Request for a Healing, Please Help!

  • She's okay, the seizures come periodically; they are just frightning. How are you doing? I see you all over the place. I'm so grateful to you guys! Hope you have a blessed day and weekend. I'm just waiting for Friday!

  • poetic555 I am going to mention something to you because I found out last night that a friend of mine has just found out why her 35 yr. old son has been suffering from seizures for many months now. He was diagnosed with Hasimoto's disease. I understand it usually affects the thyroid but this type attack the brain and starts eating the white matter around the brain. This is such a rare form that they don't know much about it. The are less than 200 people know to have this in I think she said the US. The had done scan after scan since Oct. of last year and couldn't find a reason for this. And they weren't typical cause when the seizure was over he didn't come right out of it. It would be days before he would come out of these and know anyone or able to even talk. They took fluid from his spine alone with another test and it was positive for this disease. You may want to talk to your friend Dorothy and tell her she may need to mention this to her doctor. If they haven't found a reason for her seizures. I think she also said it is a for of is it Graves disease I am not sure of the spelling or even the pronunciation of this one. I just thought I would mention it as an answer if she hasn't been given any answers. It causes brain damage if it isn't found soon so they can treat it.

  • is this person on a medication, sounds silly but as i read this the thought o a medication she has taken or maybe taken could be the cause, however i will pray for her.

  • dotthorey I don't know anything about Dorothy other than what poetic has put on here. But I thought I would let her know about what my friends son has and she could tell her and get it checked.

  • Oh poetic555 I hope you see this.

  • Libras Lair I thank u so much, you won't believe this but just as I read this post, Dorothy called me, I believe there are not coincidences in life, God Bless you, I just read the post to her, she says she snaps right back. I'm thinking it may be the medication she takes for diabetes. She is doing much better later. I'll pray for your friends son! Thank God they found the correct diagnosis. (My spelling is horrible). 🙂

  • Oh thank goodness she thinks it's from meds or knows? I hope she isn't playing doctor on herself as most of us do to an extent. But I had to let you know just in case. I am so glad that she is doing better and don't worry about spelling. I have to always right click to check mine too.

  • K, she doesn't know for sure and the doctor's don't know either. She thought it was sprits at one time, Thanks Dotthorey, I'm running that by her again! 🙂

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