Can there ever be a successful relationship with a gemini man?

  • God sorry to hear Hemmimom, I guess I should be happy what me and gem-man wasnt offically a public relationship. if he comes back to my life I doubt, I guess I'll have to quit being insecure and be more confident.

    are you going to tell him how you feel, or just leave him?

  • What I can telll you about Geminii that I learned from my husband ( I have been married for almost 20 years - he went "bipolar on me a couple years ago, left last January, insisted on a divorce - last month decides we can't afford it, does the whole number with - I really do love you and want to move back in - blah blah blah - I blew him off and this is why:)

    He is 2 faced. (I.E> Geminii) ALways telling me one thing, DOing something else and then insisting he never siad it the first way. ( I.E making me believe he never said what he said) - Telling me I am crazy when he was driving me crazy for making me believe that what he said was not what he said.

    Always appearring to be Mr. Great Guy for all his friends and family. Treating me nutsy and ignoring me and telling me I was imagining things. WHile no one else would believe how badly he treated me - "How could such a great guy really be such an asshole?"

    I would have left numerous times except for finances, kids etc. WHen he went bi-polar - he really went - He was always so good at making money decisision and in the last year has made some major stupid mistakes. Will never admit he was wrong - always blames someone else. ALways someone elses problem - NEVER - what could I do to improve the situation - ALWAYS the other guys at fault. I will tell you that he was such a good liar and so good at making me and everyone else think he was one person while really being someone else, that I didn't start to suspect until we were married for 4-5 years. Then we had our first child, I had a serious head injury and everything I thought was wrong or weird got attributed to my head injury. I was literally brainwashed for years. WE had a secind child h=and after that things really went downhill. I realized he only married me because he wanted a trophy and someone with earning power and a good education to show off to his family. He only wanted kids because everyone else in his family had kids and he wanted them too - but he didn't want to take the time to spend with them - He still wanted to go out and be Mr High School and drink beer and go to football games and stuff and not spend weekends workin gon the o=house or working with his kids.. Finally, when he left, he retained an attorney that he lied to. His attorney referred me to get another attorney and from there we had a couple of very high priced therapists. IT took well over 3 months but the attorneys and therapists did figure out that he was a liar. A narcisist. Only concerned with himself. ANd was very good at showing one face to one set of people and another face to another set of people. That is my experience with a Geminii. My 4th cousin is a Geminii also. His rising sign is Capricorn or Taurus or something earthy and he is more grounded. He has been great to me. On the other hand, I am not married to him and so he may just seem like a great guy to me. I will also tell you that both my cousin and my husband drank and smoked too much of the mystic weeds. I don't think I would ever want to date or have a relationship with a Geminii ever again. I wil take a stinging Scorpion if I have to deal with a bad boy over a lying Geminii anyday.

  • Woow TrutelDust- I'm honestly sooo speech, what a jerk, what a mad person would do such a thing, all that with the tip of his tongue, shoot. yeah I always got that from my gem man, saying something and meaning another, I always had proff and I always showed him at his place when he would know he was wrong, I'll never let it go until a person knows I know what they said. I'm sorry about your marriage, and I hope for the best of your new love that will come to your rescure.huges

  • Geez it sounds alot like me and my Libra girl lol we met at a bad time also (2 weeks before college started again in august) we had that spark also and everything lol i also knew/know all her insecurities before she told me,(i have had many of them myself) she opened up to me about her past and i told her mine, i told her i wasnt shocked by her past and that i understood, everytime i would get this feeling that she had a bad day i would text her and ask and she wouldnt say much so i would say " ok but if you need someone to talk too, im always just a phone call away" , there isnt anything you can tell me mizzlibras that i havent tried,called her beautiful cause she is, called her smart cause she is, told her lots of things trust me lol her low self esteem doesnt allow herself to believe anything i say, she says she isnt smart, she isnt pretty, and that annoys me and i told her this too i said "stop denying everything that i say to you that annoys the he-l-l out of me, i geuss you cant see what i see and i see this amazing beautiful girl inside and out" ive done everything so ya lol but thanks for the advice anyways. yes she was hurt before with the first and only! Relationship she ever had and she is a very sensitive,giving person, takes care of everyone before herself type of person (i am the same way), and i understand why she was so hurt before, and i know that i wont hurt her, we so much alike its crazy, but yeah she has big trust issues, but as of right now, i know she will come around and has been making progress slowly but still progress, i even met her parents just before christmas at her house so that was big, i think its only a matter of time, ive pretty much done everything i can at this point (6 months latter) still being there for her and stuff so we will wait and see.

    and ok back onto your Gemini, all that you said about having that spark and everything thats a good thing, and i think he has that same spark with you it sounds like it, but yes having no job and family problems and everything thrown into the mix makes it difficult for him to treat you the way he thinks you deserve to be treated (im the same way as him) i still have no job right now but i got an interview on thursday i hope to get a job then, my family (my brother and dad) are always argueing and yelling at eachother and some times things get broken in the house, there is alot going on in my house and im sure his house also that he feels Embarassed about and doesnt like about his family and is kinda ashamed of them in a way, but let me tell you this, he might have been the one that walked away from you but not because he doesnt feel anything for you, he walked away because he does have feelings for you and he thought that you would be better off with someone else than him, he thinks your too good for him and he doesnt deserve you, he thinks very highly of you and likes you alot probably even loves you (much like i do with my Libra girl) and everything that i just said i bet is true cause that is how i felt alot of times.

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  • Yeah I'm just like your Libra, I'm the person that gives gives, and helps everyone with advice and support and the worst thing I wish I could finally have that in return, my insecurties also has made any compliment hard to take in, I believe it sometimes, it does depend on mood I am, if I feel everything in my life is going well with great balance, I'll be happy enough to hear the good stuff about me. I think your Libra has other insecurties maybe she can be like me and really couldnt careless about her looks that much, if anything my main insecurties is me not being intelligent and not being sucessful within education and career/job. I think she needs support or something your caring her, but its up to her to tell you the problem so you can help her with advice and so on. Dont mind us Air signs, its just we find it sooo easy to bottle things up we are the type to cry it all out and face it another year of what ever problem we choose to yet hold in again, which turns out stressful and depressing, plus I heard we Libras do this cos we feel ashamed if people see us out of balance, cos we want people to think we are in balance and that showing emotion would show weakness, us not achiving as well shows that to, so we rather not talk to people until we fix it our self or feeling sorry for our selevs, or sometimes we do turn to a person. Good luck and thank you for your advice, but I dont think Gem-man would ever feel that way about me, even though he didnt like it when his friends added me on fb, so he said dont they know your my posession ( which was clear he wanted me to be his) but it is annoying all the shezz he said and then after a week or so, he doesnt want me anymore, I feel mad cos i want him to get back to me when we are both back on our feet) cos I agree it was for the best, I just wonder how on earth would i find a guy in london. they all suck.

    The Gem-man, did find it surprising when I always said nice things about him, and he couldnt understand why I liked him, and he would always ask, btw his the gemini, who tells the truth alot, and shows his feelings, and ironicly he doesnt keep girls as friends. ( maybe its the 2 face coming in with the lies) I pretty much doubt he didnt love me, yeah he does like. and Thank you for the advice, which btw I meet him on line to. Oh do you think if i copy bits of our convo would help, cos i think when he was on msn he became more truthful and honest with his emotions.) maybe you can see for your self as a man if he was serious about me.

  • I think my husband left because he thought I was going to leave and by leaving first, it gac=ve him some feeling of being in control. He always has to control everything. THe other reason I think he left was because he couldn't pull the wool over my eyes anymore. There were too many people looking at him. I had a number of accidents - he didn't cause them directly - but his negligence did lead to them - he wouldn't drive me to the ER. Always tried to get someone else to take me and then wouldn't come in - obviously had guilt feelings and made hiself look even more guilty. Its a small world and truth travels fast.

  • needs my support? when i tell ya ive done everthing i have done everything hahaha, i was always interested in hearing about her day what she was doing in school, i even asked her to give me a problem once, everytime she has a big test coming up and she is worried about it i would always say "dont worry about it your smart and you passed all the other tests with flying colors, you gonna do great" then when she got the results she would text me saying " i got a B! on the test :)" i said " see? i knew you would do it, i never doubted you" and also i call her beautiful alot because after her ex she gained 40lbs and is normally not "pleasantly plump" haha she isnt even big at all and her weight has alot to do with her insercurities, but of course i would comment on how much i like her personality and sense of humor and how since shes so nice that everyone probably thinks shes weak but they would be in for a rude awakening cause she is strong,

    and yes she does seem to have no emotions almost, and i always felt that she thinks they are weakness, but i know they arent weakness (im the sensitive guy that tears up on sappy movies haha) but im also 6'5 big guy that is supposed to be all "manly" but really couldnt care less about showing everyone how "manly" cause i know i am, no need to show it. and ok back to my Libra girl, in 6 months (there is obviously an atraction between us and her friends stare at me and her sometimes when we just talking to eachoter) i have been very open with my feeling towards her and about the only thing i have gotten is "i like you alot, ALOT but i cant/wont give you more of myself" im assuming cause she needs to focus on school and i can tell she has a hard time being focused on school and she studies ALOT, so i understand thats gotta be number 1 in her life right now but i think she needs to realize that im not gonna wait around forever and for us SAGS for me being around 6 months Patient is something we sags dont do well at all, most guys probably would have left and moved on but since i feel so many things and care for her i just cant right now at least, right now we just kinda havent had that much contact since new years, im trying to get my life straightend out with a job etc...

    my brother found my libra girl for me on a dating website and he called her saying that she should talk and meet up with me (cause we so much alike), and yes im a guy that kinda doesnt understand why anyone would like me and dont see why, i mean im ok looking and all but ive never been short of girls thinking im cute lol

    if you want to post up what he said, go ahead, i have posted stuff that my Libra girl has said on here also lol

  • My Gemini man who I met through one of my best male friends, a virgo, who I dated for a while until love at first sight with this crazy sexy russian mercenary best friend of his...the virgo italian saw it and was happy for us, we got engaged fast while he was still in the U.S., but scared I might get hurt if something should happen during my new Gem's dangerous job(we kept seeing eachother though) is a long, sad and scary story everything my fiance grew up with, was forced to do and had done to him, because his mom and 3 sisters were their threat so he never had a chance to live his life but he stayed sane...and when he finally said enough to them and told them he wouldn't say a thing if they let him walk away...the day he was to fly here he it was a total inhumanity what they did before they excecuted him...He used his money, medical training and other "resourceful" training and contacts to buy medicine, food & clean water, clothing and friendship...he could give some great talks to keep hope and dreams alive or just be the lighthearted guy who will make you smile and play football (soccer, for the americans) with kids at the orphanages.. Now,the hottie itallian virgo and his brothers had awful lives until they had all reached 18 or so but they also made something of themselves and this group of european guys that all had terrible lives changed it...Thay might have been hard to get close to but I am too and for one of their main reasons, women are the best backstabbers, but also for them it delves much deeper. So the signs don't matter when it comes down to where you were what time it was/the date and how everythiing was aligned when you were born...and with that you still must make your own. sorry that was meant to be short... I don't know if....since here,I could say that's it's my aquarius?

    13 R.I.P.'s always missing all of you

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  • Mr.Cheve its Okay I've given a thought and well I'll have to let it go and keep on looking for the one, I've obessed way to much and stressed myself out, I may not have seen it coming, but I should try and delete the memories I had with him, plus I just dont get him with the whole concept of someone having things in common/compatibility with him and then yet he can change is mind in seconds into not wanting someone like him at all. he was looking for a wife, after he said he was in a 6 year relationship, found that hard to believe well both of what he said. As you can tell we Libras give and give and show love to easyly inorder for them to be happy, I was a fool to give that to someone who would have liked me more. heres what he said.

    "you see how i told you i dont be friends with girls?

    we or me, is getting to attached

    if i dont see a future with a female,

    i dont do the friend thing i dont need therapy no more, well i do,

    but fuck it, i ll never change

    well i dont see a future for us

    so whats the point?

    i m not looking to wifey someone with the same personality,

    issues and fucked up childhood as me

    i never had a problem with your personality, or watever wateva

    its just all ur issues and insecurities are like a mirror image of me

    not as advanced as me of course , lol

    but its just , i barely like myself and the way i am,

    i dont need to be with someone with the same insecuitires

    honestly, i just didnt think if we were to go out, it would last. we are too different. we have lil in common, besides our insecurities like i said, i m dogmatic with my principles

    or less poetically, stubborn

    i m probably wrong for this, but i cant be friends with a girl

    its hard to explain

    also, before i go

    Miss libra you need to be much more confident with yourself

    blame the problems with all your relationships with men/friends etc.. less on yourself, and more on the other party

    ( I'll wait for a month if he contacts me again like an annoying gemini....but i doubt it.)

  • since your just the same as my Libra and now you just gonna move on just must like my Libra it seems, and give up, i think me and him are the same lol and you my Libra are the same as well, so do you want me to tell you what i have to say to my Libra at this point in time? (i might sound a bit angry when i type this but that is to get the point across of how serious i am lol)

    this what i would say to her right now/you haha

    " i know you might be a little confused on what im doing, i showed you all this attention like crazy asking you how yer day went everyday. and then i one day i just stop doing that right? and it makes you wonder why, and you become a little angry with me cause you have feelings that you arent willing to talk about and you just keep everything inside, i have begun to realize that i made you a priority when i wasnt with you and i do understand that you have school etc, but the school thing is just an excuse in my eyes really, i know you been hurt and everything else but you can expect a guy to chase a girl that is playing hard to get forever and never get anywhere, there is a difference between hard to get and Impossible to get, you cant trust anyone, you cant get over your fear of getting hurt and if thats they way you wanna be then i feel sorry for you, your just gonna end up being in your mid 30's alone and with alot of cats to keep you company, i have said alot of things and done alot of things that any girl would love to hear from a guy, but the difference is i actually meant them, im a different type of guy and if you havent noticed that yet then ok, after me being pushed away so many times now, and once you cut me off completely, its clear what you want and that is to be left alone, i just hope if another "great guy" like you called me comes along you wont push him away and you can open your eyes and see that he really means it. i did see a future with you but you being afraid of letting anyone close to you was too much for you to handle i guess and you avoided me. i was afraid of getting hurt also, but that didnt stop me from me putting my self out there being vulnerable all the time, when i wasnt sure how you felt about me in return, but i kept on doing it even after being pushed away, um i dunno what happens next but i bet you just gonna run away and avoid the problem like always, so i guess i wont see ya around then, unless you can tell me what i did wrong? and be sure to remember that i was always open for talking and you were not, so if i did something wrong or didnt do something that you wanted me too, blame it on the lack of communication."

    is that too much? lol that sure sounds good to me, and i wanna message that to her pretty bad but i dont wanna have her blow up over it, but then again why would she blow up about it unless she had feelings? she just keeps them inside and thats the problem, does what i said kinda sound like you and your Gemini? and plus you trying to "delete" your memories is what her last song she put up on her myspace about, (and since she hides everything and is very secretive, i bet those songs are about me) you ever communicated through a song? lol

  • I was referred to this thread not realizing I asked a similar question...I never delt with a Gemini beofre and holy CRAP are they comfusing. Come here, go away, come here but not too close, do't go away but I can't give you more, won't leave but won't truly commit to the smallest thing...This is why people drink.

  • Mr.Cheve Yeah it does seem truthful, but your not being harsh as your the one who is getting hurt here, with the confussion, yes it did give me a wake up call lol I and your Libra woman have alot in common in the insecurties section. Yup it does remind me of I and gemini, he would always ask how I'm doing over 4 times, that how long it would take to spare him a lil information on how I was doing and what I was doing. Plus I do have to delete memories, cos if I dont I wont be able to move on I have to keep myself busy and move on with life, I cant wonder if he'll come back to me when his lonely. If he does I wont push him away but I'll set my rules, it wouldnt have to be about commiting to me, but levels of emotions and respect. Good luck with the Libra girl ...let me know how it goes.

    Lil sweet- Yup your right they are like that and I wonder who'll actually deal with those type of mood swings.

  • P.S Mr cheve, yes I do always compair my life problems to a song that relates to me, and I also write poems about it to, not forgetting watching movies and reailty TV shows. ( Me and you Libra have such trust issues mostly towards men, we feel maybe it would be a patten and it will happen again, it would take alot for us to see the eyes of the man, weather we analyse your words so closely to make sure you either not lying, plus we may sercretly repeat the question, over and over again, it depends if your smart, but my gem-man catched on so well he thought it was funny cos I'd ask him if he really did like me. Oh not to forget we are extremly paranoid if we cant trust a guy, but you've put so much effort within the relationship, I think she wants space, but if its been long and your lost between not knowing through the last month or so, give her the thing you was going to say to her.

    Right now I'm listening to these songs:

    cassie- offical girl

    Nodoubt- dont speak

    Lykke Li- Little bit

    lady gaga- Monster

    paramore-my heart, decode, here we go again ( plus the song of paramore that really describes how I'm feeling is the song called " I caught myself")

    GirlsAloud- The loving Kind

    Shakira-Did it again ( this also described how we were with each other)

    BlockParty- Signs

    Esmee Denters- The first thing ( how my emotions felt when I was speaking to him)

    Duffy-Step stone ( this song would be based on me and your Libra girls mind, when we are wanting something more in a guy, and we never want to be screwed over as its an easy target on us, because we'll give give)

    Nouvelle Vague- manner of speaking ( this also what we want, but love isnt always easy)

    Jennifer lopez- if you had my love

    ( if you want the certain lyrcis of the songs to help you out, copy and paste it, maybe it might relate to your girl)

  • ladies, im not a gem guy im a SAG but my rising sign is Gemini so i think alot like them, i for one know that i am the kind of guy that wont be in a relationship if i dont truly think that ive found the "one", and if we have out own "bad past" of being hurt, we will show interest and pull away if we feel our feelings growing stronger for someone, isnt this much like how a girl that has been hurt will react also??? i bet!! but the difference is you ladies that have been hurt need to know that we are there for the right reasons, and play hard to get to get us to try and prove it to you, but the thing is IF we have been hurt too in the past we will chase you but if you keep your walls up and dont let anyone in, and arent that talkative with us, what are us guys doing? wasting our time?? if you act like you arent interested in us, why keep chasing and doing things? and then you ladies complain that we "act weird" its not all one sided. for instance if i were to be in a relationship one day with my Libra girl, it would be completely different but its just "getting started" that where we BOTH have our problems.


    and oh yes im very smart, i think like a dam-n woman really, i constantly think and run different senarios in my head and repeat something that bothers me over and over, me and her are alot alike not even kidding, and even I do the same thing with my songs choices lol she didnt like me "calling her out" about her songs a few months ago, and me saying that they about me , she got very defensive and denied it, so i agree with her but i know her better than she thinks haha

    and oh yeah i sent her a message the other day (did i tell you? lol) she said how she was and she said she was glad i was doing good and ended it with a smiley face then of course with the songs she put up a song called "i need you now" and also STAIND- right here, and then 7 hours later she put up the song "dont stay" by linkin park (which is saying to forget our memories etc..) and her mood status was " sometimes i wonder what im thinking" and apparently as of now she has put up a song thinking that im seeing someone else and has the song "she aint got Shi-t on me" by Latoya Luckett, probably thinking that me not talking to her that i been dating someone else lol if she thinks that then thats ok, maybe that will make her finally do something about it? lol and oh yeah tomorrow i plan on sending her that message i type on here, but of course i will add more onto it.


  • Mr-Cheve, your right, the gem-man got out of a relationship, and I being the paranoid, mistrusted one I didnt want to be the rebound, so I held it for such a long time, 7 months later ....I suppose I didnt realize within our conversation, he tried knowing stuff about me, and asked me how I was. I dont know why such simple things I was holding back on, he was opening up to me sharing his novel book, and I didnt take part in much of the discussions, he thought my lack of communcation sucked, until I impressed him, well there is a level to some people I do like talking and then I love to be slient, yet this gem-man didnt let anything pass, he was always discussing about him self cuting me off. Hmmm weirdest relationship I've had. out of all the flings this right here, can actually can become a book/movie.. not doubt about it.

    Well at least I can learn from my mistakes, and stop doing all that stuff, also I could learn from his last words he told me about my insecurties,and gain confidence, try and trust men....ect.......Plus I feel like a silly person, I cant help to blame my self, for what had happend, regreting to ever talk to him, regreting to ever not properly speak to him, or open up to him, I just feel so low and sadly I'm still broken, I hope life turns out good I need a job/money to take my mind of, then I'll have more freedom, maybe finally a lucky guy can come into my life, wellright now I'm talking to a cancer, there hasnt been promises of him, he seems boring to. Mr.cheve let know how it goes.

  • i havent sent her the message yet but i did send her a message saying that "i realized something" and that its not really a bad message but im still worried on how she will take it, and i included that i still feel the same way and i did mean everything i have said so far about her, i didnt just want to send her the whole thing without her kinda expecting something from me that is kinda bad but also not at the same time lol.

    and Mizzlibraz how many Relationships have you been in? im asking this because my Libra has only been in one before, and me? i actually have never had one cause i never felt a spark for anyone like i have with her, and she said that they moved too fast and her ex didnt know "the real her", and she complained that he never talked to her about anything or his feelings, and he was the "party" guy and she isnt, but i bet if i were to talk to him i would hear a different story. so you you now feel bad about what you "didnt" do?? hmm i would say that you should a little bit but being hurt before it is hard to get past that and to trust someone again, so i do understand but again i dont want her to feel bad(well maybe a little bit because i have done alot to try to earn her trust and i have a reason to be mad) but also i have undergone counseling the past 6 months and i have changed alot, i dont let things bother me as much as they did before, if anything she actually needs counseling also because of her past(and not about the relationship) and i also am looking for a job thats why the past 6 months i was sooo wrapped up with her i think

  • and i forgot to say also, she the same way as you, she talks and then the next day she is silent and wouldnt talk to me, but when she was talkative she was like a love struck little school girl, and was very funny and very cute, and then the next day it all stops, maybe because she realized how she was acting and didnt like it? or felt afraid of showing interest? i dunno i always thought that was weird lol

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