• Up to now I have had difficulty in selecting the correct woman as a partner, having looked at the signs of the zodiac, I appear to have a limited number to choose from, 2 that are the most compatible and am I looking in the right place to find my best suitable match.

    My date of birth is 18th Feb 1939, 02.00hrs.

  • You should keep an open mind and the lady of your dreams will appear this coming week

    I feel that she will recieve a piece of mail and return it to you. Or something that you have lost will return to you by this person. Be sure to live in each and every present moment, and be aware she will appear. Then it will be up to you to ask her if she would like to join you for lunch.

    She will say yes, take her to a quaint place and the rest will be history.

    Please let me know how you come out. Mysticmind1, my email is

  • Dear Highpriestess,

    Sorry forgot to enter place of birth which is Worcester, England

    Peace & Love, Astrorob

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