O.K what is the sense

  • To all the people reading this,Is there really help for the hopeless dreammers. or is it just some thing to keep us from being totally bored? I would love to hear what other minds and souls are thinking,me Iam on my way to giving up. no, I don't feel sorry for myself in any way .Just can't find my way. and would love to hear real people just give there take on there life and what type of person you are and how you get through the day to day drudgers and not give up. I don't need to know how to just do it,far as Iam concerned ,there is no such thing as just do it.It all depends on each indavidual and there life.come on lets make this a good seed to help any one with anything with in our powers. Iam challengeing all to come out with it . this needs to be down to earth , and informative, soooo who is going to take the next step. there is way to many people in this country that need people to get by in this life. If any one feels Iam nuts or full of it, try me.iam a big dreammer with NO results.

  • Anngora, it is my faith in a Higher Power and the fact that I have guided to a place where once I saw everything as being ugly and flawed and chaotic, but now I see that everything is beautiful and that there is a plan for all of us, and that we are all loved and cared for.

    It was just that my heart and eyes were opened...it's all about attitude - you can either obsess over your own problems or look out into the world and see that everyone is struggling and that you are not alone. then you can get off your butt and go out and help the people who are so much worse off than you.

  • PS It's not wrong to be a dreamer. The world needs people of vision, but dreaming without doing helps no one.

  • TheCaptain, Thank you for your response,I totally agree with you ,but some people only have so much they can help with and give.Me, I've been a care giver since I was 7 years old,i raised three brothers and i had a group home day care in my home for 10 years,I've worked with the elderly and the handicaped,again Iam not feeling sorry for myself,I was blessed with four wonderfull children,and 7 grand children.i feel so lucky,i just want to have a life as an empty nester,I'ev never lived alone,with my own place,which now at 51,I do,but some health problems, have stopped me from being a care giver.i just wish i new what to do next,it has been a long hard road. my marriage failled after the kids moved out now, I would like to tweek, my spiritual,abilities,with the stars and the spirits,how can I do that? Iam a giver, i don't know how to just give to myself,strange right,any way thanks again,

  • P.s sorry about the rambling on,

  • I see you volunteering at a shelter or charity.

  • thank you Thecaptain

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