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  • Hi HangedWoman,

    No, don't worry! It was just good to drop in. You have a great connection with StClaire. It didn't feel right to say anymore, you two were flowing! Take care 😄

  • Hello,

    Are you still doingreadings? I'm not sure what you need. My name is Paula Rossbach, 05-24-62. My absent love is Edward d dow 01-06-50. And speaking of the sage, you are correct in how we use it to cleanse our spaces. We both live on a reservation and work for the ambulance service there.Anyway to do ours? In some way how we relate or what is meant for us? If not I would be most grateful for mine. Thanks Rezmedic

  • Hi, if you had read through the posts, you would have seen that this is just a thread where we have had a conversation. If you are looking for a free reading, you can use the link in the advert in the first post 😉 Have a nice evening.

  • hi thw how are you and hubby? we are expecting 2 more snow events this week again! i had a great start to the week(hope it continues) fingers crossed! if your still up touch base here if not have a great day tomorrow and ill catch you later!!

  • Hi StClaire. I am glad to see you still would like to have contact with me. I would love to continue our contact. We`ll speak later.

  • Good morning! of course i do want to continue contact with you! yes we will talk later...........keep the light in you!

  • 😉

    I had an experience the night before this one.

    I was tired after working with the accounting (still not finished with the s hit that I am working with;).

    I went to bed about 2 AM. When I closed my eyes, instead of falling asleep, something happened. A man of light, thats how it felt, came from behind and held my arms, and lifted me up. He went into my body and pushed me upwards from my inside. Since he was in my body, when he flew up, I flew too.

    We flew through several galaxes. In every galaxy, there were waves. And every wave were feelings, every wave had its own feelings. The "light man" took me through the waves so I could feel the different feelings that we were travelling through. Different feelings on different levels. Each level had a new feeling. While flying through these galaxes, these waves, I heard myself shake and twist in bed, since I was not sleeping, I was awake.

    Then we stopped in one level. In that level, there were a dragon sitting in a hole in the ground. Just sitting there. The "light man" threw me towards the dragon so that I would kill it. When I was in the air flying towards the dragon (since I was thrown I had no choice) I thought: How can I kill it when I dont have a weapon to kill it with? I doubted that I could do it.

    Then, as I was thinking this, I stopped in the air (since I was feeling doubt) and simply floated slowly downwards to the ground. I landed next to it.

    The dragon turned its head and looked me into my eyes. In that moment I felt how the dragon felt, it was a material feeling, it was the thoughts that create anger and etc within. I knew then that the dragon represents the power center of negativity within me, and within other souls. Since I was just sitting there with no weapon, pieces of my body fell off of me and rolled towards the dragon, pieces of meat rolled towards it and he consumed them. And as I was eaten up by the dragon, I forced my self to open my eyes before it consumed my chest and head. Then I was awake.

    I knew that when God was showing this to me, it is to tell me that God wants me to kill the dragon. And that I have everything that I need to do it. That I can actually kill the dragon.

    The dragon is a power center, a center of negativity that is within me (and other souls). In order to kill the dragon, I must be equipped by the Light. In order to become equipped, I must trust the Light totally. Then the Light will kill the dragon as it uses me as its tool. Me; just a tool for the Light. No doubt, no thinking, just faith in the Light as it fills me.

    So the message is that I should trust it more. That in order to kill the source of negativity that realms within me and in others, I must trust the Light fully and completely. It requires nothing from me other than that.

    So after the voyage from one feeling to another, learning to know the different feelings, where they come from, what they are, then I am challenged to kill the dragon inside of me.

    This is the war that is between good and evil. Jesus who killed the dragon. It is not done by the person. It is done by the Light through the person. The person just a tool for the will of God.

    Our assignment is therefore just to accept the light, to have faith in it. To surrender totally to it. Only the light can be the weapon against the source of negativity within.

  • wow this is really god speaking to you, it is really intense , and also that you knew how to interperate this is also a wow moment . did it take long to interperate this? now corrrect me on this, you were not actually asleep? you just had your eyes closed! that must have been very frightful!

  • It took me two days before I interprited the symbols.

    Normally it would be possible to ask God (in Subud called testing), but since I am an isolated member I am not "doing" the spiritual excercise so often. When being within a group, it is easy to be disiplined, since the routine becomes an agreement with others and not just "with oneself". But it is actually possible to ask questions and get answers together so that we may be guided by God also that way; by getting answers. The incredible thing is; the answers we then get complement each other or actually are the same. But mostly what happens is that the members receive different aspects on the same answer, to show us the whole picture.

    You asked me if I was afraid. No, I was not afraid. But I was doubting that I could kill the dragon when the light man threw me at it. That is why I lost speed. I think that if I had not doubted, I would have crashed right into the dragon and it would have evaporated into thin air or simply exploded. Since my light would then be what kills it. But since I doubted, it still was there when I landed. God was telling me to trust that I have what it takes.

    The reason that I was not afraid, was that I knew that it was God showing me something. The voyage upwards through the galaxies would have stopped, surely, if I had not surrendered to the situation, accepting it. I could probably have stopped it if I was not willing to experience it - and would then simply just wake up from the experience.

    Yes, I was actually awake. I could hear with my physical ears how I kicked and hit a bit around with arms and legs in the bed while "flying" through space. I heard it as if I was awake, so I was not entirely asleep. I was moving so much because I came near the waves of feelings, and actually went through them and passed them, it was like coming near something soft (the waves) and bounce back. But I was tired. Perhaps it was a mid-state between sleep and awakeness. But God can speak to us while we are sleeping too, so it would still not invalidate the message if I was not entirely awake. I was so tired that I was probably in a mid-state between sleep and awakeness.

  • In the experience, only when I had eye contact with the dragon, I recognised the energy within it, and knew what it was. (Two days later I found the words for what to call it: power centre for negative energy). It was the energy within a person whom is close to me who is having a depression. As I had eye contact with the dragon, its energy came a part of me and that is what it means that pieces of my body fell off and simply rolled towards it. I am challenged to let the Light be stronger than that negativity within that person. Since it may influence me, then it is a sign that that energy source of negativity (the dragon) also still is within me. Since it may have an influence on me still.

    This person is close to me, and depressed. Or actually, just simply stressed and tired and frustrated. While having a conversation with him the same night you and I met (right before we met in fact) - it was as if he was in a grey cloud. And during the conversation, I felt the light multiplying itself inside of me, accumulate inside of me so that the negativity inside of him would not come into me. That is why I was so light when we met.

    What then happened, while in conversation with this depressed person, was that his negativity became stronger - since he was intencely working against that light. Since I was still calm and relaxed and even sincerely relaxed and feeling okay. The negativity within him and that he was sending out became stronger as the light in me became stronger. Since he was fighting the light.

    This person was truly fighting the light. Truly.

    It was really strange to feel so light and feel him so dark and that he was not wanting to even look me into my eyes because he was fighting to keep his energy. And I was just relaxed, and felling the light multiplying itself in layers in front of my heart and in my head. That the light was working, Almost like this: Swish, swish, swish, swish....To protect me. And to protect him, since it would be a catastrophy if I were to let him influence me. A depressed person needs to be with somebody that are not taking it in. So that the negativity does not multiply and spread into other people.

    So his depression actually helped me aswell. The activity inside of me came to protect me from him. If he had not been near me, I would not need that experience, so to speak.

  • So you were having a conversation with an actual person then? what i mean by that is a person in the flesh? and you were trying to help him through it or being a support to him? hmmm! i guess that is the helping power of god within you as a result of being bubud?, do you believe in signs from god? in otherwords, for example i asked for god to give me a sign after praying about his will to be done in my life, a very emotional prayer that came from the very depths of my soul so strong that it almost had me feeelinf as if i was a willow tree bending with a strong wind and allmy energy was in that tree! .After i asked for a sign as to what is his will for me, i got this sign or answer 10 minutes later(i was driving) on a licence plate on the car in front of me, i was at a red light there was a car in front of me, i was listening to the radio lookind down, then i looked up and my eyes went to the car in front of me and saw my answer on that cars plate. I was so frozen when i saw that, in disbelief that it was so obvious an answer(at least to me, i almost thought at least now not then) that maybe this is wishful thinking?.lolalso at that same time a song played that also related to this answer. so waht do you think? signs from the universe perhaps? I think you had such an experiance that i am so amazed at that and i couldnt even imagine how that would make you feel!, except to say you must be very loved by G od!

  • I wanted to let you know that im not working todat so if you want, i will be here for you to talk when you are finished with work today ok?

  • Hi stclaire.

    Yes, I think this experience with the dragon was a message to me conserning how to take away this negativity in regard to this person. Now, yesterday and today, he has changed in behaviour - like from night to day. Whereas before he was completely negative, he now is behaving relaxed and much more positive. So I am sure that this is what God wanted to do, and that it had to go through me. In a way. I actually did warn this person, I did explain to him why he should change his focus. It was so negative that I had to tell him to stop what he was doing (complaining).

    Yes, I think that the message that you saw on the plate might as well have been a message from God. God does answer in several ways, sometimes in a way that we dont understand, and sometimes in a way that we do understand.

    I dont think it is so much about being loved by God - God loves us all just as much. But it has to do with how willing a person is to surrender. When a person is willing to surrender, then there is place for God. The person must let God help. The person must be willing. When the person is willing, the development, the healing, goes quicker. The more the person is willing to surrender, the quicker the healing will take.

    I dont know how available I will be for tonight. I am not sure. I am going to put my daughter to bed. Then I have some work to do. But perhaps I will find the time.

    Thanks for the e-mails I got today. We speak later. 😉


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