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    I thought I would take the opportunity to share a little known feature on our site. Tarot.com is happy to offer a variety of free readings for those who want to experience a truly authentic reading. All of these reading are created by experts who have studied Tarot and more for many, many years and are renowned in esoteric circles for their expertise.

    Here are our FREE readings:


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  • I am not impressed with the tarot.com readers. I was offered a free reading and actually only asked one question. The reader never answered that question yet went on and on and on about all this other stuff, numerology, astrology, I guess trying to show me she knew her stuff. When I told her that she had yet to answer my question she stated, "well, you need to purchase more minutes to get told what you wanted to hear."

    Bull>>>> I also tried another site to test their readers and actually paid for a 15 minute reading which was not cheap, out of 5 things I was told would happen the weekend of February 14th - ZERO occurred. Don't waste your money on this site. Who knows how they are picking the readers! I wrote and complained and of course heard nothing back.

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