Hawk kills dove 3ft from me.. stays & stares..what does it mean?!

  • Just now, a dove hit the slding glass door , I gasped, and the Hawk that was chasing it, grabbed the dove, sat on the patio and then turned stared at me right behind him , pufffed up b/c he heard me gasp. and then after a few minutes, left.

    Am I the dove?! or the hawk?

    I am a pisces 3.12.70 11:30 am EST

    What's the hawk mean? Yikes! It took my breath away!!

    background; I have been in a push me pull me relationship on and off for a while now. I left and was wooed back, but nothing had changed ( lack of openess on his part) . So, I am frustrated and sad and try to break it off- but we come back together.

    I have asked for sign after sign- and receive them until I cannot make sense of them! Too Many !

    ( but I thank you spirtual guides)!

    Is this the biggest sign of all???!! Thanks for your insights!!!


  • Could be. Our higher consciousness uses many ways to bring its message to our attention. Birds are often messengers or omens. If you feel this is a significant sign for you, then you're probably right.

  • I definitely think this is a sign for you but whether you see yourself as a hawk or the dove is personal to you, there is a book, Animal Signs by Ted Andrews which might give you a heads up on this but he advises to look up the animal's behaviour and relate it to yourself, ie are you passive/prey; Dove, or active/hunter; Hawk ?

    Good Luck

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • i am the hawk !

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