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  • yes exacttly!! thats why i liked what you said! ive always been unbalanced it seems!!!!.just call me a mess and ill answer!i need to balance my charkas!!!!! big time

  • lol 😉 Wow, you have just given yourself an amasing and enormous homework, lol. First you have to find out how to do it. And that is by simply doing nothing. As simple as that. And as frustrating as that. lol.

  • It is when we stop doing something, that we find peace. It is when we stop acting, that we actually receive from God.

  • i feel peoples joy and it makes me happy i feel peoples pain and it makes me sad as to my feelings i mostly just feel thet dont matter as long as i can be a support to someone else, thats what makes me feel fulfilled and that i have a purpose here? thats probably wrong for me to do to myself but thats me! you are very well balanced i feel!

  • So it is difficult. Because the desires (the will), the emotions (the will) and the thinking (the will) is constantly trying to instruct the person in living life, in every part of life.

    But to find peace and healing of the soul is not possible to get from the desires, the mind and the emotions. Only by letting go, by surrenderring them to the quietness inside the soul, the essence of our being - only then, we will be able to find peace. Then the chakras will be balanced. When all the desires and the emotions in the heart and the thinking is submitted under the soul - when they are tamed. Since they have their own will. The light has its own will. And that will is higher. It is not complicated. Just peace and love. and from that, healing, forgiveness, everything that brings peace.

  • wow .you pegged me, im always in my head! maybe the gemini ascendent? as well!.lol you have a lot in common with hans wolfgang it seems! you sound like him and what he thinks! have you read some of his posts?

  • Yes, I am very well balanced. Thank you. For about ten years, I have been a subud person. The light has healed me. Slowly, but steadily. I used to be confused and not very balanced. I am at peace now. The healing energy has been with me since I was opened in Subud. It has cleansed me. Thanks for noticing. I always feel that I am a bit arrogant when I say such a thing about myself. But I am really not arrogant. I am happy. And not used to be so balanced that I am now. Years ago I was confused and in cricises. I am still amased by the peace that I have. Thanks you for letting me share.

  • thats awsome.i do believe that god is my source of all i need and he wants to guide me to a higher knowledge, so life can be as he intended, and that is to focus on him first.

  • Yes I have read Hans Wolfgangs readings. High five to him 🙂

  • That is what I have done. I have been focusing on the Highest will. All the lower forces in me has then slowly but steadily become balanced. I am now at peace.

    In psychosynthesis it is called transformation from one consiounceness into another. Instead of talking to a psychiatrist for example, it is just to follow the guidance from within. The light that always follows us.

  • YOU come across to me as kind , wise giving(wise not arrogant) and so much so that i want what you have!!!!! im very happy for you! thank you for sharing all that with me you were here for a reason! as far as im concerned it was divine intervention my dear!

  • About psyshosynthesis on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychosynthesis Oh, I forgot. They delete all internet sites. Then this one: at wikipedia.org you search for psychosynthesis.

    Psychosynthesis acutally explaines a lot about how the cleansing of a soul happens.

  • geez it has got to be an enormous jog to get there. like deprograming yourself from all you ever knew. omg what you have accomplished!

  • actually was spelled wrong there 😉

  • You are right. How do you know? You ARE an empath!

  • It was like dying. And then being resurrected. Hence the symbols in the Bible about Jesus`death and resurrection.


  • Accepting death. That was important. To accept the leaving from the past, from the patterns in the mind. The wrong patterns. Everything I had learned had to be healed. But not by any person. It happened by focusing on that inner Light that I had received. By following the inner guidance that I got from the Light inside of me. The light that everybody actually have within them.

  • really???? wow you think i am? i feel you i really do! i feel a connection with your very heart about the person that you are

  • Yes, it was difficult.

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