• I'm thankful for my darling daughter, my husband, and family. Also, for my pets (two parrots, two dogs) who entertain and keep my laughing. Lastly, I'm thankful for the gift of life and the strength to face each day.

  • I'm thankful for the opportunity to continue to enjoy this life and continue to grow and seek my truth.

  • I am thankful to wake up everyday

  • I am thankful for my son Orion at UC Berkeley, my twin 9 year old twins Cameron Kekoa and Sarah Malia Hoku Lani, my pet bunnies floppsie and Ginger and my Bichon 8 week old puppy Romeo, my parents Bob and Jinx, m siblings Valerie, Kristi and Wally, my sponsor, my friends in recovery, my friends out in the new age old age path, my new friends to come and my career as a holistic healer massage therapist and psychic/ astrologer for the past 20 yrs.

  • I am thankful for friends who have helped me greatly and let me help in return. And that over half of the country is much smarter than I gave them credit for. We truly might pull out of the recession with Obama in office. It makes me thankful to live in a time when we can see past skin color to a good man who will do what he believes is best for this country and not some rich buddies. I am thankful that more people are accepting of Pagans and their beliefs, even here in the South. Goddess bless and thanks for letting me contribute to such a worthy cause. Hunger is much scarier by far than most problems we will face in these tough times.

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