Can there ever be a successful relationship with a gemini man?

  • hmmm ok where to start, lol me being a charmer?? thats funny, well i have told her that, "i dont go out and hit on girls or anything, girls usually come up to me" or i even told her about this one girl that would stutter when talking to me but wouldnt to anyone else lol, and i may not be the overly confident guy just yet(or as i would say the a-s-sh-ole guy) because for some reason all girls want is the guy that is an a-s-s, not the nice guy that would tell them everything they wanted to hear and actually mean it, instead of just saying it to get somewhere(where the "bad guy" would probably say nice things to get "you know what", i very much can be the "bad guy" sometimes, actually so much where i would start to think that any girl would be lucky to be with me(and still think this lol and also My Libragirl has said that quite a few times) im the 6'5 tall 315lbs guy that looks and is built like a football defensive lineman and look like a jock pretty much, but im the big goofy,funny, gamer guy also and i never played football in highschool haha, and once i lose my extra weight im caring around, oh man will i be that rude cocky guy that could care less if girls always try to talk to me, AND its funny you bring this up because her Ex is a wigger!!!!! i mean he looks like he trys so hard to look like that rapper paul wall its not even funny, and he was the "a-s-s-hole guy" and didnt pay attention to her, didnt talk to her about things, did nothing really but party all the time, and look where being "that guy" has gotten him?

    i avoid being "that guy" cause once i go into that mental state of being an a-s-s, im the biggest jerk you ever did hope to never see lol, and dont hold back on anything i say either on someones looks or whatever. and also, i would call alot of girls Beautiful if i had the guts to actually say it lol, BUT NOT TO HIT ON THEM or anything, whats wrong with compliments that have no strings attached to them? at least thats what i think, i like to have others feel good about themselves and say "thank you " in return, (i actually have never really gone around saying these things but i think about saying them alot but afraid of people taking it the wrong way) and i think im a natural charmer really, i dont have to do anything except be myself to make people laugh and have people like me, and like being around me, i dunno its just always seemed this way, people reach out for me for advice, most people trust me very easily etc....

    and i have been looking for a job, had interviews, so at least she knows im trying, i am focusing on myself now, im eating right, watching what im eating, no more late night snacks lol etc.... and try other birds??? this other libra girl that i dont even know contacted me back in December and we talked a little bit but i found out she just got out of a 3 year relationship(and shes 19) and she seemed desparate to not be alone and just wanted a BF to feel complete, you know? it was obvious, and she reminded me alot of Jenn My libra girl the one im talking about alot lol and i really didnt want to deal with it all over again, so i told her to stop talking to me, and she did......kinda..would still check in see how im doin, but i was very short with her and didnt say much of anything. so now she has stopped, and i already didnt talk to my libra girl for a month, that was what the messages were about that i posted on here and you read them lol that was me and her finally talking again after a month, and ive had time for myself and figured myself out more from my counceling remember that from my message? lol

    and oh yeah on day i updated my myspace status saying this " i geuss its true you think posiitve and you will attract positive people into your life, and the same goes for the Negative people, lifes good right now almost perfect" i said that a few weeks ago, and of course she puts up songs after that saying that "that girl aint got S-h-it on me" obvisouly thinking i was dating someone else and a little jealous lol and oh yeah ill ask you this, we "friends" right? but she always says, its ok for me to "date" other girls???? so are we friends or are we dating???? do friends date eachother? NO...... man i have always wanted to ask her that SO BAD lol

  • I think you should just ask, I'm into dating friends, cos what i feel for you I dont feel for with my friends. lol I do that to give messages on my facebook, but I doubt he see it, today he replyed on to a thread of mines, he was very quick lol.

    "Now if I gave you me, this is how it's got to be, First of all I won't take you cheatin' on me ,Tell me who can I trust if I can't trust in you And I refuse to let you play me for a fool!!" and

    "I had enough of being there for you, Now I'm laughin' while you play the fool!!" and on msn

    " creeping back to play games, cat and mouse"

    all of that he still replyed to my thread, funny how he thinks he can get away with it, he wants to be a extre jerk, just cos of what his ex did. I'm not having that due to the fact I've never been in a relationship so I havent hurt no one.

  • I once liked a gemini guy & now i hate him! He was very seductive and made every girl think that he was into heR.We eneded up all getting hurt by him and hating him.He had interest in me but that quickly changed.I,too,am a gemini & i know that gemini's are quick to change feelings.He played with everyone's hearts and still does.He was very into his image(which had to perfect) and so the slightest show of imperfection and he was done with the girl. My friend was too ugly,R lied to much,T was too boring & he said that i was too confused. However I've been close friends with another gemini guy,who is actually extremely nice..but hes super clingy & again changes his mind quickly.

  • I think you should just ask, I'm into dating friends, cos what i feel for you I dont feel for with my friends. lol I do that to give messages on my facebook, but I doubt he see it, today he replyed on to a thread of mines, he was very quick lol.

    "Now if I gave you me, this is how it's got to be, First of all I won't take you cheatin' on me ,Tell me who can I trust if I can't trust in you And I refuse to let you play me for a fool!!" and

    "I had enough of being there for you, Now I'm laughin' while you play the fool!!" and on msn

    " creeping back to play games, cat and mouse"

    all of that he still replyed to my thread, funny how he thinks he can get away with it, he wants to be a extre jerk, just cos of what his ex did. I'm not having that due to the fact I've never been in a relationship so I havent hurt no one.

    Mizzlibraz, you like to drop hints to someone you like and it could be the smallest thing too huh? when nobody else could pick up what your saying, you wish that that "someone" would dont ya? and also this, you probably say one thing, and then really mean another thing dont you? these are the things i have noticed about how she is, and even other libras on here have said also lol, and since she knows that i notice the little details(which she said she likes that) i think she trys to see what i will "pick up" from what she says, and people say that i analyze into her songs too much and read into things she says too much, yeah maybe sometimes i do "over think" but with a girl like this how am i NOT supposed to think alot about what she says? (and i already told her that im not a damn mind reader, even though i notice alot of things) but also since they are not "facts" about what she is saying or thinking, and its only what i think that she is thinking. she might get mad if i didnt pick up on what was said, BUT oohhh no i heard you but since i dont kow for sure, im not doing whatever it is that you "hinted" at,

    and that to me seems like a game, lets see if he gets what im trying to say without really saying anything, it almost sounds like a damn t.v. show like the price is right LOL guess the price of this thing, we will give you hints about what it is but wont tell you the whole thing, we wanna make it harder for you, f-u0ck with your head a little bit and then say no thats not what i wanted when you deicide to do what we were hinting at. THIS is my impression and doesnt it sound like she is playing a game?, and maybe you the same way so you too lol

    and about your quotes up above, is this what you said to him? or you said on your face book?

    and also about "cat and mouse" my libra girl had a song up a few weeks ago just about that same thing look it up, its called (what else?) "cat and mouse", from the band "Red jumpsuit apperatus" AND I JUST KNOW that this song she put up was about me and her, but its no longer up right now.

  • and oops i copied and pasted your post in there so i could see what i was responding too, i forgot to delete it after lol

  • No I and your libra arent exactly alike, yh with certain things, but my gem-man isnt the normal type of man, he is mad. lol trust me I really feel like his the girl and I'm the man at most times, he knows what I say is directed towards him, he knows how I feel, I just be honest with him, he is the one playing mind games, and now his cracking, cos I'm not one to beg for anyone, now he wants me back all of a sudden, I want him to, but he likes to toy with me, first he wants me, then he wants to be with his ex, then his talking to whole alot of girls, then he goes back to me saying im his posession, how he found me and im his, later that week he doesnt want me, i find out he was playing this alot time ago, he then acts like a jerk and tells me he was playing this the whole time, he is right cos he was talking to a girl who she knew a girl who was my friend and she told me, he also added i dont need a therapist anymore, and thats all i was to him.

    his personailty changes alot, and I'm used to seeing many sides of him, and I knew he would run back, I'm way better looking then him, nice, smart, funny, and supportive. caring. he wants his care and to it eat to. I dont think its even good for me to have him back in my life at the moment i perfer if i got my act together, I need a huge break from his drama, seen as though im not in love with him, I can play too, although I'm not into that at all, but he would get what he deserves, he can be a fool replying to my threads, making hiden comments towards, me. I want him to tell me sorry and tell me why he is cos that f--ing speech to break up with me was pretty sad. plus if he doesnt make an effort after what he said then, it would be the worst thing to lose him, I can find anyone else, I am talking to a guy, better to move on then to be played with like a puppet.

    P.S lmao at my comment i was wondering what was up with that.

    btw you are thinking way way to much within the song, I think you need to take charge, dont bother her, dont give to much compliments, just dont ever be on the friend zone, and keep flirting do your charm, not to much tho but do the usually convos.

  • lol "sometimes you think he is the girl and you are the man" omg thats funny, thats how i felt for the longest time with my Libra girl, like our roles were reversed lol, and yeah i get told that im not like most guy either, and i have to agree im not, mostly people are suprised and say things like "you talk alot, and talk about things that wouldnt interest most guys, you in touch with your sensitive side, even though your this big guy that intimatdates people" , i dunno ive always thought i was different, and once people get to know me, everyone notices, and now since after my counceling has helped me alot and i think people can tell that im not so "guarded", and i seem more approachable. and thats the thing since im so talktive and helpful etc... ive always been the friend cause im always so passive and not really go after what i want and i just would wait around for it, but with my Libra girl it was and still is different, ive never showed anyone attention or chased anybody before so it was all new to me cause i was afraid of rejection, but now since ive been rejected so many times by her its not such a big deal anymore.

    and yes i wont allow myself to be "in the friends zone" with her, instead of me always saying things im not gonna do that as much, if we hang out or something when we hug or something ill maybe say something simple like "wow. your hair smells good" or even ask what perfume shes wearing and tell her that it smells good. ive always known how to be a charmer i just never did it in the past lol

    sometimes she might think that im playing games with her when i pull back or something, but i think she understands that me being pushed away, what did she expect? in her message she even said that "well i did kinda block you, so i was suprised when you cut down on talking to me" all i know is that she is soo busy with school and work 24/7 and i think me being there still or when i talk to her, it does make her day just that much better, over 6 months i can just tell that i do make her happy, but only to a certain point then her mind starts to think and says "i cant be thinking like this" and then she goes cold, so im gonna keep it light with her right now.

    and yea get your act together, much like i need to do, my first thing is to get a job, then ill worry about things like getting my GED(cause they not completely free), and also i think she might look at me with no job this whole time ive known her, and she might be thinking, "how i am supposed to depend on him, how can he take care of anyone else when he cant do it for himself?, im not saying that shes bad because she 'might" think like that but she has a point if she has thought about that, but then i could point out things about her that she isnt doing to take care of herself too lol.

    and what do you mean? "it would be the worst thing to lose him" because you feel that connection huh? i could go get other girls if i wanted also, but do i want too? no but yeah, im not moving on completely but ill still talk to her, if she decides she has time to hang out then fine with me, but i did invite to alot of things before and she never did, so why should i bother asking anymore? but also wouldnt me inviting her to things, show her something? even though she gonna turn them down lol.

  • well it would be a worst thing if I did lose him, cos I've never meet a guy who talks alot in the right level of communcation skills, his quite interesting I did feel the connection with him, and to him he didnt feel it, but now all of a sudden I suppose he did, to him its just a game he thinks I'll cry and beg him, so I'm just laughing while he plays the fool, but it wouldnt be the worst thing either, cos I know I can find someone else. although if its easy to find anyone, its always hard to find the one. I'm thinking to myself and always thinking about him, I feel kinda shameful that this jerk has me on my mind like all day, I keep wondering how our relationship would be like if he was in a better place, how I'd handle with his mind changing, and his on going toying with me. or if he would be real with me and let us enjoy life together and quit all the games

    I keep catching myself looking at his resquest, and I wish I could accpect him and have him in my life, but when I think about the last time we talked, I hate him just alittle for doing that. acting like I was nothing to him, makes me so angry.

    Your girl is properly on a mini game of hers, if she said she was busy, and then she was shocked you stoped giving her attention, what did she think you was gona do bow down like a dog and chase the ball? I think you shouldnt be so possesive, go with the flow with her, make her think what she wants with you, when she sees your still just the same, but less of wanting her, show you can find a girl any time of the week, when you see her always dress well smell good, make your self extre attractive to other women, make her know even if you can get another girl, you'd love to be with her. but always remind her, I dont kiss my friends, I dont hug them like that and i dont love them like this, or hold their hands that way.

    all this would be easy for us Mr.cheve to move on, cos one we havent got much to make us busy we havent got a job, i think it would be easy for us to move on if we had a busy life, and a more soical one to. and yeah it is sad to feel a connection with someone else, and they feel they can toy with us. man I hate games. well my gem-man wasnt on the site yesterday and he isnt on today, I miss him alot alot, I want to talk to him, meet up with him. it makes it hard cos I keep staring at his photos and just keeping falling into him even more.

  • yeah, "although if its easy to find anyone, its always hard to find the one" yep, thats why im so picky with girls, if i dont feel anything right off the bat, then im not interested, everyone else ive known i just thought of them as friends so thats what i was, since you might not know this already about me, um im 22 and still a technikly a virgin, so yea lol i say technickly(man thats spelled wrong lol) because ive been close but nope, it wasnt right, knew this girl for 2 hours, we both drunk, she all over me, but nope, other things happended but not the main part lol,m and sry im done i took this coversation into something dirty, the men of the zodiac thread, i go on there and we talk about all kinds of stuff so yeah lol, ok im done,(mind outta the gutter).

    and i pretty much told you that because you saying the kissing,holding hands thing, with my Libra girl, all this time, after 6 going on 7 months, nothing has happened yet, no first kiss, nothing, the only "touching" we have had was the 2nd time we hung out, watched a movie at her friends house with my arm around her with her head on my chest, since then nothing, cause then came out "the friends card" (we met 2 weeks before school started again, so you know) so what im thinking is that when this summer comes around with no school, we will hang out more again i think and maybe something will happen, but i dunno and also after this long of no kiss or anything, of course there has been many times where the first kiss could have happened, it just never did (you know those awkward moments when you say goodbye) lol.

    be less wanting of her? and show her that i could get other girls but i dont want too? hmmmm well ive never told her about that another Libra girl, that i nicknamed "the stalker" haha that girl wanted to hang out, get to know eachother and everthing else, and when i told her to stop contacting me, shes like "really?, your very cute, well i hope that other girl knows how lucky she is and needs to grab you up before someone else does" and thats like word for word what she said lol, Jenn, THE LIbra im talking about on here doesnt know about her but ehhh i dunno.

    yes i think if we had more to do its would be easier to move on but until then what can ya do? lol

    you got it for him pretty bad it sounds like haha, then again so do i for her so, hand me a paddle cause we in the same boat lol all i can think of is maybe if i make her jealous, will that make her do something or say something to me about it? hmmm well i did notice at her christmas party(dec 18th) when i talked more to her friends instead of her she would jump in the conversation and stop me from talking(i was talking to her girlfriends lol) but hey they talked more than her so i talked to them haha. and i try not to look at her pictures as much as i can cause she so damn cute but ugghh haha and oh another thought,she would always be studying(back when i text her daily) but she could always carry on a conversation with me at anytime it seemed isnt that a good sign? and sometimes she was in class and still texting back and forth, and one time we had a arguement, i met her at school and she stayed a talked longer than planned and missed a class cause she wanted to talk to me more when i said i should leave lol

  • I just broke up with one and i loved him very much but he was a cheater a liar and when he got caught he tried to turn it around on me and said I caused it. My best friend she went with a gem for 7 year and experienced worse so I would say yes they are they same, but if they were born in may then they are not like that. it born june gemini's I have had problems with.

  • Lol@ you being a virgin, my gem is also a virgin his age 21 and I'm 20, well thats what he said I dont even want to believe him, I always said theres no such thing as a virgin man lol.

    yeah I do have it bad, you know I liked him from the start, hated him, then liked him again, hated him, and now I really really like him, my emotions changed for him as his mood swings changed around me. but I always had a place in my heart to just give him advice, and he always came to me for advice, oppinions, and he always questioned how he was as a person.

    great today I had an interview for a retail job, damn it I missed it, I wanted to cry cos I keep thinking how about this would have been the job that i could of got, to finally get my act together. Mr.cheve I think I do have it bad, its soooo annoying I keep checking his profile page, and I really thought he was clear he didnt want to ever talk to him, what was he playing at, I keep looking at his pictures, his wall page, and later omg I might check the long essays he sent me when I was of on hoilday last summer. plus the funny thing is I have to show him he cant have it easy with me, to drop and throw me out like used shoes and have me back in his life with no questions, and the most funny thing its hard to play hard to get with a dude you already like alot with, if its making him crack that he lost one hell of a hottie, who has good traits within a personailty, then ha ha to him, but I dont know how about he isnt so bothered and he is enjoying his misery more and is okay if he didnt ever have me again, and I'm the dumb dumb who is playing hard to get and is missing the guy like crazy, and wish to get strightto the point and be mature about the relationship and put and ending to the game, yet I think is it wise to have him back in my life where he isnt doing so well for him self, and he could just want to drop me off, when he is changing his mind alot, and has trust issues, and then regreting what he does realizing it was him who was the problem. I just wish I got my self together, got different guy who could send this knocking connecting chemistry towards me, yet I doubt I'll find one, I dont know if I should have one from the start or have it on the 2nd,3rd date.

    Lol@ your libra girl getting jealous, I would to, I'd perfer if my guy made me sit on his lap and we would show of as a couple, and you and your girl have had arguments, do you think a relationship can still be okay even if theres argument within the relationship, my gem man askes for something thats unrealistic to have a relationship thats based on no arguing, like that isnt even life, what kind of bull-C--p is that lol, he is over his head. he said he couldnt see me married to him, and he said even if we dated as a offical couple then I have feeling we wouldnt work out, which is understandable and now all that he has changed his mind thinking it might work out after all. Omg and another common factor you and my gem are picky with girls, like last time his mate hooked him up with a girl who was a slut and he told me and I said go for it, and he said whats wrong with you

    I'll accpect him around march, when I finally get my self together get some money together and go to my cousins, and he lives around there, plus funny thing he is quite mad, he already gave me heads up of he wanted to stay in contact with me, cos he told me one time, to call him when i was in that area, and to tell him and he would be there, I was like why ..what? and he kept saying it look when your there call me and I would be there, I was abit confused and said okay. so I suppose I knew even if he lost contact with me, that he also was dumb enough to give me hints that he wanted me, didnt want me, his mind was all over the place, and cos i kept questioning his mind, his mind changing kept going and going to the point he is a lost feller, which made me angry and I suppose I was half fooled he wouldnt want me but after he spoke the truth to a certain thread, maybe I need to stop being so diffcult with him, and get my confidence back. reasons why I wont contact him, I'm gaining my confidence, plus to learn alot of the reasons why he found me diffcult cos he hardly knew anything about me and my emotions( bright side i didnt cos he ended up cuting me off, and if i got emotionaly attached with him i would properly be under my blanket lol ), and well I'd like to give it another try, if I get a job within that time, or atleast 200 pounds so i can stay around my cousins for long. properly wouldnt want to make it serious, I'll just tell him do you want to experiment with him, and this time I'll be a prevert with him a checky way and just be real cheesy with him lol. just to get out of my shell alittle to add a few of some cheesy pick up lines. ...Btw damn you have a nick for your other libra girl, I wonder if he has one for me, I call him bi-polar dude, hopfuly mines isnt stalker girl, btw some dude told me he obviously cares about me, if he wants me in his life, do you think knowing a person for 10 months you can care about them to?

  • Mizzlibraz,

    lol well he did have a relationship for 6 year right? how the h-e-ll is he still a virgin lol that doesnt make sense to me haha, i think my Libra girl hates me one day then misses me the next but i dunno, i might not have my phone number blocked anymore but i dunno(i havent tried to text her thinking it still is blocked). sry to hear about your interview, i had a few also but i havent gotten anything yet.

    and im sure My Libra girl probably looks back at my messages, with everything ive said to her, and probably frustrates her that if i said "i want to be with her" that she might wonder why i havent made the effort, this goes into her new song tha she put up now after i said i want to be with her, "the kill" by 30 seconds to mars, the lyrics kinda go like this " you said you wanted me, and im not running from you, and that its killing me" thats pretty much how the song is, u might think i over look into her songs, but im so much like her, that im the same way with my songs, and i remember this quote "songs are the words we wanna say but cant find the courage to say" as much as i would like to think that she might be crazy over me lol i just dont know 100%, i feel that she feels the same way for me that i do for her, im usually prett good on people, but its different with her, with this "connection" we have, i could always tell when she had a bad day, out of no where i would ask her "how are you? you ok?" (i had bad feeling) and then i get "im fine" but we all know that means that everything is NOT "fine", i would say that she could talk to me, and id always be there for her to talk too, but i got nothing, i used to encourage her about her school tests, she worried about them, and i made it ok and said shes smart and she gonna pass them with no problem, and she always did, she would text me what score she got and sound so excited to tell me, ughhh man i miss those days.

    EVERY relationship is gonna have arguements!!, no relationship is all peaches and cream! LMAO . i havent even had a relationship yet but i know that they include alot of work, sacrefice, miss understandings, thats all a part of it, no matter how much we may be alike, were are still different se-x-es male and female, we never gonna fully understand eachother all of the time lol. hmmm he said he could see himself married to you? hmm maybe he could and that scares him? i could see myself married to my Libra girl,(of course ive never told her that, wouldnt want to freak her out or anything) but maybe she feels the same way hmm? too much of a risk right now, maybe if a relationship does happen then i can say that but not now. i fe;; sometimes that me and her wouldnt work out also, cause we ALOT alike but different too, im a sag, so im spontaneous, random, take risks without thinking sometimes, very talkative, and she is the, smart, book reader, likes to have things planned out it seems, shes talkative too but only with certain people and about certain things that interest her. different huh? haha well thats the thing i think she see that with me things would never get boring in a relationship, i would expose her to new things and for her to take risks that she might never do but be thankful for later, like sky diving or something haha, and for me im always open to try new things, see new places, god i had a mental picutre of us doing so many fun things right now and laughing lol

    hmmm the same thing i think is happening with my Libra girl after my message about how difficult she is and what i went through for her but i kept coming back, and i think the more i leave it alone the more time she has to think about what she did and how she pushes people away. but then i think about how she must think that she is a bad person for doing that, and then i dont want her to feel that way(man i care about this girl..............)

    7 months of knowing her, and yes i very much care for her to answer your question lol and what about 200 pounds? you talking about yer weight or what? OH your in the UK huh? HAHAHA ok well i was gonna say that weight doesnt matter for anything, i could care less, i actually like a litte bigger girls lol, march?? hmm who knows that would be cool for ya, maybe open up a little bit thats good, im hoping for something simaliar for this summer(when school stops) maybe then things will change,. and yes the other girl was ok but i didnt have that much in common with her or feel anything cause of my feeling for, the Original Libra girl lol,

  • I've finally accpected him, but it doesnt stop there, he is now ignoring me, on fb, he came online i think and run of, shocked at seeing me online, and maybe he went of to make up a huge lie to convince me, or maybe his just confused yet again. arrrrgh.

    my chest has been filled with nervousness and i cant breath properly, want to know wtf he wants with me. his such a jerk. funny thing he isnt a real jerk his playing one, which is sad.

  • Mr-Gem is signing of and online, he seems to not know what to say, I know he wants to talk to me, cos he doesnt have much ppl on his list, lol so i suppose im the only one of friends who are on his list lol, so its like one or the other is staring at the computer screem no you talk first, as if we could read each others mind, I feel like I'm dealing with a woman lol.

  • hmmmm he might be scared like "omg she actually accepted my request after what i said to her" and he might fear how you will react to what he said, have you told him?

    wow you that nervous haha, well after my last message to my Libra girl, i said i want to be with her, so yeah, and she didnt respond of course, but with a song, my last post goes into detail about that, but i think hes just scared again, and about the being a jerk thing i find funny also, my Libra girl knows its hard for me to be a jerk too, in one of our arguements, i used her own words against her, and she said " ok now your just trying to be a D-i_ck" lol

    staring at the computer waiting for the other person to say something first, that pretty much how me and her are right now too, lol i know she wants to hear from me again like we used to talk all the time, and i badly want to text her and and see how she is doing, and on school etc... but i dunno, i think she might want something more with me , but since im not 100% sure, i dont wanna be rejected like i have already. and dealing with a woman LOL well hey after his relationship you kinda understand right?, im only a gem rising, but i heard someone say once on this website, "once you get a gemini man to commit its for the long haul" or for life either one they said, and for me i have to say thats true.

  • yeah I dont know why, I'm just nervous like how would the conversation be like if he wanted to really talk to me lol.

    Lol just now he commented on my friends status just after me lol, his funny, yh he made a joke like usually.

    Erm did your Libra really block your number? of course your libra would want you, just that shes to negative to believe you'll be there, or that the loving would stop or many changes would be done, maybe shes testing if you'll be the same. I miss texting my gem-man the most random things ever lol, or just talking to him on fone, and finally getting a laugh out of him, his very hard to make him laugh. ......why do you try to be a jerk, to not get hurt, or just to toughing up abit? well I wonder if the gem-man would be mines for keeps, but with his baggage it sucks. I just wish it would be easy to find someone else.

  • ok you nervous but about he would say? like maybe if he wanted you now, and it was a mistake what he did before? how would you take that i wonder? lol but you did say that you would set up your "rules". ive always wondered what those would be excatly. could you name them or something?

    well at least he commented under what you said, and i think he wants to talk to you but doesnt how to directly, so that why he did that, maybe to break the ice? i could see myself doing something of that same nature lol

    i was blocked on myspace,blocked cell phone number, obviously im not blocked on myspace anymore since we talked like a week ago, we both the nice,sweet, caring people that went through alot of crap in our lives, but pi-s-s us off?? and we can be vengeful, and say and do hurtful things that we dont mean and regret later, we both partly irish too so that might have to do something with it lol and ummmm i do not know if my phone number is still blocked, i havent tried to text her for over a month now, cause it was blocked still so i gave up on it. i wanna try to text her again but i think ill just be dissapointed and plus i wouldnt know what to say if it worked lmao, i miss us texting, us picking on eachother and calliing eachother nerds back and forth and try to find more and more nerdy stuff about us haha, she is into Japanese anime, and i am too a little bit, but she is all about it so i give her c-ra-p about how the words dont match up with what they are saying hehe. man that was fun

    this whole time has been a test and i know it lol and ive told her that guys that didnt mean the things ive said to her and only wanted one thing, would have been long gone by now, or after being pushed away so many times would have left also, so that me still being here, still wanting to hang out and stuff means something.

    well my situation was this for being a jerk, we were talking about how we both(at some point) wanted to just run away from eachother, from being too scared, and so after it started to heat up, i said "ok what if i just dissapeared? and just i left how would that make you feel then?"

    then of course i got the wrath she was quite upset,she said " you wanna leave? no one is keeping you here, leave? ok whatever that is" she kept focusing on the "leave" part, looking back now i can tell how much that bothered her but and then she said this " you wanna leave? ok if this makes your decision any easier, i always thought you would leave anyways, maybe thats why i never let myself get closer to you" and that one reallllly bothered me for while, and i think a few days after that she said something(cant remember) and i said this " well its not like anything i say matters to you anyways, you always thought i would leave right?" and she said, "thats such b-ul-l sh-it and you and me both know it matters, and you using my words against me your trying to be a d-i-ck now" LOL as you can see, yep weve had our arguements, but both hated every second of it. this was months ago

    that was my reason for being a jerk, and if she thinks im being a jerk now since i said i want to be with her and i havent contacted her again? which is understandable i guess, but she didnt respond to my message to let me know anything about how she felt about what i said, so what am i supposed to do, listen to that song she put up(which i have) and hope that the song is ture? that she might want to be with me too, and asking me what am i waiting for?, thats like running into battlefield not knowing what your up against and hoping you survive lol

    you Gem guy, i think is afraid of getting hurt again, thats all, and i think once you guys get on talking terms again, i think he will need reinforcement that he wont be hurt by you.

  • Lol I've forgotten about my rules blushes I really had them, how can they slip out of my mind, damn it.

    I think I must of typed it out here, if not I'm pretty much doomed, I gotta come up with something lol.... well today on facebook, I put on some old school hiphop song of mopp deep and he said like to my status, which btw it was a trap, loool cos I knew he would be shocked and say something, shocking cos I would know that song, I more of a punk-rock kinda girl so he knows, yet I do listen to everything kind of music, but I bet i shocked him big time...btw lmao @ the jerk story.

    Erm I properly just say I charge my free therapy, and it isnt for free, if he still wants to talk to me then I'll say hmmm well if you want s-e-x therapy I wouldnt give that out for free either, so you'll have to pay for the cookies to, and if he says he doesnt want it, then I'll say I took on your addvice baby, see I remember you told me to gain some confidence, well I think I'm out of your league, is that confidence enough, oh wait and that I know when I step out side, properly 5 heads would turn, is that confidence to know guys would like to do me.

    Properly just about 2 rules and to add respect me or I dont think we can talk, if your only here to talk to me for a free ride and then dump me out, cos you lack some confidence and your insecure why is this chick even talking to me, then do it here right now, I'm not much of a drama queen, so I dont want one drama boy in my life, if you want me to stop being so diffcult and tell you about me, give me respect and dont show that you'll like to use me, lets go with the flow why dont we.

    P.S sorry to hear that she blocked you out of your life, so sad, dont worry bright side I did it to the gem-man before I ended up liking him alot, and he did it to me lol.

  • i think my Libra will have rules of her own i think, actually im sure of it lol, but then talking to me sometimes, i could tell she forgot all about them, and acted like a little kid when talking to me and she was very funny and very talkative holy moley hahaha. but then the next day she stopped herself it seemed like. but ah well, man the more i think about how she acted sometimes like that and everything, it makes me realize, that what the h-e-ll am i afraid of??? those are clear signs of how i affect her and make her happy, and i wanna be that guy that does make her happy, cause i know i can be that guy. ughh

    my libra girl listens to hip hop and rap also, i was shocked when i found out too!!! i was like " since when di you listen to hip hop? lol" she said " since like forever ago haha" me i pretty much listen to everything but rap and hip hop, and i love my metal music, it not about being angry anymore for me though, i just still love the music.

    she has confidence, but not as much as you do lol, she isnt like a model or anything(which im not even attracted to, maybe im weird lol) but she did have a co worker that said she was pretty i heard(which tried to make me jealous by talking about it at the christmas party with her friend) she one of those girls that alot of guys wouldnt really notice cause she doesnt dress to show off her body at all really, but for those who do notice will find she is one H-e-ll of a girl, (the female version of me, perfect match for me people have said lol)

    "if you want me to stop being so diffcult and tell you about me, give me respect and dont show that you'll like to use me, lets go with the flow why dont we."

    hmm thats a good one, i think she would say that too lol, and i think go with the flow in good now, i WAS all impatient, and wanted a Relationship now!! but now i realize that alot of uneassary pressure i put on both of us , when shes got school and everything, hmmm i dunno gosh i think im finally snapping out of it and seeing the whole picutre it seems lol but the no job thing does make things hard cause i cant take her out anywhere like i would like too 😞

  • I dont have a size 0 body, its more of the hiphop girls body you know lol, the junk in the trunk and its just cruvy, I'm not confident about how I look most of the time, I'll always have a issue with it, but hmmmm if guys are digging it, I wont complain alot lol.

    my gem-man, from the start made it clear he wanted more, with the whole future and so on, was quite stressful cos I liked talking to him, and was liking him more as we talked, but you cant force something make sure your both on the same page, otherwise one or the other gets hurt. like I want to have a long time relationship, but trusting him and him trusting me should be the first step to make it happen, thats the same issue with your girl, she obviously trustes you on some aspects, yet obviously your a man and her insecurties get in, thinking maybe this isnt it maybe it wont work or last, maybe his draging me into the pit of a trap and I'll be in the same place as I was b4, thing is you be you and she'll finally wake up and know, you'll never be like her ex. me my problem is, I dont know how common it is for a person to get out of a long term relationship and yet be successful with a 2nd long term relationship, wtf it makes me feel upset,

    cos 1. I am or maybe am the rebond, 2. that he is using me to take of the edge of being hurt, 3. if we end up being together, would he up and go and be with his ex gf, 4. doing everything for him and nothing in return, 5. being the fool in love and getting screwed over again, 6. are we meant to be, was it falling with the flow, 7. even tho I'm a ideal girl for a guy, I'm I his 2nd choice and he may not be the guy thats feeling me. 8. when does he actually get over his ex, 9. would he keep in contact with her, even tho he isnt now, but how about later on he does and the spark is relight again, 10. how about she thinks it was a mistake she done and also gets back to him, and he drops me like that and then I'm alone with no shoulder to lean on, and yet again I made a mistake to fall for him and get too attached. 11. would we be the best at the marriage thing. 12. the worst thing about him, him being so flaky, he always changes his mind so meaning a page of written words will never be the same, alot of erasing fears of being scared, scared of being commited to the wrong person, having a failed relationship, doubts about choice of career, choice of values and the usually fundamental minds of what he wants, it would change, he would be the same person but I have to keep up with his own novel of catching up with the chapter of a new change. his done this with me changing his mind, not about me, but what he wants in life, his ex, what he thinks of his family, his family his faith, his a mess a lost boy. to think of it I always felt the stuff he told me, was it 3 lives he has or were they 3 lies he told me. I want to confornt him those aspects of the issue, I've done it before find it quite funny really.

    I could tell him, list all the things I think his lying about, then I'll say, for someone who loves to hear him self talk alot, and is a pathological liar, yet is really bad at it by the way oh not forgetting who doesnt even remember his own lies how funny lol, and tell him, I'll let it go, everyone tells a white lie, yours is just isnt so bright, but here here. we can come pass this, first of all I let people get away with their lies not cos I believe them, but it is such a funny trait that people fail to achive, but I can only tell you this, I'm not the one being fooled, you just embrassing your self. lol.

    well today we didnt talk, dont know when the talking would be done, he hasnt unblocked me on msn, I suppose his thinking it would be a wise idea to start it on fb, or maybe he got a text from his ex about V--day and maybe old memories return.

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