking when you said I needed to gain confidence, and seen as though I believe I'm out of your league, is that confidence enough, btw I'll do it for you seen as though you have a problem little lost one, here are few last words to choke upon, Goodbye" I want to sound harsh, cant believe I was still nice to him, I have problems myself, I've become a push over since, my depression is pushing me away from this world, my thoughts. so I just a huge push over at times. P.S has sag girl ever made a move on you lol?

  • Long Story Short. He ended it because like he said he didn't want to get "closer". Apparently he didn't want ANYTHING to be a Forever thing with you and he knows this is what you want. So when he said "Don't Blame yourself" he meant it. And it is true. You scared him off and be happy you did. He doesn't have the "Long Term" in mind with anyone and probably he is still feeling like a failure over losing his ex of six years...which is an eternity for gems. You cannot let this guy make you feel sad anymore. It is his loss. And you deserve a way better partner who knows your value and loves you enough to want to be with you. Which you will find.

  • i dunno where Jenn's head would be at right now with me, and i better share what information with you? lol i have no problem talking on here so what is it? also umm with what you said WHOA, where did that come from? isnt that laying it out there pretty thick and that coming from me right now would devastate me when she would turn me down(i know she would) im not in any rush anymore with her, im confident enough that i bet she will be mine one day, ill show her a little more and more everytime we hang out, i think we should start texting again like we did also maybe i should bring that up in a message to her or something and ask her straight out, "hey you gonna unblock me so we can text or what?" lol, or just try to text her to see if im still blocked?.

    me feel uncomfortable with her? hmm well i think its more nervous than anything, like when we say goodbye,(awkward moment) and we just hug and be on our way, i can say im uncomfortable with her is when her firends are all quiet, lol which it makes me quiet!!, her friends gotta know how much she likes me or whatever cause i get stared at by them sometimes, and they look at both me and jenn, and they smile, cause i think they notice how jenn acts around me, maybe she is more talkative, outgoing when im around and they notice? i dunno

    and about Hookah, it is a water pipe and is 100% legal (they kinda look like bongs a little bit but hookahs have a hose that you smoke from, or multiple hoses)and they have hookah bars everywhere now, and you smoke flavored tobaccoo, if you think its gonna taste like a cigerette or a cigar your wrong, its a million times better tasting, and doesnt have all that tar and bad stuff that Cigs have in them, and plus it is very smooth to inhale, and there is all kinda of flavors, from strawberry, mint, chocolate mint, orange, kiwi, banana, s-e-x on the beach(yes that a name of a flavor, not lying haha), adios motherf******, (yes a flavor too lol and its an actual name of a drink), there is sooooo many flavors too many to list lol you can smoke weed out of them yes, but i dont do that lol

    sag and libra girl, dont "know" eachother, they have never met still lol, but they do text a little bit here and there, that night that sag girl got me talking to her again, they talked on the phone for like 2 hours about me!! (back in Dec) and of course sag girl wont tell haha

    and no sag girl has never made a move on me, maybe that day will come when jenn starts coming around?? cause girls just like guys want what they cant have???? LOL, and when i went to Jenn christmas party, sag girl was like pissed cause i said i "might" go with her and my sister etc.. up to the cabin on the same weekend, but i went to jenn, and sag girl tried to get jenn to make up a lie to me so i couldnt go??? and made jenn feel bad cause she thought i had already made plans to go to the cabin but didnt go when jenn invited me. and i bi-t-c-h-ed out sag girl a few weeks later when i found that out, cause she sounded jealous as h-e-ll and i even said that to her, and she said " no im not jealous lol" i said " sure as h-e-ll sounded like it" and so i hung out with sag girl once again tonight, she was baby sitting i went over cause i had nothing to do, we just talked, she asks me for advice about these other guys that she is dealing with, im a pretty big joker ok? and i started joking around with her cause she is 5'2 and she heard a noice outside and was freaking out lol so i said " go get them you little oompa loompa! and throw snozze berries at them!" (you know thats willy wonka dont you?) and she starts punching me in the arm,(im used to it) and she kept doing it but playfully, shes like come on you gonna hit me back? hit me lol. see i dunno what to make of this behavior, she has said that im like a big brother to her, so maybe thats all it is? and if so than good, i dont have to worry about it lol.

  • have you heard any news since Mr.cheve? I would give you my huge essays but there isnt much to say lol, although the gem guy is acting like a jerk on the forms, his actually been more active, suppose he was really lonely lol. erm if you see this and you hear anything new about the libra girl or you have a issue to solove wouldnt mind reading through to help. hope your all good, and thanks for your help also.

  • ok hmm, i wanna know what you think about this, you know how i posted mine and hers message on here? and she talked about her ex, draggin her back to wear she didnt wanna be and that he only used her as a doormat, etc...? WELL, she did a myspace survey a few days ago that i didnt tell you about sooner, and one of the questions was about her ex, or the last person she kissed = her ex, and her answer was this " nope, they cant contact me anymore cause there blocked" and i went on to her mysapce and looked threw her friends and sure enough her ex wasnt on there anymore, thats a good sign right? because i personally think that she couldnt move on until she was completely done and over with him, and that it was holding her back alot, so i think she is feeling alot better now from her status updates the last few days, saying how happy she was now,

    and maybe i think after she got rid of him, and then i still havent contacted her yet, bothers her, cause she is aware how i notice the details and little things, and which i have noticed but havent done anything about it yet, her updates have been short, saying only her mood status, "sore" and the smiley face she used was the one that looked like she was in pain, and i looked up the defintion of "sore" and yes it could be phyiscal pain, but it could be emotional pain as well, since i feel this connection with her, i believe it because i havent contacted her, i just feel it, and i wanna text her too but im cautious about it,

    SO this is what happened last night, i update my status saying that "i been meaning to post some pics up but my comp not letting me do it, so im gonna do it over at my friends house" and it figures that 3 hours later she would beat me to the punch and she posted pictures up before i did, i thought that was funny lol, and then about 1 in the morning, I took a survey and i posted it as a bulletin, ill give you a few of the questions and how i responded to them,

    1( What would you do to get the one you want back?

    never had her to begin with but umm i dunno, maybe i stop being so stubborn and afraid? lol

    1( Are there things in your life that you'll never be able to get over?

    not really, everyone shouldnt hold grudges, or if you have a bad past or something you need to overcome it, or it will always hold you back (i kinda meant about her ex)

    3( Do you tend to fall for the same type of person over and over?

    dont have another person to compare really lol

    4( Have you ever met someone who turned out to be amazing?


    and then i thought she was asleep cause i cant see that she is online cause she hides it, then i logged today when i woke up and she did two surveys after i did, at 3 in the morning, saying she couldnt sleep, here are some of her questions and answers,

    1( What is more difficult: looking into someones eyes when telling how you feel, or looking into someones eyes when they tell you how they feel?

    When they tell me

    2( What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?

    That I loved them

    3( How is your last ex doing?

    who cares

    4( Miss someone?


    and both the libra horoscope and sag horoscope today, both match up i think for wats going on today also, bith our horoscopes were always correct everyday when things were good, it was weird, and still have been pretty much this whole time also, minus a few days lol, but hmm i dunno what to think, HAHAHA i just said i dunno what to think, get it? the mind just confuses things alot of the time, but in my heart? ummm, i think i should message her, or try to text her(wonder if im still blocked) hmm i dunno, i cant choose what to do!!!??? what do you think?

    so nothing going on with Gem guy? he sending anymore secret messages or anything that you noticed?,

  • read the post i made above this one then this one, after all of that happened, now tonight she as put up quite a few new songs, today i felt like that i needed to talk to her god i really wanted to talk to her today, but i still afraid i guess, on of the songs she put up is called, "if we ever meet again" by timbaland, go look up the lyircs and tell me what you think? the lyrics kinda go like this

    """I'll never be the same - if we ever meet again

    Won't let you get away-ay - say, if we ever meet again

    This free fall's, got me so

    Kiss me all night, don't ever let me go

    I'll never be the same

    if we ever meet again

    If we ever meet again

    I'll have so much more to say (if we ever meet again)

    plus i posted up some pics of myself yesterday, and i dunno, i think im gonna try to text her tomorrow, with a simple "hello?" just to see if im blocked or not, and IF i still am, when i get home from helping my brother, i will send her a message, but i gotta think of what to say, i cant say anything about her songs, cause she will deny it and get mad, maybe if i just tell her that ive been wanting to talk to her for a while now and that i miss hanging out with her??, something sutle but not over the top, and plus with me helping my brother the past few days, he is paying me, so i got enough to maybe give her a late v-day gift, ughh i just dont know.

    and then the bulletin she JUST posted on myspace is called, "i almost cried" and it is a little story about how this couple in highschool, gonna have there 5 year anniversary, and she has been avoiding him thinking about breaking up with him, then he ends up getting in a car wreak on his way to see her, to give her a letter he wrote about her, she rushes to the hospital to see them put the cover over his head cause he died, and his mom hand her the letter, and it says,

    ""i love you

    i love your smile

    i love your smell


    i love everything about you

    p.s. i would DIE without you.

    and at the bottom it says repost this, if you love someone, and then your true love will kiss you.

    i dunno what to think at this point, IF THIS STUFF SHE IS DOING IS IN FACT ABOUT ME?? ummm i really dont know what to think, im lost for words right now lol i still doubt it is about me, but maybe thats just me thinking negatively, cause i know how happy she was with me always talking to her in the past and man, this is difficult, i not gonna sleep well tonight thats for sure

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