Can there ever be a successful relationship with a gemini man?

  • I've never had relationships (cos I was scared of getting hurt) only flings...what ever me and Gem-man had may have had been a close enough relationship an odd one at that, I dont think me and Gem-man were different at all, it was properly almost 45% having things in common insecurties and other things, I've never been the type to like people who were at the same level of being like me. I do regret, I'm the type who puts her self down, I cant help it, even tho he told me not to, but who knows he was properly using me, cos for one, he did add he was planing to break up with me. Plus I remember one time me and Gem-man were kidding around that we were would be the worst couple a therapist would ever have to work on, and I said I wasnt the bad person and that he would manipulate the therapist into killing her self, then he told me stright I think you need one alot of things of that matter....enough I wasnt aware of what he said, but ignored it.

    (what he said about me let me know if it also relates to your Libar girl)

    Your pretty insecure, you blame yourself for failed relationship, you overrexaggerate,your weakness,yor paranoid e.g you analyse what people say many different way, and because of your different way and because of your insecurity, believe that they meant the worst, interpretation that you can come up with, your generally not happy with yourself,your mistrust men,your an over the top romantic. But try to hide that as much as you can, since your paranoia makes you think you will be taken advantage off << lol this is a good thing be on the look out. you have difficulty with the opposite, sex you get too shy, or nervous, and say whatever at times to cut the ice, theb you regret it, cos you realize it was a dumb thing to say. ( thats what he last said to me and ect...hope it helped)

    with the whole talktive and being slient thing, I dont know it just depends, either its our mood, how we feel about you, or we are just analysing you and we may not be able to be as well multi tasked to talk and join in the fun of your company, but studing of what type of person helps us move out of our shell and see if your worth the trouble and well trust worthy to. when I got talking with Gem-man, I held back and let him do all the talking which trust me I'm sure he loved it, but he would complain, wish I took him seriously had I known if I would gain feelings for him at the end, I'd push myself into talking more, but I did open up I joined in, then held back, back and forth, as so it went, he was used to it, he talked alot, but believe me he would show of his emotions weather he be angry with something, wha ever mood into telling me some story, child hood, life, omg I was so mad, I didnt ever tell him anything, its like I would tell you half a story , so I wouldnt look embrassing. Plus cos he was rude all the time to me very honest person, I also was smart enough to not talk to much cos I didnt trust him that much, I knew his weaknesses, so I was always able to hit them when he least expected it lol, well he did deserve it.

    anymore questions hopfuly I answered some, and if you want to question why I have all those insecurties wouldnt mind either, theres always a reason to everything. Plus I and your Libra girl have another thing in common, I'm not much into the party/clubing thing, I wouldnt mind, but I like to hang out eat food, read books, write poems and creative writing, hanging in warm places like coffee, shops, anything thats soical, hmm partying is cool, but it depends on my mood, if I want to go buck wild.

  • Also to add to my other reply some guy told me some cancer guys said, out of all girls his spoken to I'm the most closed up one, I'm nice I can joke around and be all funny, but with all that I can still cover up my self and never tell not a single information about myself. he said I can know a girl in matter of 2 weeks, but you which I've known for 9 months I still dont know.

  • One more word of advice Mizz Libra (i love your name) stop taking life and love so serious, its suppose to be fun in the beggining, just have fun.

  • S3xyGem I know I should calm down alittle, well he did make it fast and kinda serious at the start saying he was looking for a wifey ect......oh yh btw proff of that his thinking of me, he told my friend who is also a gem saying I m not a nice guy Lil Gem. Y did u nd MizzLibra put up with me. until then, I'm not waiting for gona keep the cancer guy, his very cool seems fun and he likes to party.

  • WELL OK im gonna try to copy and paste what i said in my letter to my libra girl, also maybe it could help you as well lol

    Wellllllll ok where to start(ive been dreading this day for a while now) but i geuss i still tend to hold some things in and dont say much about it, much like you do. and yes i am aware that you dont like people to tell you they need to say something and then dont lol but i figured id say something before hand instead of outta no where you get this random message(thinking of how it would affect you first again), ok now, ill get started.

    i know you might be a little confused on what im doing or have been doing, i showed you

    all this attention like crazy asking you how yer day went everyday etc... and

    then i one day i just stop doing that right? and it makes you wonder

    why, and you become a little angry with me cause you have feelings that

    you arent willing to talk about and you just keep everything inside, then a while ago now i Realized that i made you a priority when im not even with you or anything, and i even put you up above myself also, and thats the thing!! i have always put everyone before myself and myself last and i can say that im not doing that anymore.

    but i do understand that you have school etc, but the school thing has always sounded like an excuse pretty mcuh , i know you been hurt and everything

    else but you cant expect a guy to chase someone that doesnt wanna get caught and that is playing hard to get forever and never get anywhere, there is a difference between hard

    to get and being Impossible to get, you cant trust anyone, you cant get over

    your fear of getting hurt and if thats they way you wanna be then i

    feel sorry for you, you might just end up being in your mid 30's alone

    and with alot of cats to keep you company (my sisters friend michelle is this type of person).

    i have said alot of things and done alot of things that any girl would love to hear from a guy,

    but the difference is i actually meant them, AND OF COURSE i know that ok i was all talk and no action to prove anything that i have said to you, but i know your fears cause i have much the same ones and i understand and also im a different type of guy

    and if you havent noticed that yet then ok, and after me being pushed away

    so many times now, and once you cut me off completely, its clear what

    you want and that is to be left alone, i just hope if another "great

    guy" like you called me comes along you wont push him away and you can

    open your eyes and see that he really means it. i do or did see a future with

    you but you being afraid of letting anyone close to you was too much

    for you to handle i guess and you avoided me. and for someone like you i know that you have opened up to me to a point and i even went to yer house which must have been huge for you also but still.

    i was afraid of getting hurt also, but that didnt stop me from me putting myself out there

    being vulnerable all the time, when i wasnt sure how you felt about me

    in return, but i kept on doing it even after being pushed away so much, and i also thought about why i did this to myself, and the only reason i could find was that, that im not full of shit and that what i feel and say is real but its whatever at this point in time. um i

    dunno what happens next but can tell me what i did wrong? ive pointed out things that i have done wrong also but maybe something i missed? and be sure to remember that i was always open for talking and you were not, so if i did something wrong or didnt

    do something that you wanted me too, blame it on the lack of communication.

    it may sound like im mad at you but honestly im not, im sittin here really calm actually. i just felt like i needed to say these things cause i finally opened my eyes and saw what i was doing


  • and im not really gonna post up everything she said cause i know how much she would hate it if she found out me posting stuff that she has said she likes her privacy, you the same way mizzlibraz?? but actually her message was good, i was suprised. here what she said

    "okies well where to start...maybe with the you putting me first thing and all that. It was a nice thought but i never asked to be first in your life, and i DO recall telling you to date other people. I'm not even mad so dont worry bout it. i'm too tired to be dealing with this now.

    as for the you showing me all this attention and then none? well i kinda did block you and all so i wasnt really surprised when you cut back on talking to me.

    you are a great guy and you'll make a girl really happy but that girl just isnt gonna be me. you sit here and say that you hope i can let someone in or else i'm gonna end up alone and with lots of cats? how stereotypical is that? and even if i was still alone when i was 30 who cares as long as i was happy? i dont need a guy to make my life work, weather you think its true or not.

    (still not mad just giving you my opinion)"

    "i think you've gone to your counseling and figured yourself out more. and for that i'm happy for you. but dont try to analyze me. cause you're most likely always gonna get it wrong. you dont know enough about me to judge me at all, and yes your thinking thats cause i dont open up. i dont open up and i know why.

    weather you even realize it, which you dont i'm sure since i havent told you, you mirror my ex, in trying to push me for things i dont want to say."

    "your an adult and you'd like a relationship. well go get one. i told you we could always be friends but im not looking for more. you say i use school as an excuse? who knows i might but til your in my spot and your going to school and working and still trying to make time for friends...dont tell me anything plz. im not really sure if i left anything out...i prolly did but im sleepy so meh."

    "now since i was just pretty brutal with all this i'll explain why, i'll open up a little and maybe help you understand but at this point you can pretty much guarantee that im beyond caring. my ex has been calling me and draggin me right back to where i didnt wanna be. telling me all this crap that would have been sweet and right back in the day. and i know he's full of it. he doesnt want me he wants someone thats gonna love him all the time and be his emotional door mat. which is what i was. it was my own fault for letting him do it to me. but knowing that and stopping it are two very different things. why dont i stop talking to him? which is what i know your thinking. im prolly the only real friend he has and i feel bad for him. i cant help it and its a part of me to want to help ppl.

    anyhow after dealing with him again i can assure you i'm not ready to open up to anyone else right now. call it what you want, place blame for what you need on me, i just cant care right now. i'm drained and hurting and i dont want any part of any guy right now. so there ya go. i know its not what you wanted to hear im sure but thats the truth and you can do with it what you want. we can be friends or we can go different ways. i leave it to you, i've always left it to you. thats prolly the longest letter i've ever written...anyone lol"

    I WASNT GONNA put her whole message but i pretty much did cause there alot of good points, ill have to tell you what i responded with later cause i wanna see what you think so far. since shes hard to "open up" i am gratful that she has opened up to me yet a little more and telling me things, and that is her longest message to me also, so i can clearly see she cares but yes im not putting anymore pressure on her anymore, and i will post up my response after you read this. i think i had a very good response, maybe too good maybe that why she has read it but hasnt responded, i dont think she will

  • Woow I wouldnt be suprised if your Libra girl ended saying the guy she was dealing with was a mad gem-man, well honestly Thank you Mr.cheve, this is like a story of my life which would be heading to or maybe not, I think Gem-man felt sorry for me and let me go, maybe he was actually nice for once and cared about my feelings and how he was hurting me to let me go, instead of going crazy into insanity of living both minds of misery. because what me and gem-man had, was me being the emotional door mat, although I think my gem was much nicer, cos he always kept saying you meet me at a wrong time, I'm sorry ect........ I suppose me and gem man will only ever work when we are in a good place in our lives. For some sick reason, you and your Libra cant help to help others, we rather support and care for others than ourselevs. I just hope I can learn from your libra and not into that again, and live life with joy instead. its making me sad, cos I think your libra should have been honest with the her ex. cos with gem I'd lash back at him I wasnt afraid to be honest with him, plus knowing his weaknesses helped to put a stop to his rudeness towards me. if I get gem-man back into mylife, which btw I wouldnt do it for any other person, I'd just be up fornt set rules of what I dont want to be and what respect I want to.....he would only be an expection, wouldnt do it for any other guy, cos I suppose I feel sorry for him, he has no friends, his family give him a hard time, and his ex broke up with him with a long 6 year relationship.

    So are you going to move on, or your going to go with the flow, and date other women?

    would you'll still contact her and hope one year after she would be yours?

    was counseling really good, what kind did you join? I would go myself not sure how the Uk people do it.

    Lol@ she knows you share half her information, how did she ever know and find out?

    can you give me key tips into getting a guy?

    P.S another thing me and your Libra have in common we hate when we are observed, but I think thats what made things worse for I and gem, cos he tried telling me what wrongs I did, and yet it was so easy to tell his, he only had the chance to tell me at the end when I asked him, if only I knew I should of let him tell me right away, cos there were reasons I acted like that. damn it well I can learn, btw my Cancer he likes fashion and twlight, two things I'm not interested in a man, it isnt right I'm not into either of those things. hmm maybe dealing with a party bubble person could do me some cure to my heart.

  • well first off her ex i dunno if he has a gemini sign, but im a sag with a gemini rising, and the werid thing is that her ex is also a SAG, AND HAS THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME! Dec 11th, but he is just two years older than me, but still the same birth date, and the libra girl is a year older than me lol

    ill will post what i responded back to her with after i read her message, tell me what you think please, you think it might of been too much? but i was honest and truthful and said quite a few things ive never told her before.

    "once again , im not surprised about anything you tell me, you really dont see how much i notice the little tiny things and how close i pay attention to details, yes i know about how close i must remind you of your ex being that he has the same exact birthday as me as well right? and since i found that out i have always thought about how that must affect you, you probably thinking im same exact way as your ex was and its just gonna bring more heartache and whatever. and yes you didnt tell me about that but i still figured it out on my own lol. i just never told you.

    and about you worrying about what you say to me about being "brutal". seriously dont worry about it, have we both not been through alot which has made us strong? and i appreciate you being straight forward and honest with me, much like i am with you. and as for you not needing a guy to make you happy, thats the way it should be honestly, everyone shouldnt ever need to be with someone, you should WANT to be with someone is the difference, and i know this also and have for quite some time now. i dont need to be with you, i want too, even if i think sometimes your a pain in the ass LMAO thats the difference, at least for me i can say that when i met you i felt some sort of weird "spark" if you will so ya and ive never needed anyone, ive always been by myself and done just fine, i actually think im too independent sometimes and i hate asking for help on things.

    and also i have never "looked" for a Relationship, i dont go out and hit on girls lol thats not me. and honestly with me in the past asking you all those questions i wasnt trying to "push" you into a Relationship with me, i just wanted open and honest communication really, and when i knew you were holding back or maybe even lieing to me i got impatient and blew up and became an ass, and im still very sorry for that.

    yes i figured myself out alot with my counsling , my counselor had the same thing happen to him as a kid which is why i think i got so much out of it. before i met you and before my counsling i was "lost" and i wasnt doing anything to help myself and now thats changed. and about me trying to "analyze you". hmmm i think you have done or still do the same thing to me do you not? i have always the kind of person that observes everything around me and trys to figure things out or people out, im pretty good at it i think lol this is why im now starting to think that i might go in pyshcology to maybe become a counselor for maybe troubled kids or something, a job where i could show how big of a heart i have and how much i care and i like helping people, cause im very much like you that way. i help people on this website i go to all the time with there issues, and my god kirstin has a never ending list of guy problems that she reaches out for advice from me on lol

    ok now onto the ex thing, thats too bad and im sorry, and yes i always wondered why you still talked to him, but then again he was your only Relationship and i think your always gonna feel something for him thats a given. and i can understand the helping people thing as i already said. and no im not placing blame on you for not opening up to me or anything, i do truly care for you so i cant be mad at you, and i have always understood and yes i would listen but wouldnt hear you(as you said lol) and again i want the truth from you so stop worrying haha, and why is it all left up to me always lol of course i wanna be friends and still see you and everything, your an amazing girl jenn lol well ok hmmm i wonder if i beat my record for longest message? maybe not jesus i type alot lol. ill talk to ya later :)"

  • and to answer your questions from before, right now im going to go with the flow, i dont really date women and never have really, they usually come up to me lol which is what i said in my message above. yes i will still be in contact with my Libra girl, she has always said in the past that " i never thought in my wildest dreams that i would meet a guy right now that i might be serious with" (this was within 3 weeks of us meeting) and would also say this "i thought we agreed that we would be friends right now and then maybe later be somethig more". i was impatient with her and was "pushy" but after everything thats happened now, im calm and not anymore(also in my message),

    i got into a fight with my older brother and the state of AZ pressed charges against me, and i went to domestic violence classes, you would think that their would be alot of women beaters in there huh? nope this was a misdeamor class, not a felony, so we all nice guys but lost our temper, some guy threw a bike at a car and went there!! and most guys were in there because they violated a restraining order against them(going threw a divorce and the women would lure them into getting close and then get them for violating it) and i think thats bu-l-lsh-i-t but whats that saying? "hell have no fury like a woman scorned" lmao

    if you would like me to tell about my past i would tell you, not like most people on this website dont already know my story, and my councling has help me alot because i never dealt with it before, OH and my libra girl found out about me talking about her cause i told her that i talked to my counselor about her, and this was after she told me about her past, so she wasnt to happy, but i didnt go into details about her past i pretty much said that "she had a very troubled past just like i did" but yes she was kinda upset cause shes a private person, but i made it ok lol, and about me giving you tips to finding a guy, hasnt me telling you how my Libra girl is helped enough? haha hmm i dunno tell me what you think about all i said, and tell me what you think about my message to her, i dont if i can give you any "key" points of finding anyone, my message to her probably relates to you also. well ok im done see ya later

  • BUMP

  • Mr.cheve hey did she reply back to you on your message? well you wouldnt believe what gem-man is doing, a annoying fool, on this form site he keeps giving me hinted hiden codes only I'll understand, saying I'm diffcult, that I'm a fool, that I'm good at history, I'm hot that he would love to do things with me, his also giving me advice about leaving my friends twice he done this, but yet I've ignored him, just find him silly imature, a lost soul. why would he do this, funny thing he is the one who broke it off he didnt want to talk to me, yet his the one finding it hard to move on, like I know I'm way to hotter then him, I'm easyly liked/funny, I'm smart, supporting and also caring. of course he would miss me, I miss him alittle although he wasnt the best, but he was something else. I guess he was testing me when he cut of all contact and he left me to take him of facebook or not, I did and now his trying to get my bloody attention, and I'll ignore, cant he be normal and call me, if he wanted me, but his so stubborn, if he has lost the plot, and has changed the story in his head, saying to him self that it was me who broke it off. plus his mentioned me few times with these girls I know, I'm not going to try to understand him, his in a lost state of mind, his lost and is in the worst place right now.

  • 5 hours after my last comment, he added me on wtf is going on, I'm not even surprised he did that, but yet it was to soon, funny was it that bad not talking to me, poor him I'll let him suffer for another week or 2, whats the worst if he deleted his resquest his a $hit bag, if he wants to play games, I'll join in, but I suppose I could still set my rules, I need as many advice from my guy friends, his going to say but I cant take him seriously.

  • first ill talk about My lIbra girl, Nope, she didnt reply back after what i said up above to her, everytime i have said nice stuff or something she has always avoided responding or she does respond but doesnt awknoledge ALL of what i said and only chooses what she responds too, i on the other hand always respond to everything she says,, why do you think she didnt respond? what i said a little too strong for her? or maybe she wanted to hear something like what i said but then doesnt believe me? probably both i think, cause so far i have never "showed" her ive only been talk, and thats mainly because she put up the "friends" thing and what the am i supposed to do with that?, so far six months later now, (ive even told her this) since i respect her, i try to go along with the friends thing, and not say the things i have already said to her like, i love her (yes if you didnt know i have said that twice, and for me i dont take that lightly and never said that to anyone before(besides family of course) i can understand why she doesnt Believe me when i have said alot of things, cause i havent shown her, but i try to respect her wishes and just be the "friend" when we never have talked like just "friends", the friends thing came along in about 3 weeks cause we both seemed to be moving too fast and talking about most things you dont talk about that soon(cant remember now though lol) i do believe without this "friends" things it wouldnt have ended in a big fight and everything, and i think we both possibly want it to work out, cause we both afraid of screwing anything up with eachother, (we both have said so) so i dunno , she didnt respond, and im left in the dark once again to think about how she took my message, but she did say she didnt want any part of any guy after dealing with her ex right now, so i havent sent her another message. but hmm thinkin i should but i dunno

  • and now about your Gem guy, hmmm how old are you and him anyways? im 22 and my Libra girl is 23, but the things he's doing he sounds like he's about 17, lol but of course for us guys if we have an interest in someone, first off theres gotta be a phyiscal attraction, then of course that leads into thinking about "you know what" lol but the thing is with me i didnt see my libra girl until we talked for the first day(all day non stop! texting haha) then i saw her on myspace, and i thought "ok shes cute" i wasnt like holy moley or anything, but then when we first met, jesus i froze up completely, defintely looked better in person, and i dunno her "presence" was unlike anything ive felt before, i was comfortable around her when im not like that around really anyone, just weird i geuss oh ok back to what you said lol

    "of course he's gonna miss me" lmao, but then again i could say that to my libra girl also, well i think, ok well besides him saying the "hidden messages that only u know" he might not be playing a game, wasnt he hurt before also? and probably scared of getting close to you? (hmm cant remember) if you mean that much to him he will try to contact you, he walked away it seems you didnt, but i guess in my case, maybe she think i dont care as much anymore cause im not how i used to be over her, you can only be pushed away and rejected so many times to where i am now not gonna go through that again with her unless she shows me different. and ok you cant take him seriously and you shouldnt right now, hes gonna have to make the extra effort to reach out to you, (i know that it bothers me if i havent talked to My libra girl for a week or two or should i say it did bother me) if he gets sick and tired of you ignoring him enough he will contact you until you feel ready to respond, but know that there is a limit, i dont know the limit, but sooner or later a arguement will break out and then you both need to get everything out on the table and dont hold back, if he cares for you he will understand what he did wrong and will admitted it too, but i bet its probably not one sided like you have made it sound? i wonder what he would say about what you did wrong or how you made him feel? hmm maybe you already spoke on this maybe i should read back from the beginning lol, well i gotta go, ill check back a little later

  • Your libra girl doesnt want to hear the things shes heard about her self over and over again, we want proff, through unique certain things, say for example I like poems, I'd like if you buy me a poem book, or a plan book to collect and put all my poetry in, like mention the things shes interested in, and buy her that it doesnt have to be alot of money, also try find something inside her that no one knows, and that would only happen if you've spoken to each other for long. for example I wouldnt be so happy if someone said I was a "awsome girl who is pretty and can do what she likes", I'd perfer if they say " your have such wisdom of words, smart and all that you are humble and sweet", makes us feel better about our selevs, plus if you love someone you shouldnt stop, but you dont have to show it 100% of the time, like once a week activity should be enough something romantic, doesnt have to be materalistic, but something super fun.

    people I've spoke to told me to stop talking to him, If I was thinking with my mind I agree but my heart I still like him and feel the connection, and I'm s.e.xually attracted to him, when we first saw each other, I was obviously confident, thanks to the guys and their jaws droping, I felt good seeing him, and when he saw me i suppose he was shocked lol, I dont make much effort with most photos, but he must of been happy, I know I'm a pretty girl, his words I'm crazy hot....our conversation was all right, I was comfortable with him, but to him I seemed nervous or shy,

    but I wasnt. now I dont know what he wants from me, he made it very clear he didnt want me no more ect...the crap he said...well if he really wants me either he could call me, or send me something to my facebook inbox, or then I wouldnt want him in my life.

  • see heres the thing, she said that i was the only person to ever call her beautiful, she gained weight after her break up from her ex and she's not completely comfortable with the way she looks, she grew up in the shadow of her older sister "the perfect one", i make comments on her looks quite a bit cause i know to her that means alot, but i also say things about her personality, sense of humor, how sweet she is, how smart she is, etc..... and then she always cuts her self down saying im not smart, im not this and this. and it frustrates the h-e-ll outta me, when she talks to me sometimes, she says things like "maybe all im saying to you means nothing to you and you could careless" and UGHH that makes me mad, and ive told her to stop thinking so much and thinking always negitive , its like she feels like that no one can ever love her, cause she doesnt think shes that special(and shes said that too).

    ive never said this to her but ive almost wanted to say it a few times now, i would have said " ok you think your not Beautiful? then fine! ill admit you'll never be a supermodel and neither will i, but in my eyes? in my eyes? you are absolutely gorgeous, and i dont care what you think about yourself cause i know what i see" man, i kinda wanna say that but i dunno if that would be good or not haha

    and also about me buying her things that she likes? i have no job right now or else i would have already, she likes to read alot she has a whole wall just full of books, her favorite authors are on her myspace but she has so many books, i dunno which ones she doesnt already have lol

  • LOL. I'm sure there are some people out there who have successful relationships with Gemini men, but as far as I'm concerned, they are the schizophrenics of the zodiac! Very much into having control over their lovers. Having a relationship with a Gemini man is not for the faint of heart. Consider that he did you a favor and when he comes creeping back to toy with you again, like a cat with a mouse (and he will) - do yourself a favor and say, "NO!"

  • people have told me that im wasting my time on her and i shouldnt talk to her anymore and move on also, but yes thats in my mind, but in my heart? thats impossible at this point in time. i just cant, me and her dont talk on the phone of in person that much, its easier to talk about things online because its not a personal, i would like to talk in person about things, so then she couldnt avoid or runaway from things as easily, and i think thats why she doesnt. because then also with the things i say she could see how much i really do care, when i talk about her to other people in person everyone looks at me and smiles and says "you really like this girl dont you?" its soo obvious! lol but any ways on to your gem guy.

    "he made it clear he didnt want me no more" ???? after his past relationship i think honestly, hes scared thats all, he cant decide what he wants, doesnt want to get hurt again like he did with his ex and everything(much like my LIbra) i think he wants you in his life but just doesnt know how to go about it, is he going to school or anything? and maybe uses that as an excuse? (my Libra girls schooling is an excuse i think and she didnt deny it either in her message)

    and youve never had a relationship before either? i havent maybe thats why we so open to being with someone now cause we both felt a spark lol

  • kentuckywoman2

    im a sag (sun sign) and a Gemini(Rising sign) and i act like a gemini, i dont think we toy with anyone, it depends if we have been hurt or not, i havent yet(from a relaionship) but i been hurt many other ways, and are afraid of being with someone with the risk of being hurt, just like many women out there are afraid as well, cause i honestly can say that if i were to commit, i commit 100%, and that is alot of trust to place on your partner, girls do cheat also you know? and more often then im sure you women would like to admit(not that anyone on here has, maybe but still), i dont think i play a game, cause i have a sag sun, so im very honest and too the point and you will know how i feel lol good or bad,

  • He has nothing going for him, no job, his done Uni, he has family issues, he has the long relationship and it broke of last year. well I have my own issues but I've never talked them out with him, dont want to, and its good that I dont ever, he isnt so passionate, isnt much of a caring guy, so there isnt any point saying anything, I've held it in life a man, and I've learnt to keep emotions bottled up. Lol@ our first relationship, yup it would be our first Mr.cheve, but we are new yet we shouldnt be clueless of such words or actions. Hmm I dont know what to do with him, I so want to accpect him, and just ball out my anger, and tell with such a sarcastic tone, and say this " Oh yay I love this game of yours, so we are here for round 3, lets screw over Mizzlibra, the 3rd time, so what should I F-ing do puppet master?, dance around, tell you a joke, jump when told to high? oh wait or throw food on the ground and eat it of there to..this quest you have going on is so arousing meeow, dont stop I'm loving it, although its so funny you may have thought your ego was stroked, but dad dum, I hope you didnt take me as being a fool, being a charmer is one of my best traits. and your lucky I've still left my glasses at spec-savers, and I'm still half blind, so your lucky you can toy with me again, cat and mouse. but although its so funny you didnt want to talk to me, you was the one finding it hard to move on. now whoes ego is stroked up now, what ever way you try to deny it. because this game. I won < oh I'm hoping you feel my anger had a vicious moment with the poor keybroad, oh and that you also sensed the sarcasim to. rasies a brow P.S your manic state of mind yes is hard to define, not going to ever understand you, cos your lost and my dear you dont understand your self.

    Your Libra, is properly like me we want to be our own perfect self, and dont say those harsh things to her, cos words stay with us for ever and she would always remember that. plus high school was such a cruel time for me, yeah I did get guys making it obvious I was pretty and that they liked my body, yet I didnt ever hear the words, just nasty comments and actions like my hand getting pulled, you know the nasty talk, and the first guy who ever told me I was beautiful was when I was 16 I'll never forget it cos I never heard of it from anyone, it made me happy made me feel more confident and so on, and then ever since when I dressed well and got confident those words came flying by, but I think your girl is sensing you being a charmer and isnt falling for it, I suppose you should have said it once in a while, and until she had a thought about it to her self, but cos she hears it from you all the time, it shows your easy to say it to any girl, like dont always say it all the time, I think she is the type to chase a compliment, like to work hard for it, thats how I am, and until the person notices it, I'll be more happy about it, like for example,I'd be annoyed if I got attention when my outfit wasnt put much effort to it, yet I like it when i do put alot of effort to it, I want everyone to mention I look good today.

    for example I suppose us libras is our giving nature to have someone who is an rude, cocky, confident, who takes charge, intelligent, funny who has everything going for them, its like a mission we need to impress you so much just to finally hear you say something nice, it would stick with us forever, cos we know you judge alot, we know your like simon cowell, and your not easyly pleased like us, so you are being honest when you dont let compliments fly out of your mouth like all the time. plus I think your libra girl may not hear those words alot apart from you, and i think she would only believe it if she heard it from her ex, to hear those words from him is a mission she had be waiting for, weird to say it, how can I explan it, like say if you wrote a book, and there are critics and you want that certain paper or judge person to like your book, cos they are sooo harsh with every aruther, it would make you work so hard to get the least harsh compliment from them. or to even hear something nice from them.( plus I and your girl we are harsh with our self, we feel that way when there isnt any balance, we want things to weigh well and we get so hard on our selevs, dont worry I think you should tell her to stop it, cos im working on with my negative thoughts now. although it isnt working)

    time would tell, I think you should find your self a job, do something for your self focus on your self, finally when you have had time for your self, and you need to try other birds before you go back to see libra girl, wait a month or so, and contact her. and set the next date.

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