Prayers needed for Ahliyah

  • Please keep Ahliyah in your prayers as her sister has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and is in very serious condition. I know she could really use everyone's thoughts and prayers right now. Her e-mail address is: . If anyone would like to send a kind or supportive word, I know she could use it. I'm sure donations to her Web site would be appreciated as well as the road for her family will be a long and financially costly one.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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  • I tried to make a payment three times but it didn't went through.

    I will have Ahliyah in my prayers.

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  • To make a donation, clink on the link, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see a button to donate. The payment is through paypal.

  • Hi Wenchie,

    Nice to "see" you!! I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to say hello to you and say keep being so caring and loving, a real good friend to have!!

    Blessings Be.


  • Hi Tamlyn,

    Thanks for that unexpected compliment! Is it you that has the reiki website? (I can't locate it at the moment, and the email is at work). If that is you, I am a member on there, look for the Aussie, I think I'm the only one!

    Thanks again and I hope that all is well with you too.

    Wenchie 🙂

  • Sending some positive energy and prayers this way to Ahliyah. I hope that she finds comfort knowing that there are a lot of people on the forum who care about her and her sister. I hope she finds peace and enjoys the precious time that she has left with her.

  • Sending love and healing energy to all involved. It is never easy to know how to help those with sick relatives but we can by sending prayers etc


  • Wenchie,

    Your post about Ahliya and her sister brought me instantly to tears. Please know I will be praying very hard for them both, and will be happy to make a donation, so they can hopefully travel and be together for their remaining time together. First I will have to load some $ onto my pre-paid CC, first chance I have, tomorrow or the next!

    Blessings to those that come before and after me,


  • Ahliyah my Prayers are with you and your family. To you who gives of yourself so much, I pray you find all the love and compassion you need in this trying times. Love you! C.C.

  • Ahliyah & Family ~ Our prayers are with you all. May the eternal love that flows deeply and freely surround you during this time.

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  • No, that isn't me, but I am on the same site, I have been dabbling in Reiki for a while and want to get serious with it. I'll look for you anyway!

  • Hi Ahliyah,

    Looks like my posting from yesterday disappeared. I have you and your sister on my mind and in my prayers. There's a lot of positive and powerful energy in this place, this is a good place to be.

    Be strong and keep the faith. I am in the same place with my baby sister, illness wise. She may be terminal too, so I am right there walking with you. Talk to me if you need to, I will give you my e-mail address if you want. Otherwise, know I am thinking and praying for her and you. Take care of yourself, too.

    Love and peace.


  • So sorry to hear of the pain you're going through.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and family.

  • Ahliyah deserves nothing but the best. It breaks my heart that she be walking thru this. She is such a dear one. Such a good sweet soul. I have known some who have beat it tho. She needs our thoughts of fortitude now I think for her sister and herself.

    And tons of Love to all concerned.



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