Request for a Healing, Please Help!

  • Hello All, my best friend who has a heart of gold and is a wonderful person, has lately been suffering with seizures and doctor's cannot find the source of the problem. She's had cat scans, mri's every test their is and they still can't find the reason. I'm asking for Prayer/Healing for her, we don't know what else to do. Her name is Dorothy Salvador and dob is 06/02/67. If you can help we would sure appreciate it. She has some intuitive skills her self but are afraid of them. I told her to burn sage in her home also because she believes bad spirits are in her house and has dreams of deceased loved one's telling her to get out of the home. Thanks so much! Love n Light! P.S. I told her about the wonderful people here and that someone would help. Thanks!

  • Hi Poetic,

    Sure, I'll give it a go tomorrow afternoon my time.


  • Thanks Wenchie!

  • Will be doing that for your friend. Tell her that attitude is half the battle of any illness. When they find out what her problem is. And please explain to her that her guides are giving her a heads up. There may be something in this house causing the headaches. Chemicals in the materials that are in that house she could be allergic to. They aren't there to hurt her. She needs to listen and what she receives is so she may help herself and others around her. Find some place to let her feel stones. Malachite is always the first one that comes to mind for me. Many blessing for your friends.

  • Hello Poetic,

    What a wonderful friend you are. Its ALWAYS in times of crisis that we realize who our true friends are; those that stand by us through the dark times. She's very lucky to have you.

    Being in need of one of another's prayers and healing is one of the best ways to experience the wealth of love and support here. I have experienced it myself in the continued support for my young cousin. I am honored and pleased to send light and healing energy to your friend and will keep her in my prayers.

    Blessings and Light

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  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank u all! She is a wonderful friend, we are like sisters! God Bless all of you! I knew you would help! I told her how wonderful you guys are. I am Praying for Blessings, Peace, Love n Light for everyone!

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  • Please show as much help here as you have for others and keep bumping it up for the exposure.

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  • Gladly! Saw the post earlier and have had them (along with many others) in my thoughts and prayers. 🙂

  • Thank you and how are you doing? Looking into that second job in a garden center?

  • Hello to you! No I've had 'other' things going on. How about you? Hope you are well. 🙂

  • Still just going for my Physical Therapy for my lower back. Are you close to the same area as Wenchie or cris1962 or even talia in Australia?

  • I'm in USA. Way down south in Dixie,as the song says! Tennessee actually. :-))

  • Hi Poetic555 -- It so nice that you added your lovely smiling face! Try getting your friend to another physician if you can do so. Just a thought --Have you shown your friend that emerging angels site?

    LL, ragbag, hisbablove, good to see ya and hear the upbeat voices. game night here saturday --- you're all welcome

    big hugs!

  • Hello my friendly BUMPER! We all need a good dose of that "upbeat" stuff!! Hope you are getting yours. 🙂

  • Hey U ! There's a car heading this way (not for gamenight tho) departing Nashville ....

    (It would be nice if this site had some sort of way to see when others r on so we all could chat. I end up feeling bad. )

  • interrupting that is

  • I am sorry ragbag I must have had one of those brain farts I was thinking you were someone else. But I remember your taking care of your mom. Sorry about that. I was thinking you were the teacher in Australia and now I have to see if I can remember her name. I am and have always been so bad with names. I apologize.

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