Request for a Healing, Please Help!

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  • Thanks to you all for your Prayers, she says she feels great! Laie4, she doesn't have a pc so I print the messages and read them to her. Libra'sLair, I see you all over the place helping everyone, you guys are so wonderful people all of you, I'm Praying for all of you! May the kind hope and inspiration you give to others come back to you in magnificent ways, 1000, times over! Love n Light? What does bump mean? Pay it forward? 🙂

  • Hi Poetic555!

    Bump just means we all keep "Bumping" this to the top of the list under lastest discussions. We hope to get more love & prayers sent to your friend And to you for the kindness you are showing to her. Everyone needs a beautiful friend like she has in you, Like hisbablove has in Libraslair and others.

    May the messages that you print out for her help in lifting her heart & spirit!

  • Hi Poetic! I'm new here and my intro was helped along by a bump courtesy of Laie4.

    If you look at the times on the postings you'll see I used it to put your post back to the top.

    I like to think of it as my random act of kindness/pay it forward! So glad to hear some good news!

    It seems in short supply of late! lol 🙂

  • ragbag, i always catch ur post late. (gus -was too funny)

    I'm beginning to think we have so much in common, lol ! i covered my mouth like a little kid when you added that wh- - - word to ur bump somewhere else, LOL ! U make me laugh all the time --- in this short time period I consider u a dear friend --- Big hugs!

  • Thanks so much! Right back at you! And as always you added what I had meant to

    BEFORE I hit 'submit' ! 🙂

    Really its my impossibly slow typing LOL xxx

  • Your very welcome and so is Dorothy and I really hope she gets some answers soon. When you don't have information you get so scared and you image all sorts of bad things. The sooner she knows something the better. Once again I am keeping the healing running.

  • Hello Poetic!Am sending prayers for your friend.She is lucky to have a true friend like you.

    Love and Light

  • ~ ~ ~ prayers of Light, Love & Healing movin' on up the list ~

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  • Hi Poetic,

    How is your friend going? Have they found the cause of the seizures yet?

  • Hi poetic,

    Any news about your friend? Waiting for some good news! Be sure and take care of yourself throughout this time too!!


  • Hello all! She is tired of testing because they don't have any answers, you know today I was feeling down and I came back to this post and tears are running down my face because of the love here! She is blessed but I'm blessed more because of her. I kept asking her all weekend r u feeling better because a lot of folks r praying for you and she said she feels wonderful! It was a long stretch between her last two seizures. I thank you all so much again. We take life for granted sometimes and get caught up in the small things and forget all the things we should be gratful for. I love you guys!! I wish I had the power to rain joy, peace and happiness for everyone, I'm trying to project it mentally. Please let me know when I can help any of you! My friends, penpals. I feel like singing kum ba ya! (corny) I know. 🙂

  • Just thinking again... we were all lead here for a reason and this is such a great way to connect to your brothers b sisters in this Universe. I believe that we are all "here" for a purpose and we (humanity) r supposed to be doing "good works" and these posts spread so much hope n joy for folks who are going thru troubling times. I think it's just BEAUTIFUL! O.k. I'm done. Have a nice day!

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  • poetic555 ~ I was glad to read your update. I can only imagine how draining it must be for your friend to not get any answers. I will continue to hope that the seizures hold off and that the answers come.

    It is wonderful how we can all come together for each other --- Kum ba ya --- : > ) I hope you are having a nice stress free weekend!

    Peace & Joy!

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  • Hi Poetic,

    Just checking on you and your friend. How is she doing? Please keep in touch, Let us know how she is doing!

    Love, Tamlyn

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