Can there ever be a successful relationship with a gemini man?

  • I've been F'ucked over twice by this gem man, dont know what his playing at, he was getting along so well and all of a sudden a blue afternoon, he thought it would be a good idea to never talk to him and that he felt we were getting to attached with each other, well he said he was getting to attached and he said before it gets harder to leave I should end it here. I dont know seen as though I'm a libra and his a gem I thought we would click and that he wouldnt want to ever break this relationship, he cut me out of his life and I also have to keep my pride, and I'm not going to phone him, plus the sad thing is, seen as though he has done this before, it would break me knowing when I'm trying to get over him. he'll come back into my life. ( but who knows maybe he meant that he wont talk to me ever again)

    there is more I dont know if I should copy and paste the last convo we had on msn, but I was watching this video which also gave good advice, all 12 signs when they are over you.( ) he did all that, although he always was nice to at times, he promised me things. ( I was also was taking tips from the other thread about gem men), but honestly its really sad, something so perfect can never work. I miss him so much, I'm trying to get over him by getting a job and clearly to find whom ever wants a date with me to go on it. and enjoy life and move on.

    his words that he said before he blocked me out of his life that I shouldnt blame my self, but blame everyone my friends the other party, and that it isnt my fault.( which made me feel better about the break up, although I still think I need to change to renew my self. from this pain)

    Question is: cant there ever be a successful relationship with a gem man? they cant be this disturbed i dont want to base someone of their star sign 100% all the time and run away if I see a gem person.

  • How can this relationship be both perfect and causing so so much upset? Sit down and take an honest look at your friend and the relationship. Write down the good and bad things and make sure you are objective about it. Now get someone who knows the both of you (and who will tell the truth even if it hurts you) to do the same list. Maybe ask another friend to do it too. Then go through the same process for yourself - write down your faults and strengths - and get friends/family to do it for you too.

    See where you could do better with your own weaknesses. Then ask your friends if they think your relationship is worthwhile and good. Looking at the lists and bearing in mind all that you've heard, make a decision to make or break the realtionship. I know Librans have difficulties making decisions but you must do something now - one way or the other.

  • Thank you Captain, I think I've tried it before but writing it down seems like a better idea. yeah I dont know he seems like we have common factory of being in misery yet we havent got common things in common as in music or movies, although it is little, then again he always says he perfered a girl different then what he was.

    Oh do you know how to do a persons raising sun and moon, all I can say is im born on 13 of october 1989 and I was born in syria, in the middle east also was born around midnight.

  • ok how long have you known this Gemini?? im a male sag, but my rising sign is Gemini and i act alot like them maybe i can help?, and im also close to your age im 22 born in1987, first off he seemed scared to get close to anyone if he just left like that, so do you know if he has had a bad history with girls? or bad family problems? to make him run away from you there HAD to be something to make him be this afraid of getting close. its late, im off to bed. take care and hope to hear from you.

  • Mr.Cheve, yeah he told me he struggles with women, and he only ever had a long term relationship with his ex girlfriend, its been about 6-7 years and she broke up with him, me and him we've known each other almost a year now, we havent exactly been an item. but he wanted to be with me, and I think which he believes I'm a over the top romantic (so he may feel he cant aford me) he also said I try my hardest to hide my romantic side, but I woulnt like to share romance with any guy unless he was my husband or close enough long term boyfriend. ( so I'm always okay with a causal date nothing cheesy my romance is different compaired to any other girl)

    my gem man and his problems, he was broke, he was struggling to find a job, he passed his Uni degree but he couldnt go to the finish line to actually have the deal of a career, his having family problems, he has to be the one who brings in the check. he wants his parents to divorce. plus he was born 11 of june 1988.

  • Plus Cheve can you help me find out whats my rising sign and moon sign I think that would help me out to.

  • MizzLibraz, your moonsign I think is Pisces. Your rising sign really needs the EXACT time, not the approximate (is it before or after midnight?) and the name of the town in Syria.

  • I was born in syria the name of city Damascus, my guess properly after midnight, but I dont the exact time. but if it were before midnight what would it be also, plus now that I may know my moonsign and sunsign, would it mean I could check 3 signs of the astrology charts ect?

  • This chart is if you were born AFTER midnight:

    Rising sign = Leo

    Moon sign = Pisces.

    Mercury = Libra

    Venus = Sagittarius.

    Love life - You are very aware of the need to maintain a high sense of morality in a relationship. Your loyalty and interest will remain constant in any relationship (either friendly, personal or business) that is based on fairness, honesty and justice. But you will become greatly hurt and disappointed if the other person takes any but the high road with you. Also, you cannot tolerate anyone being overly emotionally possessive of you. You are known for your friendly, outspoken manner.

    Mars = Libra

    Jupiter = Cancer

    Saturn = Capricorn

    Neptune = Capricorn

    Uranus = capricorn

    Pluto = Scorpio

    North Node = Aquarius

    If you were born before midnight, the only difference would be that your moon sign would be Aries. Everything else is the same as above.

  • Woow kinda surprised how its actually right, would be cooler if I knew how to find that stuff out, usually I just look up on Libra. Thank you Captain for your help.

  • Plus where did you exactly get this information, would like to read about it, unless you came up with that on your own?

  • OK mizzLibraz, with all you just said about him, he has ALOT going on in his life, (i can relate to almost everything except the parents divorce thing) he is about my age and was in a Relationship for 6-7 years!!! holy c-r-ap that is a long time, and probably very hard to get over after being together that long, he has so much going on and i think he needs to focus on those things before he focus's on you, thats what i have been doing now also,(im in love with a Libra girl lol) which brings me onto you, you complain about him just leaving but you know he has got alot going on, so whats the history on you now? have you been hurt in the past and have very high walls up to protect your self? how openly do you express your feelings towards him? probably not at all huh? your romance you said only to be shared with a long term BF or maybe husband, which is understandable (i think my Libra girl is excatly the same way), but im the same way also, i dont go looking for that "one thing, i want something meaningful and im sure will last, and with my libra girl i think i found it but she doesnt express her feelings like i have to her, so right now i have stopped chasing her and telling her my feelings in turn, cause she doesnt believe me anyways. is this kinda like what is going on with you guys? ok take care looking forward to hear from you .

  • mizzlibra, I guess a lot has changed since your last post. How did he f you over twice? I know you went on a date, and he took too long to call, what happend after, that he ended up telling you the dreaded "it's not you"?

  • There CAN be successful relationship with anybody if BOTH sides want to work it out

    in your case, one side bailed out, so it didn't happen

    but doesn't mean he will bail out on someone else

    I never had romantic relationship with Gems

    but there must be someone out there that enjoy relationship with them

    what happens to you happens to you, nothing to do with other people's lives

    you don't need to watch videos to find out if someone is not into you

    have a conversation and ask him one on one

    if he can't seem to give you a straight answer, then you know he's not into you

    I am married to a Cap, Gemini rising, for 9 years

    never have a problem from the time I met him

    my heart was broken by other signs, but doesn't mean any other girls will experience the same

    I wanted a person that wants me in their lives

    since these guys did not want me, I moved on and found my Cap

    Your Gem has said it his piece, all you have to do is move on

    does it really matter whether he changes his mind or not later on?

    because if he can change his mind, then he can change it again, don't you think?

  • by the way I am annoyed by him for saying it was your friends or the another person, when the line is "it's not you, it's me" He didn't accept responsibility which means he wants to leave the opening for returning without acknowledging or appologizing for the way things have gone, or changing and growing to make it work in the future.

  • Mr. Cheve Well he at first came back to me after a disappence after 3 weeks after our first date ( bare in mind we talked b4 all this 7 months after all this, after the break up it was then almost a year we knew each other), he gave me a text, we started talking. after awhile a month later we got close again and he said I was diffcult and that I know alot about him but he doesnt know much about me, thats why it would be a hard thing to be in a relationship with you Mizz-L. I was kinda shocked, I never saw this part about my self, being distance, so I did try sharing feelings with him, yet I know he isnt supportive enough in return, so I may have shared just alittle, he was very observent which freaked me out, I never had to tell him anything and he knew all my insecurties, but dispite all that we nice to each other, and he always repeated saying he was sorry that i meet him in a bad time, at that moment I saw his kind side that he wished he could get better with his life. and when I asked to go see avatar he said he had no more money so I offered to pay, but he said "look let me get a job and then the luxuries", our conversations were funny, he was a funny guy, I'm funny to but he isnt easyly amused so I only ever had one laugh from him lol, he doesnt ever laugh which buged me cos all I got is being funny, he took that away from me, and he said I could stand there and look pretty lol. and we had lil mini debates, I felt that spark with him, usually I never have with guys, when I spoke to him, I'd pay him alot of attention and so would he, I'd be kinda shy at times cos I just ended up liking him even more. ( heres the last convo i had with him, sadly I'm a sado who kept it in her journal, guess to take his words and move on with my self and heal. here it is)

    "I was always planning on doing this but, I kinda grew attached,before it blossoms even more I need to dead this sh!t. I never had a problem with your personality or whatever, its just all your issues and insecurties are like a mirror image of me, not as advanced as me of course lol, but its just I barely like myself and the way I am, dont need to be with someone with the same insecurties ,also before I go, Mizz libra you need to be much more confident with your self, Blame the problems with all your relationships with men/friends ect...less on yourself and more on the other art. and your over the top romantic and try your hardest to hide it as much as you can, your paranoia makes you think you will be taken advantage off << lol this is a good thing be on the look out"

    Mr cheve do you also want the list of insecurties he left out for me on whats wrong with me, maybe I can relate to your Libra, plus the reasons why I'm mad for him leaving, cos I miss talking to him, he was more interesting to talk to then my own friends, I learnt alot from him, he was God damn intelligent, funny as hell. I just miss his company I honestly believe I wont have a enjoyment on someones company and have the attraction s.e.xually the spark. I find it hard to find that kind of guy. and yeah your right I dont share much feelings towards him, cos its like that why rush so fast to a relationship, it should be done slowly and it should be less emotional and it should be more interesting and adventurous, fun, then when we Air signs get close enough to our bf/gf we express it one by one, we may just tell you how our child hood was, then later on in our early teens, then after we would express our problems and emotions, plus we hate being forced to share emotional issues, we will tell you when we are comfortable of knowing you'll promise to be with us tomorrow and forever more, you could try and say this to her if you actually catch her being sad on her facal expression " hey whats wrong? (wait for her answer) " in return tell her I bet it isnt so bad, your strong and beautiful and smart woman, so whats worse that can beat all the good things about you" be a chamer Mr.cheve sweet talk her tell lil things thats good about her, and then ask her again and say "I'm all ears I'll like to listen and help and I'll be here tomorrow" if this doesnt exactly work she is properly has such a hard time from the past and has such bad misturst with men. maybe one day she will open up.

    Se.xyGem= Well he got back to me we started talking, I think you got the clear idea what happend to my reply to Mr.cheve. but can you believe after the Gem-man broke up with me, he then went on facebook and I was obviously checking his page, cos a friend of mines replyed to his status, he then broad cast naming my home town, saying I know a girl from that home town, who is crazy hot, I'll like to do numerous things to her. I smiled it off, yet it upset me, wtf is up with the disppence and still finding me attractive finding it okay to tell people that, yet playing Mr.nice guy, but .........I hope if he ever wants to talk to me again, which I dont know pretty much doubt it (he blocked me off msn, and I deleted him on fb cos he left me with no option), he said it was easy to tell me all this cos I could take it to the chin, and I guess he knew I wasnt going to let go of my pride and beg him to talk with me, but I dont know I guess I should find another guy but they are to hard to find, and I really like him as you can see its been 2 weeks and I still wonder and want to cry alittle and try my hardest to forget about it. I dont know if he delete my number cos I did, but we know which areas we live at, plus London is a big city but still some how a small one to, I pretty much bet I'll bump into him. ( sometimes I wish he could just give me a random text when we are both better in our lives, and that he would want more again like he always sad)

  • oh I see, sorry to hear that. I went thru something similar with my gemini friend, only difference was that the feelings were mutual, so we were able to remain friends because there was no hurt feelings or guilt associated with the connection.

    I had a long term relationship with a libra (we got married then divorced) but I remember when we met how I loved everything about him his looks, charm, style, humor, how he would make me laugh when nothing was funny, he too was not as verbally loving, but it made me feel like he wasn't trying too hard , or pushing me into a relationship.

    Keep being a strong, beautiful, loving woman and you will meet a man who feels this way for you and he will kneel at your feet......

    What happened to mr. capricorn? Did you even give him a chance to make you smile?

  • SxyGem- No I didnt want to have a relationship with Mr.cap, nothing in common his everything I dislike about a guy,so I Left it, he was bothering me for 2 months calling me leaving me texts but I wasnt having it, just found him nasty of a guy, no spark...he wasnt giving me the intelligent conversations I like to have. he was focusing on sex. wheres Gem-man and I were on the same page. His gone out of my life, although I'm speaking to his buddy friend on msn too. and his friend randomly mentioned the issue. saying " look I dont know what happend to your and him, or if anything did happen. its between you two only" was kinda shocked he even mentioned it, I told him hey I didnt mention anything so, I dont get that at all, he then said cool... he kinda tried to mention it again today. I'm getting very paranoid, the worst thing I'm not asking for this its making me more anngry and heart broken at once.

  • MizzLibraz, there are plenty of sites on the net where you can get a free birth chart done. I used this one -

  • woly moly i just replied to a similar post!! i swear you people are making me get emotional, i went and am past all this guys (gemini and so am i) drama....he's like a undecisive, non emotional, dont give a damn, careless, unstable, dont know what he wants in the now, cant say what he means and means what he says type of guy... breaks up cause....i guess he was bored!lol

    however i have not once broke up with him, we dated for over 3 yrs same crap but this time instead of giving him a few days alone i havent returned i cant, i'm a gemini but damn i think he's all signs combined and a headache! i used to believe it was me, i used to believe i'am over doing things and making my own drama and now that i know and see it from a new perspective i've given up and dont do that too many people but i have to, i seriously hate to but he's a grown man and needs to deal with it on his own and dont involve me in his manic state of mind.....

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