• Hallo, wie gehts? I live in Austria but i will continue in english out of curtesy for the other readers. Are you an astrologer or a tarot reader? Amateur or Profi?

    Liebe Grüsse Moonluv

  • Hallo Moonluv,

    ich lebe in Deutschland.

    I am a tarot reader (Profi) and an astrologer (Amateur).

    An old man is sitting in a railway compartment and a young man in front of him asks, “Can I know the time?” The old man has a watch, but the old man thinks for a while. The young man thinks, “It is strange, I have just asked about the time — what is he thinking? Perhaps he is deaf, he is old.” So he shouts loudly, “I want to know, what is the time?”

    The old man said, “Listen, young man, I am not deaf. I have heard that you want to know what the time is, but I was thinking whether to tell you the time or not, because life is such a puzzling affair, and I am so experienced.”

    The young man said, “This is such a simple question. You have a watch, you can just tell me the time; there is no problem, no puzzle, nothing.”

    He said, “You don’t understand. Once I tell you the time, one thing leads to another. I will ask you, Where are you going?’ And you will say,The next station,’ and I will say, That’s strange, I am also going there. In fact I live there, so why don’t you come and have a cup of coffee with us?’ But I have a young girl, very beautiful, and it is absolutely certain that you will fall in love with each other. And I don’t want my daughter to be married to a man who does not have even a wristwatch. So I was thinking,Now this young man is trying to create a trouble for me.’”

    Life is certainly puzzling. And these people are conversing with each other!

  • hahahaha, Cool! Incredible cool.

  • Bliss is a diamond and a diamond that is already there inside us -- we are born with it. It has not to be searched for anywhere else. We alre not to beg for it, we are not to fight for it, we are not to steal it from somebody, we are not in any need to go anywhere, all that is needed is to search within. Hence it is not a difficult phenomenon, because it is the closest thing to you. It is your innermost core.

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