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  • It was, as I said, like dying.

  • dying to the old self , thats one of the principles of coming to christ and giving your life and will to him, leave the ways of man behind and except his ways..is that what you mean?

  • And at the same time it was very very very easy. It was just to follow the inner guidance from the Light that was within me. By following it and not leaving it. (Even though noone can actually leave God.) By surrendering in faith to the healing power that had started its dig into me, to heal me. It is like being a witness instead of doing. A witness of what God is doing.

    This is actually what it means when it in the Bible says that Christ actually runs a spear through the Devil. It is not a physical battle, I think. It is a symbol of how loving God is towards us. It is a symbol of how the human beings healing process is. We just need to let it happen. We dont need to actually "do" anything. Just to let God do everything. And be a witness to ones own healing.

  • your amazing, you should be very blessed and contentedto know your path is straight

  • Yes. It is a death from mind patterns. A death from thought patterns. A death from misunderstandings. A death from our illusions.

  • The feeling of loosing a feeling - is a feeling of actually dying one self. To die away from a consiessness, away from an understanding of who we are and what we are supposed to do.


  • It is important to know how it responds when on its way out. The illusions, I mean. They panick. The thoughts panick. That is why a person gets afraid sometimes, while confronted by something that the mind does not understand. The thoughts actually panick when they know they are on their way out.

  • thats very deep!!! almost hard tp understand, but a great accomplishment....getting out wordley things and ideas? i do feel such a peace radiating from you a real softness too!

  • WOW.. funny you said that , because right now my mind is kinda swimming with panic at the thought of having that happen but also its good!

  • i can see i need to learn to relax my mind comlpletely to accomplish this , something i have a hard time doing!!!!

  • Yes. To say such a thing is the real basis of healing. To say: I surrender to You. It means you are ready to become healed. Healed from what? Healed from everything that is not in its place. God heals even what we dont know need to be healed. While surrendering, we are shown the mistakes, the misunderstandings. No priest or other human being can do that job. Only God as an energy inside of us can show us our mistakes, our illusions. That is why for example in the New Testament that it is written that the apostles did a spiritual excercise in addition to going to church. Because the true essence needs to be awaken and taught up directly by God. Not only through other people. That is not possible. We are humans our selves, why should we then not preach to ourselves then? No it is God who must teach us from within us. Noone can do it better than that energy, than that source.

    It is also said in the Bible: When someone has received the Holy Spirit, there will never ever be necessary for that person to become teached and guided by other people. Because then God is within that person and guiding that person from within. This is the essence of what the latihan in subud is about. And it never leaves us. Even if we stop doing the excercise, the healing will still never leave us.

    I myself have not had a group the entire time since I received it. I lived one year with a subud group, and then four months with another subud group. And other than that I have been totally without company with other subud people. And I have not been spiritually active with anyone else either.

    Although I was for some time in a church. I tried.

  • Yes, it is important to learn to relax the mind. Excactly.

  • I dont want to open you. You must decide it to happen. I dont want it to happen without you having someone with you. I dont want you to get a cricis without anyone there for you. If you do it gradually first, there might not be a cricis perhaps even. If you have someone with you, they will be there as a balance point so that you dont panick too much. As friends being there, or as a tree standing there with you when the wind is blowing strong. Dont be afraid.

  • If you want to be opened, you can contact subud in Maryland, in Baltimore. Check the site subudeastcoast.org/centers.shtml

    If you dont want to be opened, that is okay too. You must decide for yourself.

  • i agree with you totally!! god will never leave us! i am happpy tp have you remind me of this as for the last 4monthsbeen working on my self and admiting to me self all of my shortcomings as a imperfect person and i thank you for all the wisdom you have shared with me, i am at the place in my life to want to complete that healing as you have and i thank god for you and all you have given me! i have saved the link to subud as well to read.

  • I hope that if you do take contact with the subud that is in Maryland, Baltimore, I hope that the person or individuals that you speak with, that you can sense a peace within them too. They should be radiating peace, since they would then be what is called helpers. Helpers are the ones that are voluntaring into helping people through cricises, for example.

  • Do you want to keep in touch with me? If so, I can publish an e-mail address. I have created a thw-e-mail address. (the hanged woman e-mail address). You decide. I will have to go to bed soon. Getting up early tomorrow.

  • It would be nice to keep in touch with you.

  • oh my dear!! i not only want to be opened, but feel the very strond desire and need to be opened! thank you for your concern! im ready and will find subud in maryland, god has brought me here!and it is nearer to him i want to be i do believe all comes from god one of my favorites is romans 8:28

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